Dear Oppa: An Indian fan says Gong Yoo's phenomenal talent, humility, killer looks drive fans absolutely crazy

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Chandryaee Ghosh from India was enamoured by Gong Yoo's "charisma" in Goblin
Chandryaee Ghosh from India reveals that Gong Yoo's Jung Dae Hyun in Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 is her "favourite character."

Given his evergreen looks, it's hard to believe that Gong Yoo is celebrating his 42nd birthday today, i.e. July 10. The Hallyu star, who has made a reputable name for himself in both dramas (GoblinCoffee Prince) and movies (Train To Busan, Silenced), continues to leave millions and millions enamoured with his fabulous versatility in every complex character he plays.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Chandryaee Ghosh from India to Gong Yoo. Read her letter below:

Dear Gong Yoo Oppa,

Penning down my love, admiration and respect for you is indeed very difficult for me. But I thought of giving it a try regardless. It might be a bit long. Please bear with me.

Hi. I am Chandryaee from India, a die-hard fan of yours. Like a lot of other people, I started watching K-dramas and K-movies back in mid-2020. I remember watching Train to Busan back in January 2021 and finding myself completely captivated by you. I couldn't take my eyes off you throughout the entire movie. I might sound a tad bit creepy, but what's the point of bluffing in an open letter that I am writing to you?

So, after a few weeks, I had put a pause to watching anything because I had my semester exams for which I had to prepare from scratch. Fast forward to May, I started watching Goblin and was enamoured by your charisma yet again. The way you portray any sort of emotion on screen, whether happy or sad, it feels very real and mere words won't be able to explain that. I cried with you when you were hugging Eun Tak because she wasn't alive anymore. I laughed at your corny jokes in Goblin. I felt the pain when you chose your family over your lover in A Man and A Woman. I was overtly excited when I found out that Finding Mr. Destiny was filmed in India. My heart ached like yours throughout Silenced. It bled for those kids, just like yours.

My dad gifted me the novel Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982 in April this year for my 19th birthday because I enjoy reading feminist lit. But, thanks to all my piled up assignments, I couldn't read it right then. I started reading it as I was watching Goblin, but had no idea that you are a part of its movie adaptation. As I was googling you and your works in the subsequent days, I came across you playing my favourite Dae Hyun in the movie. Trust me Oppa when I say this, I couldn't imagine anybody else for that role, but you. Thank you for giving life to my favourite character and making me fall in love with him again, making me fall in love with you again.

I watch your fan meetings and interviews on YouTube whenever I have time, and every time I look at you, I feel all giddy and feel as if you are conversing with me. People are right when they say that you don't seem to age, at all. Your innocence, phenomenal talent and humility (plus your killer looks, hehe) is what drives us, your fans, absolutely crazy.

I am currently binging on Coffee Prince' and falling for you, again. As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, It felt so real seeing you fighting your wants and being in denial. Trust me Oppa, the way you portrayed it all, I couldn't have asked for anything more.

I hope we meet someday, Oppa. I wish to go to South Korea someday and meet you there. Please do visit India someday for a fan meet and you will see me standing first in the queue. I promise you. Till then, Bubbye! Stay safe and well.

Saranghaye, Oppa!

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