Dear Oppa: An Indian Monbebe thanks MONSTA X’s I.M for making her feel extremely loved

Published on Sep 07, 2021 10:05 AM IST  |  100.9K
MONSTA X’s I.M; Picture Courtesy: Starship Entertainment

Im Chang Kyun, known by the stage name I.M or mononymously as Changkyun, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He debuted in the boy group MONSTA X through Mnet's survival show No.Mercy in 2015. He made his solo debut with the EP Duality in 2021. In May 2016, I.M released his first mixtape through Starship Entertainment's YouTube channel, titled "Who Am I?" featuring Yeseo. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Meah from India to MONSTA X’s I.M. Read her letter below.

Dear Changkyun :): Oppa,

I'm Meah from India. I am a big fan of yours. I'm 16 years old and I can proudly say that you are my first love . People say that one always has a special place for their first love in their heart and you have a very special place in my heart indeed. I want to thank you for making me feel this sweet emotion of love. You released your first solo album Duality this year and the name of the album itself defines you as a person, you are super cute off camera but on stage your rapping skills are so great that you become this Dragon who spits fire, I mean you are the definition of duality to me. When I hear your voice, I always wonder, Why are you so perfect? How can any man be that handsome?......this is illegal !!! You always make my heart flutter. You are the most handsome in the world, the sweetest,kindest and savagest . Our GOLDEN MAKNAE. The first song that I heard of MONSTA X was 'Beautiful' and it was a perfect introduction of you guys to me because you all are just beautiful not just by physical appearance but as kind hearted humans too.I'm so glad that I got to know you guys cause you are the happiness and joy of my boring life. At the end I would like to say something to all the members of MONSTA X. Shownu oppa you are THE BEST DANCER in the universe.....I miss you since you've gone to the military but I also know it's your duty towards your nation please take care of yourself and come back soon , Minhyuk oppa the sunshine of every Monbebes life stay as you are forever the jolly and happy soul, Kihyun oppa our cute hamster after listening to your voice I can say that the K in K-POP stands for KIHYUN (P.S you have a beautiful smile), Hyungwon oppa why are you so handsome? this is not fair!! ALL THE BEST for your upcoming drama. I just can't wait to watch it . Joohoney oppa , I was never fond of aegyo,I rather found it cringey.......but after I saw you doing aegyo, it was the cutest thing for me and every time you rap I say 'Baksu!!!!!! That's my honey oppa right there'...and last but not the least MY CHANGKYUN OPPA do I really need to say this......I mean it's obvious that I love you to the moon and back....maybe even more than that. I've always believed that MONBEBE is not just a fandom it's a family, a family who sticks together, never stops supporting and showers loads of love to our precious MONSTA X. please please please come to India someday

Loads of Love 

yours and only yours Meah :)

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Anonymous : the letter is soo sweet
REPLY 2 1 week ago
Anonymous : This is so sweet. thank you for publishing. Love USA Monbebe
REPLY 2 1 week ago