Dear Oppa: An Indian fan says it’s true when people say Gong Yoo ages like fine wine

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A still from Goblin: The Lonely God's episode of Gong Yoo playing Kim Shin
Dear Oppa: An Indian fan says it’s true when people say Gong Yoo ages like fine wine

The talented 41-year-old actor Gong Yoo’s multiple projects have made their way into the ‘Classic KDrama’ and ‘Classic K-Movies’ list. From Goblin: The Lonely God, The Coffee Prince to Train to Busan and The age of Shadows - the actor has a range of talent hidden up his sleeves with an acting prowess that makes the audience’s hearts melt! There’s no true KDrama or Korean movie fan without watching his projects!


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by AK from India to Goblin and Train To Busan actor Gong Yoo. Read her letter below


Dear Gong Yoo oppa,

I am a 22-year-old fan from India. I came across your movie Train to Busan during this lockdown while I searched for horror movies to watch on youtube and instantly fell for your charms, especially your eyes. You show your emotions through your eyes.

I googled you and started to watch all your movies and series starting with Spy Girl then Goblin, just growing fond of you after each of them. People say you age like fine wine and it’s true. From Spy Girl to Kim Ji Young you just look more handsome as years pass by. Not only looks but your playfulness is the proof that your inner child is still alive and that makes you so attractive.

While watching Finding Mr.Destiny I was delighted to know that you had visited India for its shoot. Oppa please do visit again. I watched a number of your interviews. Loved your generosity and down-to-earth nature. I also came across video clips of your fan meets and was delighted to learn about your singing talent. So you're a great actor and can sing so well.

I am annoyed as you always keep mentioning in your interviews that you don't know how long you will be able to act in front of the camera. Oppa please never quit acting as it will be disheartening for me and your fans all over the world.

Awaiting for Seo Bok and The Silent Sea. Hope you read this letter someday.

Wishing you new heights of success and good health.


A.K, India

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