Dear Oppa: An Indian EXO L expresses her love for EXO; says her daughter’s favourite member is Kai

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Poornima S Mane from India dedicates her sweet letter to all the members of EXO. Read her letter below.
Dear Oppa: Indian fan says her daughter's favourite member in EXO is Kai Dear Oppa: An Indian EXO L expresses her love for EXO; says her daughter’s favourite member is Kai
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With their powerful and intense performances, the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO have been taking over people’s hearts across the globe. Their song Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, released in 2018, became their most popular song selling 1.9 million copies in South Korea and debuted number one on the Gaon Album Chart. Members' individual projects are also turning out to be popular hits, such as Kai’s Mmmh which became a hit, Baekhyun’s recently released Bambi and Chanyeol’s gift for the fans before enlisting, The Box movie.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Poornima S Mane to EXO. Read her letter below.


I am Poornima from India. I am a fan of EXO. My letter is a little long but all the words are from my heart. My English is not very good but I am trying my best. It's been eight years I watching Kdrama and three years ago I got introduced to K-pop. I watch EXO's video on Facebook. I like EXO so much not only one member but all nine members.

I love to watch all yours songs and I specially like ‘Growl’. I listen to ‘Growl’ almost everyday. I didn't understand Korean but I love to hear and watch. I like Chen's OST Best Luck from It's Okay That’s Love and Chanyeol's Stay With We from Goblin is Super awesome. I watched Moon Lovers of Baekhyun I just want to say that I love u cutie pie. U always smile and make others smile. Xiumin you are the cutest person on this earth. Whenever I see you smile I become very happy, it never mind if I am sad or happy. Suho you are the best and outstanding leader. Kyungsoo u r so innocent like a small cute baby. your heart shaped smile makes my heart beat. Lay and Sehun you both are Gentleman. Kai my daughter is eleven and she likes you so much she loves to watch you Dance. I watched EXO Next Door so many times.

I Love You all so much.

I wish u all best of luck for the more beautiful and Successful years to come!!!

I always keep cheering you on and supporting you all!!!

Stay healthy, stay safe.

We are one


Indian EXO-L

Poornima S Mane 


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