Dear Oppa: An Indian fan falls for the real Lee Jong Suk no matter what character he plays

Published on Nov 17, 2021 08:02 PM IST  |  295.9K
Lee Jong Suk
Lee Jong Suk; Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Lee Jong Suk debuted in 2005 as a runway model, becoming the youngest male model ever to participate in Seoul Fashion Week. Lee's breakthrough role was in ‘School 2013’ (2012). He is also well known for his roles in ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ (2013), ‘Doctor Stranger’ (2014), ‘Pinocchio’ (2014), ‘W’ (2016), ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (2017), ‘The Hymn of Death’ (2018) and ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ (2019).

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Aakriti Singh from India to Lee Jong Suk. Read her letter below.

Dear Oppa,

Hope you're safe amid this pandemic and doing great. I know you don't know about me but I'm one of the proudly "Sukkies" from India. I'm collecting my words to shower my love on you because today is a beautiful day, pretending like spring is about to come in between snowfall exactly the way you came to rescue Suzy Unnie in the series "While you were sleeping". whenever I see you it feels like all flowers are ready to bloom all the way to me and trust me you're my happy escape. Always "You" makes me feel like home and encourages me to face the crowd bravely. You are my idol Oppa, whom I really want to meet someday in person. Oppa, whether you portray Positive characters or Negative ones; I always fall for the real you. I hope your genuine self always encourages more people to accept their reality. And you'll keep doing great in the future and be healthy. I'm heartily wishing you all the goodluck for "Decibel" and "Big mouth".

A ton of love from your "sukky"

Aakriti Singh

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.


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