Dear Oppa: An Indian fan feels Nevertheless star Song Kang aka 'Mr. Perfect' is her 'lucky charm'

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Bishakha Ray Samant from India feels Song Kang is "so talented and handsome at the same time"
Bishakha Ray Samant from India thinks Nevertheless will be one of Song Kang's "best K-dramas."

At the age of 27, Song Kang is making quite the name for himself in the K-drama sphere with notable performances in shows like Love Alarm, Sweet Home and Navillera. Currently, the handsome actor is leaving everyone mesmerised with his 'bad boy who has a heart of gold' act in Nevertheless with fans going gaga over his tantalising chemistry with Han So Hee.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Bishakha Ray Samant from India to Song Kang. Read her letter below:

Dear Song Kang Oppa,

If someone asks me to define Perfection then I'll define You.

I am Bishakha Ray Samant from India. The first K-drama of yours that I watched was 'Love Alarm'. It was the first and last time I fell for a Korean actor for real. I won't say that I love you just as your fan, but I love you for my life.

I really enjoyed watching the first part of Love Alarm as you were so happy but it was so heartbreaking and sad for me to watch you in the second part getting hurt by Kim Jo-jo. It was close to impossible for me watching you crying, only thinking about it makes my heart hurt and my eyes wet.

The second drama of yours that I watched was 'Touch Your Heart'. I know you weren't the main lead but you stole everyone's heart even though you were a Cameo playing a delivery guy wearing a black and green jacket. I can even see the Aura that came from you when you took off your helmet. Oh My Gosh!! I'm getting goosebumps even thinking about that scene. It is so obvious that anyone could fall in love with you at first sight.

After watching that I got more and more anxious and excited about you, so I watched 'Sweet Home' and 'Navillera'. Oppa, you're so talented and handsome at the same time. The roles you've played in, I think no one could do as much perfectly as you did. I think those roles are made only for you. All of your dramas are so different from each other, having different genres, but you act so comfortably and effortlessly in each of them. The ongoing drama, 'Nevertheless' I think it'll be one of your best K-dramas. I fell for butterflies watching you loving them. I love your gaze. I love everything that you do.

The way you smile, the way you look, the way you show your cuteness, the way you talk, the way you get jealous, makes my heart skip a beat, my heart pounds as if I'm going to get a heart attack, I get butterflies in my stomach. Watching you smile makes me smile, watching you laugh makes me laugh, watching you sad makes me sad, watching you cry makes me cry.

Song Kang Oppa, you're the best and will be the best. You're so perfect, no actually you're my Mr. Perfect. I really want to meet you and take a picture with you atleast once in my lifetime. It's my only wish that I want to fulfill so badly before dying.

Oppa, you know your smile makes my day. Everyday after waking up and before sleeping, I look at your pictures so that I can have a good, bright and cheerful day and I can sleep well and have nice dreams. I believe that you're my 'Lucky Charm'.

I wish that the ongoing drama, 'Nevertheless', will be a huge hit and will bring you huge success. I wish everyday will bring Joy and Happiness to your life. We all fans wish the same for you. Yes, I'm also a fan as well as the person who loves you. I wish we meet in our next lives and fall in love with each other and get married to each other. But I just hope that I fall for you again, I love to be in love with you.

I will always love you and will always wish the best for you.

"You'll always be in my heart. Forever and Always. Salanghaeyo Oppa and Gamsahamnida for being a part of my life."

Love from India

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