Dear Oppa: An Indian fan showers BTS' Jin with birthday love; Gushes over his heavenly voice in Abyss

Dear Oppa: As BTS singer Jin celebrates his birthday today, an ARMY member from India pens him a sweet birthday note and gushes over Abyss.
Dear Oppa: An Indian fan showers BTS' Jin with birthday love; Gushes over his heavenly voice in Abyss
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BTS and its fandom ARMY are celebrating Jin's birthday. The oldest member of the septet has been receiving birthday wishes from across the globe. As the clock turned 12 in South Korea, Jin surprised fans by releasing a solo track titled Abyss. The World Wide Handsome uncovered his inner turmoil through the songs to leave fans in tears. Following the release of the song, a fan from India sent us a "Dear Oppa" letter where she gushed about the singer and his voice. 

Read her complete letter below: 

Dear Jin

A very happy birthday to you, one of the seven wonders of ARMYs, whose outer handsome and confident appearance attracts everyone, but they end falling for the inner beauty. Your windshield wiper laugh really wipes away all my sadness.

After a lot of months, I became familiar with your deep persona. It’s crazy how much I relate with you. You keep everyone around you happy and are always cheerful, but deep down you also have low moments. I hope you get through them because all of us, the members and ARMYs are here for you!

Thank you for inspiring me to be confident in myself, alongside considering myself a gem.Thank you for shining for all of us in our darkest nights, our Moon. Thank you for reminding me that “I’m the one I should love”.

I absolutely love your new song, Abyss. Such a gorgeous song with your heavenly voice.Thanks for this impeccable masterpiece. Keep shining through the city with a little funk and soul!

Yours lovingly

Tanisha Singh

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Love you oppa . Fighting !!!!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Love bts

Anonymous 3 months ago

I was very sad to see jin sayin tha he was waiting for wishes on his birthday... And to see him beeing cut out of the poster.. I mean how could they... We love you jiiiiiiin .. #BTS IS 7

Anonymous 3 months ago

which poster

Anonymous 3 months ago

happy birthday dear oppa

Anonymous 3 months ago

My mails are not being sent to this address. Is there any alternative???

Anonymous 3 months ago

Happy Birthday dear oppa

Anonymous 3 months ago

so sweet message .HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIN

Anonymous 3 months ago


Anonymous 3 months ago

Thats so sweet . We love Jin and BTS