Dear Oppa: Lee Min Ho makes a Minoz's heart skip a beat with his shows; Fan shares her thoughts on Pachinko

In today's edition of Dear Oppa, a fan of Lee Min Ho writes an open letter, admitting her admiration for the actor and expressing her excitement over Pachinko.
Dear Oppa: Lee Min Ho makes a Minoz's heart skip a beat with his shows; Fan shares her thoughts on Pachinko
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Lee Min Ho has a huge fandom and his social media handles are proof of it. The South Korean star boasts of 22.4 million followers on Instagram alone. While his popularity is bound to grow further with the release of Pachinko, a Minoz from India has reached out to the actor and shower him with love. Meenakshi writes that Lee Min Ho leaves her heart pacing and causes butterflies in her tummy. She goes on to express her excitement over his upcoming show Pachinko. 

Check out her letter below: 

To Lee Minho Oppa,

With lots of love and good wishes....,   

Annyeong!! Finally, I wrote this letter to you.  

I am Meenakshi from India and just 18 yrs old, writing a letter by the bottom of my heart. My English is not so high standard and advanced but I am trying my best. I admire you and know you so gladly but you don't know my existence. Today writing a letter gives me a fast heartbeat and it's more enough for me. I am your huge fan and I totally fall for you head over heals want to tell you how glad I am.  I insist my myself for conveying that sweet letter to you. 

Firstly, I thank you so much for appearing in dramas with a cool and charming look. You really are so attractive and open-minded person with a warm and kind heart I saw. I attract towards you every time when I think of you Oppa. Your smile is cute and bright and you have light in your eyes that lite your path. First time after saw you in K-drama... It skipped my beat for a second and gave me butterflies and it happens all the time. A "Boy Over Flower" stunning person change my "Personal Taste" and I have "Faith" in you Oppa. The Legend of Blue Sea, The Heirs, Boys Over Flower, The King: Eternal Monarch... These dramas are my all-time favourite. Your voice is also so nice and I love to hear it in your songs. I fell for The King: Eternal Monarch's Lee Gon character which was so thoughtful, intelligent, polite and smart role. I wish if I could meet you for once but..... not possible. Your every act, whether it's funny or romantic or emotional, I am always touched by your lines in dramas. 

I cried in your emotional scenes and I laugh when you act cute. I am waiting for your next hit 'Pachinko' I know it will more fun and enjoyable. Your English speaking skills are also so good and I liked it. Oppa I am ending this letter but you will be always my favourite actor. 

Saranghae Oppa. 

Your little cut fan, 


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Anonymous 2 months ago

Can't wait to see pachenko continues your journey best of luck Lee

Anonymous 2 months ago

I hope all people and actors love Allh and Mohammed messenger of Allh.