Dear Oppa: A US fan recalls the time she fell in love with KDrama actors Jang Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook & Ha Ji Won

Published on Jun 14, 2021 08:40 AM IST  |  784.8K
JI Chang Wook at Incheon Airport
Ji Chang Wook spotted at Incheon International Airport. (Pic Credits: News1)

It’s difficult to back out from the world of K-Dramas once anyone enters it. Korean dramas offer fresh storylines, characters, diverse themes and a lot more. Now blend all of these with the top-notch acting of Korean dramas! Jang Hyuk has been in many famous dramas such as Voice, Money Flower, You Are My Destiny and is widely recognised for movies Volcano High and Windstruck. Ji Chang Wook is also a talented actor who has shown his acting prowess in Suspicious Partner, Lovestruck In The City and more! On the other hand, Ha Ji Won is called as the ‘Hallyu legend’ and also an incredible action star majorly known for her roles in Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts and Empress Ki!  


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Joey from the USA to her favourite KDrama actors Jang Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook & Ha Ji Won. Read her letter below.




My name is Joey, I just thought I'd share my thoughts about K-Dramas. My entire family/friends and relatives are hooked by it. I live in Las Vegas so I really never thought or even was interested in watching those until I visited my family in The Philippines during pandemic. Our housekeeper was watching The Empress Ki one day and I happened to glance at the TV and since I love period dramas, I sat there for awhile and tried to watch it, mind you, the reason I wasn't interested in K-Dramas was because I don't like reading the subtitles and at the same time try to look at the character's face, I thought it was too much work lol, but after watching The Empress Ki, I'm hooked! I love Ha Ji Won now and Ji Chang Wook. I loved that TV series and now I follow Ha Ji Won on Instagram.


I watched ‘Chocolate’ which I also loved, K-2, One Spring Night and now I'm crazy about Jang Hyuk after watching him on You Are My Destiny! 


Call me crazy but now I want to go to Korea to learn the language! I do want to see Jang Hyuk in person one of these years.





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