Dear Oppa: An Indian Minoz wonders how Lee Min Ho can be 'fantastic, outstanding & beautiful at the same time'

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 05:04 AM IST  |  177.7K
Lee Min Ho Dear Oppa
Sanjana Saha from India pens, "Whenever I'm in a low mood, your [Lee Min Ho] dramas make me overcome it and move forward."

The boastful fan following that Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is engulfed with is seriously no joke! With so many classic dramas under his belt, like Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs along with newer releases like The King: Eternal Monarch and upcoming series, Pachinko, Lee Min Ho's impressive performances and kingly looks justify why so many consider themselves as a true blood Minoz.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Sanjana Saha from India to Lee Min Ho. Read her letter below:

Dearest Lee Min Ho Oppa,

First of all, I, Sanjana from India, will give a big hearty 'gomayo' to Pinkvillla for giving me a chance to show my admiration and love for you. I have become a diehard fan of yours since I have watched that iconic drama, Boys Over Flowers, which aired on the Indian channel, Zing, this year. Yes, let me be a bit honest. After watching BOF, my first ever K-drama, unlike others, you were not my first crush; instead, it was Kim Hyun Joong. But still, you made a mark somewhere in my heart. After watching The King: Eternal Monarch, I was like, 'How can this guy be just fantastic, outstanding and beautiful at the same time?' That was the first time I was amazed by your acting skills. Your unexplainable gaze, dimple-wala smile, something-different-from-other-Korean-guys look, whatever-I-wear-looks-unique-on-me attitude and so many things... yess, I fell for all of them. In no time, I watched all of your dramas and movies, The Legends of The Blue Sea, The Heirs, City Hunter, The Great Doctor, Gangnam 1970, Personal Taste and Bounty Hunters..

You are so different from others. Your unforgettable role as Lee Yun Sang in City Hunter inspired me a lot and proved that obstacles are nothing if you work hard. None of your roles have failed to impress me.. ever...

Min Ho, you are such a brilliant actor with amazing talents. Whenever I'm in a low mood, your dramas make me overcome it and move forward. You always make me smile even if the situations are worse. That amazing dimple-wala smile of yours, really lit up my whole world. Gamsabnida, Min Ho, for making me happy and being one of my role models. Gamsabnida, for being one of the reasons to make me put a big smile on my face. Am eagerly waiting for your next work, Pachinko. May you continue producing great dramas to us in the long future.
Saranghae Min Ho Oppa...
Thanking You,
A True Minoz from Kolkata,
Sanjana Saha

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Anonymous : Yes, Lee Min Ho is a great man and a good actor.
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Anonymous : Wow i really admired Lee Min Ho as an actor and singer especially when i watch his mo vie The King Eternal Monarch
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Anonymous : I feel sick when I see Lee Minho
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Anonymous : He rocks!
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Anonymous : Yep Lee Min Ho was good although Kim Hyung... was breathtaking Lee Min Ho seemed more masculine with all the testosterone a man should have in my opinion I love that character Goo jun pyo
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Anonymous : Billie eilish RULES she shouldn’t worry
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