Dear Oppa: An Indian EXO L reaches out to the birthday boy KAI and promises to support the EXO member always

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, an EXO-L from Indian wishes EXO member KAI on his birthday and showers him with love.
Dear Oppa: An Indian EXO L reaches out to the birthday boy KAI and promises to support the EXO member always
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EXO-Ls from across the world are going "Mmmh" as they celebrate EXO member KAI's birthday. The singer turns 27 today, January 14. While the fandom has been penning sweet messages and wishes addressed to the star, a fan from India reached out to the singer via our Dear Oppa segment and wished the star. A fan named Ankita deemed him as the "best idol" and said she learned a lot from him. She also assured him that he will always have the support of the fandom. 

Read the letter below: 



A letter to EXO Kai on his birthday to tell he is the best idol


This is Ankita from India. It's been around a year since I found and got obsessed with the song obsession, I searched and in the journey, I fell in love with you. Just how I discovered EXO, and all the 9 living angels brought joy into my life, is indescribable.

I learned a lot from you. I feel like I can smile too, I can grow and it's okay if I give up sometimes. As long as I believe in myself, everything's going be okay someday. Having you as an idol, you always provide me with strength. Whenever you are on stage, your every performance says that you belong there. Your passion for dance can be seen in your eyes and not only in your work. The way you inspire me and make me believe that I can do better, no one else does.

It was 30 Nov 2020, when you finally made a solo debut, you proved everyone that you are no less than anyone. I was proud to be your fan because I personally love all your vocals and raps. The baby(nini) inside you, who is always alive, it tells that, even though we work hard, but keeping the child inside us is just how we can live our life better.

The year 2020 has not been a very good year for all people around the world. But you have been throughout with me the whole year, and these all bad days don't affect me anymore.

And at last a very warm and happy birthday to you. Thank you for just even existing. Thank you, our Nini, our Kim Jong in, our Kai. We love you. And we are always there supporting you. We are one. Saranghaeyo.            

Indian Exo-L/Erigom

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Anonymous 1 month ago

this is just how fell in love with them. I hope your letter reaches to jongin someday ❤. Exo-L fighting

Anonymous 1 month ago

I wanna write a letter to SHINee members.. Can someone send me the link?

Anonymous 1 month ago

Andrew. COmmnetn

Anonymous 1 month ago

She legit spoke every indian exo-l's heart out

Anonymous 1 month ago

Thank you!!

Anonymous 1 month ago

I wrote one too but this is beautiful. Happy birthday nini <3

Anonymous 2 months ago

I did write a letter but my letter didn't appear on the article. I don't mind at all. I hope that my letter would appear too