Dear Oppa: An Indian fan says that after stressful days at work, Kang Daniel’s songs are just what she needs

Published on Apr 21, 2021 01:36 PM IST  |  308.2K
Dear Oppa: An Indian fan says that after stressful days at work, Kang Daniel’s songs are just what she needs

One of the top most recognized solo artists in the K-Pop industry is Kang Daniel, who rose to fame in 2017. He has released incredible hits and creativity with his albums Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. His latest title track, ‘Antidote’ was released on April 13 and has already garnered 35.8 million views on YouTube. The singer’s charms and vocals are no joke either! 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Runika from India for Kang Daniel. Read her letter below.


Dear Daniel Oppa,


Hi, How are you? 


I read it somewhere "Life is short, always choose Happiness", that's what I am feeling while writing this letter. I am feeling overwhelmed while writing to you. Ever since I joined Danity I found one more reason to live happily and enjoy my life.


I am a Software Engineer in a world-renowed MNC. In the evening after logging off completing loads of work full with stress and frustration, later listening to your songs makes up my day. I feel the day was worth it. Your existence itself is a GIFT OF GOD. Myself and you share the same birth month and year, just that I am 3 days older to you ...Hahahahaha...but in reality you are far more mature and stronger than me. Becoming the youngest idol CEO till date and establishing 2 companies at only age 24 is no joke. Your life struggles inspires me to work hard more daily to become successful like you one day making my parents proud. You have my respect.


The album trilogy "CMY" is a masterpiece...WWWooooowwww..Whenever I listen to the songs I feel your hard work has paid off. Your songs makes my heart tremble and blow up my mind. You are like a Sea Breeze - both calm and relaxing. I have seen many of your interviews and reality shows but never saw you getting nervous and frown. Your English is amazing.


Do you know visiting Korea is at the top in my bucket list only because of you. Your smile makes my heart melt and skip a beat. Your eyes are like sun always shining and is energetic giving strength to everyone to function. The mole near your right eye is...DAMN....


I would like to invite you on a trip to India.Here you will find tons of Kpop fans. You will definitely enjoy here.


Last but not the least, as I am closing the letter- It's my heartfelt wish to meet you someday in person or connect online. That would be the happiest day of my life. Please always stay happy and healthy.


Loads of Love,



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