Dear Oppa: A Lee Jong Suk fan from India pours her heart out with an extraordinary wish

Published on Mar 22, 2021 12:18 PM IST  |  797.6K
Pinocchio actor Lee Jong Suk smiling wide while his photo is being taken
Dear Oppa: A Lee Jong Suk fan from India pours her heart out with an extraordinary wish

Pinocchio or W, Lee Jong Suk has been fluttering many fans’ hearts since quite a long time. His gorgeous visuals and the characters he chooses to embody, have made him one of the most recognisable faces in the KDrama industry. He recently shared his luscious locks on his Instagram update, talking about a new mature side that he wants to showcase in his future activities after his military discharge. You either fall in love with the actor in first sight, or they gradually grow on to you. For Miyari, it was the latter. 


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Miyari from India to Lee Jong Suk. Read her letter below


My Lee Jong-Suk,


How can I address someone as 'My' when that person doesn't even know me? I have learnt in my life by staying alone, away from my family from the age of 10 that there's no word better than 'My' to address someone whom I care for. You see, I am very protective of the people I like and care. So, to write 'My Lee Jong-Suk' just for once on a piece of paper is giving me the amount of happiness that I can't even express here.


I don't remember when I started to like you, but believe me, it was not sudden. It was not when I watched the first series of you. It was not when I first saw how handsome, cute, hot and at the same time innocent as well your face is. I started to like you over the time when I started noticing there's something very common in all of your characters yet being so different from each other. It bothered me so much that I started thinking about you. Then I realised that the common element is you. You put a small piece of yourself in your every character. You said in one of your interviews that you are not like any of your characters. Are you sure that you are not there in your characters, Lee Jong-Suk?


You came back from your military service, Chukahaeyo! I like every little thing about you. I even like the comments your fans write about you. I feel happy reading them. I feel happy to see you smile. You said in your interview that you want to try hard to satisfy your fans and yourself. I want you to know that you don't need to try hard for your fans. Your fans already love you very much. Most importantly, your fans know that you love them too. When you just smile and tilt your head or you just wave your hand with that bright smile of yours, it's enough to flutter your fans' heart. They already love your acting, that's why they are your fan. Your acting brings out the best of every character you play and make the story so much believable that I cry when you cry, I laugh when you laugh.

Never doubt yourself for a moment to think that you'd let your fans down. You just need to do the latter part. Satisfy yourself, that's how you can become a better person in everything than you are now.


I wish we can meet in a world where our meeting can be as simple as meeting a new person in a new city. In a world, where you won't see me as a fan. In a world, where I won't see you as a celebrity. In a world, where we can meet just as persons and nothing else.


If you ever get to read this letter, please remember my words. Please remember me. Lee Jong-Suk, I hope you are doing well. Lee Jong-Suk, fighting!! ♡


Visit India soon.


With love and lots of love from India,

Your Miyari


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Anonymous : But, I hope he reads this. ♡
REPLY 8 6 months ago
Anonymous : She has spoken everything that every fan of Jong-suk wants to say. He's the reason for many of us, who's very existence and innocence expressed through his smile, to have a happy and big smile on our faces. He is a summation of all his characters and somehow nothing like them. I don't know how he manages to do so, but he has been acing on it. I and I'm sure all of his fans prays for him to receive all the love and happiness that exists in this universe. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully.. and yes, please, if possible visit India atleast once, at your convenience. We promise we'll always keep showering our love to you with an innocent heart, as innocent as your very soul ❤️
REPLY 7 6 months ago
Anonymous : The author of the letter has given words to my thoughts ( and probably thoughts of many fans' too). Mainly the last 2 paragraphs of how the meeting with him should be and how everyone is wishing well for him are on my mind every day. The thought that he doesn't know me in person is very bothersome. And every word about his work have been reflected exactly the way I think. Seems the author represents many genuine fans like myself from India and conveyed our feelings well.
REPLY 5 6 months ago
Anonymous : Thank you so much for saying that I wrote the emotions of many other people like you and me. You don't know how much happy I am after knowing that at least his fans are reading this, though this letter may never reach to him. To all Lee Jong-Suk fans, fighting!! ❤️
REPLY 5 6 months ago