Dear Oppa: A teacher from the Philippines reveals her prayer for Park Seo Joon; Confesses excitement for Dream

Dear Oppa: In today's edition, we feature a letter written by a 50-year-old teacher from the Philippines to Park Seo Joon.
Dear Oppa: A teacher from the Philippines reveals her prayer for Park Seo Joon; Confesses excitement for Dream
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Park Seo Joon is among the most popular South Korean actors. The star has proved he's a great actor with his starkly different performances in shows like Itaewon Class, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and Fight For My Way. The international actor will next be seen in the movie Dream, opposite IU. While his work has been making the headlines, the actor was the talk of the town on his 32nd birthday. Pinkvilla recently received a letter from a 50-year-old teacher in the Philippines who revealed she made a sweet prayer for the actor on the occasion.

Wilma M. Marquez from the country penned a sweet letter gushing about the talented star before she revealed she prays Park Seo Joon continues to make good shows and God blesses him with good health. Read her full letter below: 

My Dearest Park Seo Joon,

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I don't mind if this will be sent to you or not, I just wanted to express my feelings for you as one of your fans here in the Philippines. 

I am Wilma M. Marquez, a teacher and a 50-year-old fan of yours. I never thought that I would become an addict of Korean movies, most especially your tv shows and movies. It happened during this pandemic time. I have watched your tv shows like Hwarang and What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? I never imagined that during the pandemic time, you Park Seo Joon and your movies would give me the feeling of relief.

I'm 50, yet I feel young as if I go back to my early 20's. My co-teachers were laughing when I sent them your pictures telling them that you are my OPPA! They also love you. I watched all your movies on Netflix and Viu. You are really an excellent actor. I really like it. In Hwarang, your funny, dramatic, and fierce character captured my heart. Watching you made my heart flutter that every time I see your face on screen your sweet smiles made my giggling manner come out.

All of your tv shows and movies like Hwarang, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?, She Was Pretty, Chronicle of Evil, Dream High 2, Midnight Runners, Fight For My Way, Kill Me, Heal Me, The Beauty Inside, A Witch's Love, Pots of Gold, Itaewon Class, even your cameo role in Record of Youth and Parasite I watched them all. One movie of yours that I have not yet viewed was The Divine Fury. I can't see it on Netflix and Viu. I have requested it but it was not yet shown. Your Youn's Kitchen, Family, and Summer Vacation I also watched those. 

I am waiting for your 2021 Dream, I am so excited to watch it. I have watched your 2019 visit in the Philippines, you are absolutely a Global Phenomenon. I always look at you at Google News. I read everything about you on the news. You are such a wonderful actor. I wonder if I can see you when you come back again in the Philippines. How I wish, and it's a relief that I have expressed this feeling for my favourite Korean actor.

You have just celebrated your 32nd birthday last December 16, and I pray to God that you continue to make tv shows and movies, that God will give you more projects to do, good health for you and continue to be humble in your work. I really, really admire your personality and your working attitude.

God bless you always, Saranghae Oppa!


Ma'am Wilma 

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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