Dear Oppa: A West African fan says Song Kang is a man full of wisdom and nails every single character he plays

In the latest edition of Dear Oppa, Yetunde from West Africa dedicates their sweet letter to the actor, Song Kang. Read the letter below.
Actr Song Kang at his promotions for Love Alarm Dear Oppa: A West African fan says Song Kang is a man full of wisdom and nails every single character he plays
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The gracefully talented, everyone’s heartthrob, Song Kang, has been showing off his well-learnt ballet skills in the ongoing Netflix-produced show, ‘Navillera’. Before this, the 26-year-old rookie actor was busy making his way into people’s hearts with his chocolate boy looks in ‘Love Alarm’ and a completely different, socially awkward but courageous look in ‘Sweet Home’. With many offers lined up, this is just the start for the rookie actor to soar higher. 

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned down by Yetunde from West Africa for the actor Song Kang. Read here.

Dear oppa,

I’m your biggest fan. I seriously love your acting skills and I think you’re one hilarious man inside and out of the movies and series. Your acting in ‘Love Alarm’ was very good.  

You’re a happy, funny man but full of wisdom. Everything you said sometimes encourages me to do better in my life. Your words gave me much positive impact and I want to thank you for that. I laugh everytime I watch your movie series. My favorite series are Sweet Home, Love Alarm, Navillera and many more. In fact, I love all your movies and Tv series. 

Your acting skills were so good that you could nail every character you were given to play in the movies and TV series. You’re truly a very talented actor and I give that to you. Here by, I want to thank you as a token of appreciation for your hard work and dedication in making your fans feel happy with your acting movies and Tv series. 

Keep moving forward and never give up in doing whatever you are doing. I will always support you as your number 1 diehard fan. You’re doing a great job and I wish you best of luck in your Filming Navillera. 

I just want to tell you that all your fans love you 

And want to tell you that you should not stop putting smile on our face (Fans)


Your Fan from Nigeria


With your love,



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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.