Dear Oppa: An Indian Stay thanks Stray Kid’s Han for ‘making beautiful music and brightening her day’

Published on Nov 30, 2021 02:39 PM IST  |  300.3K
Stray Kids’ Han
Stray Kids’ Han; Picture Courtesy: News1

Han Jisung is the rapper and vocalist for Stray Kids. He is also part of ‘3RACHA’ a rap trio consisting of him, Bangchan and Changbin. He is definitely a mood maker of the group as he is always goofy, light and sweet. Just like the Stay today, Han has always brightened up the day of all his fans through his music and hilarious antics. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Diya from India to Stray Kids’ Han. Read her letter below.

Dear Oppa, 

I don't know if I can express my gratitude in words but I will try. I found out about stray kids in one of my darkest times. My mental health was not very good back then. But everything changed when I found out about you guys. It gave me the motivation and comfort I required to look at the brighter side of things.And it has changed me drastically , I have become a better person over all, thanks to you guys. Me being an introvert and a person with very bad stage fear and anxiety you became my role model. The fact that you have anxiety but you are still not afraid to chase your dreams and are able to sing and rap that skillfully just makes me respect you more. I really hope I can become as strong as you oneday. So thank you for giving me a person to look up to . You are one of the most talented people in the world and the songs you write and the messages you want to convey through them never fails to touch my heart ." Secret secret is amazing. I love that song." And alien will always be my comfort song. So thank you for the beautiful songs. Your jokes never fail to make me laugh and brighten my day. So thank you for making even my worst days feel a little bit better.You have said that depression is needed in our lives just to make those moments of happiness sweeter and that makes me look at the brighter side of life.So thank you for making me a better person.I know how much you love stay and I am so grateful for it. So I just wanted to thank you for everything.You have helped me through so much so I just want to tell you that if you ever feel sad, lonely or anxious just know that stay will always be there for you just like you are for us. I hope you remember that you are the cutest quokka and that your lovely smile makes our day better. Please remember how amazing you are and how much stay love you. I haven't been a stay for long for only about a year but I know that I will be a stay forever. Even this letter isn't enough to fully show the amount of gratitude and respect I feel for you but still I tried. Once again thank you for everything and I really hope to meet you in person one day. 

 With love, 



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