Dear Oppa: An Indian ENGENE is grateful to ENHYPEN for being her source of happiness and strength

Published on Jul 23, 2021 05:53 PM IST  |  193K
ENHYPEN at a performance; Picture Courtesy- News1

ENHYPEN is a fairly new group but has already gained a big following even before they debuted, due to the survival program ‘I-LAND’. They are all visuals, there is no denying, but they are beyond being just ‘pretty faces’. They are talented, polite and down-to-earth. Through their vlogs, little game segments and variety show appearances show how sweet and funny they are. They work very well together and it shows in their music and performances. They may have just begun but it will not take much time for them to reach the top and they are already on their way!

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Ishika from India to ENHYPEN. Read her letter below.


I want to thank the seven of you from the bottom of my heart. Thankyou for becoming my only source of happiness. You are boys of my age, and I wish you nothing but happiness. You always give in your best for ENGENES no matter what happens- you always outdo your own boundaries when it comes to music and dance. Please do take adequate rest. We'll forever be grateful to you seven. I really want to say a lot of things- You've probably given me a new will to live happily again. I can smile again, because of you. I don't know if this letter will reach you but just like you said, ENHYPEN only has ENGENES, ENGENES only have ENHYPEN. I'll forever be grateful to you guys. Thank You so much for putting forward great music every time. And all the best for your next comeback, Enha♡ Fighting!!

Love from ENGENE!!

From- Ishika Sengupta

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