Dear Oppa: An Indian fan recalls how Kang Daniel’s colour series gave her strength & confidence

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Yaswitha from India dedicates her sweet letter to the singer Kang Daniel. Read her letter below.

Published on Jun 25, 2021 04:39 PM IST  |  954.2K
Kang Daniel photoshoot at Konnect Entertainment
Kang Daniel's photoshoot before an interview at agency Konnect Entertainment in 2021. (Pic Credits: News1)
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Kang Daniel is all ready to perform in the “Villains” category at Music Bank’s Half Year Special event, but we all know that he is millions of DANITYs’ hero. As a singer songwriter and an entrepreneur, Kang Daniel has given fans many things to be proud of being called his fans. He recently released his album Yellow, with the title track called Antidote, which went on to top the Gaon charts at Number 1. This album was the third and final part of his ‘colour trilogy’. On July 25, today, the singer celebrates two years of his solo debut anniversary! 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Yaswitha from India to Kang Daniel. Read her letter below.


Dear Daniel oppa, 


Hope you are happy, safe and healthy. 

While thinking about your solo debut second anniversary, I suddenly wanted to capture the thrill of waiting and hence I write to express my gratitude with all my random thoughts, mixed feelings and fluttering heart. 

Hero is a person who cures his own wounds and also teaches others to do the same. The moment I heard this quote the only name I could think of is KANG DANIEL


Being a student, 

I may not afford to buy any of your albums and merchandise

I may not be able to attend your fansign events and concerts

I may not top in any of the danity quizzes

But, I am your follower. I literally worship you. 

My day starts with you and ends with you, 

such is the significance you have in my life. 


I was an unhappy and immature teenager who used to deal with stressful academics, parents nagging, peer pressure and society expectations until you weren't in my life. I got to know you in this pandemic era which I feel is a major turning point in my life. Your works color on me and the color trilogy gave me a lot of strength and confidence. I enjoyed it a lot, especially PARANOIA. Choreo of every song is lit. Recent ‘Yellow’ album, such a deep message, only music has the power of empathizing with one's situation. Thank you for creating such music and healing others’ pain. In this cruel world getting support from a stranger is the biggest blessing and we Danity are lucky to have that. 


Not to forget mentioning your personality, you are such a kind and an adorable person who returns infinite folds of love that you receive from Danity. So how could we not like you? It's so difficult to not fall for you. Danity are always there to support you. We always enjoy every content you prepare for us. 


Whenever I dream of meeting you in person, I am always curious whether I'll cry seeing you or laugh a lot or scream and dance out of joy or stare at you admiring your deep eyes and husky voice or become extremely shy and remain timid or speak continuously without a second gap. I really wish to meet you. 


Fallen for your charms

Inspired from your stories

I'll here by cherish you forever

Thus, let's be there for each other

Cause your existence is our happiness


Let's grow together. 


With love,




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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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7 months ago
I relate so much with your story, it's the same I met daniel during the pandemic when I was under so much academic pressure like you said... glad to know so many of us are touched and healed by him! Daniel and danity LETS work hard!