Dear Oppa: A Malaysian fan expresses her gratitude to Park Seo Joon for helping her heal from a breakup

Dear Oppa: A fan from Malaysian fan writes to Itaewon Class star Park Seo Joon to express her gratitude for his shows. She revealed the shows helped her sail through her breakup.
Dear Oppa: A Malaysian fan expresses her gratitude to Park Seo Joon for helping her heal from a breakup
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2020 wasn't kind to all. While the pandemic had brought life to a standstill, many also struggled with personal losses. People found an anchor in various forms to keep them from drowning in this difficult year. While some turned to music for solace, others found their way to K-dramas. Like Daphne from Malaysia. In her Dear Oppa letter, she revealed she separated from her partner during the lockdown. Heartbroken, she found peace in Park Seo Joon's dramas. She expressed her gratitude to the actor for helping her sail through the tough period with his shows and movies. 

Read her complete letter below: 

Hi Pinkvilla, 

Thank you for giving a platform for fans to express/convey what we think/feel towards our idols. Below is an open letter to Park Seo Joon from a proud yet humble fan; Daphne from Malaysia. 

‘2020, where do I begin? Dear Mr. Park, this is a letter of gratitude; grateful that such a talented & kind person like you exist. You may not know it but because of you, I healed faster than I predicted. Healed from what, if you ask? A break-up that happened over the lockdown. Breaking up at the age of 31, wow, I have yet to taste what actual death feels like but the heartbreak was quite close to it, especially when one thought one will end up getting married to that person. 

Anyhoo, I want to thank you for being the perfect distraction; not that I’m not mindful in my healing journey nor am I using you to replace the ex. After the break-up, I knew that I needed to heal fast as I’m a working single mom, people are depending on me, life still needs to go on. I was struggling really hard to get myself together at first until I watched you in ‘She Was Pretty’. Before the break-up, I’ve watched Itaewon Class, WWWSK, Divine Fury & Midnight Runner but, I have yet to become a fan during those shows/movies. After the break-up, I avoided watching K-dramas or any romcoms altogether as it was still super painful to deal with anything related to relationships. Until one day, I wanted to test myself, check-in with myself on how I’m feeling so, I randomly searched for K-dramas on Netflix and I stumbled upon She Was Pretty and I thought ‘hey, isn’t this guy from Itaewon Class? He was so good in that show.’ I clicked play and finished the show in a week. I was monitoring myself and I realized that I was feeling okay, I did not think too much about the breakup as I was occupied with work, daily routine and the show. Eventually, I’ve grown to like you more and more so, I started doing research on what other shows you’ve starred in. 

Fast forward to 6 months later, I am now a much happier person. Besides my friends, my family and my daughter who has been my pillar of strength throughout the break-up, I believe you’ve played a role in soothing me as well. You made life kinder to deal with. Instead of looking at my ex’s stuff on social media, I followed your social media account, your fan pages’ account and also your YouTube channel. In a way, your presence gave me something fun to look forward to. Despite being a harsh year for most people and myself, I am grateful that I’m now healed and I’m surrounded by the kind of happiness which seemed kind of impossible before this.

Therefore Mr. Park, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. You’re a wonderful person, on and off-screen too, I believe. Keep doing what you do and take good care of your health. Should you go through tough moments in the future, know that there are millions of us out there, always rooting for you. God bless you, Seo Joon. 


A proud fan of PSJ, Daphne

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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