Dear Oppa: A young Indian fan expresses her thoughts, gratitude and love towards Song Joong Ki

Published on Dec 31, 2021 04:45 PM IST  |  281.6K
Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki; Picture Courtesy: News1

Song Joong Ki's Hallyu star position continues onwards and upwards with recent successful projects like Space Sweepers and Vincenzo being proof of the same. No matter who the character is, the 35-year-old actor masterfully treats fans with marvelous performances. For many, it's his tremendous Yoo Shi Jin act in Descendants of the Sun that made them loyal fans of the Baeksang Arts Award winning actor for life.

Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Shrabantee from India to Song Joong Ki. Read her letter below.

Dear Song joong ki oppa,

I am Shrabantee Mondal,a 19years old growing adult from West Bengal, India. I am writing this letter to express my thoughts, gratitude and love towards you. It will be a long letter. So let's start. In 2020's lockdown I came to know about k-drama, k-pop a little more. As always I am a very moody, ambivert kind of person. My mental health and peace are always fluctuating. I literally overthink everything, basically I don't get peace. So that time I found your drama "Descendants of the sun". And that was my first ever k-drama. And I don't know how I got stuck with that drama. I love this drama and your acting. Your character was so amazing. I learned a lot from you. Your character in "Descendants of the sun" helped me to grow as a person. I learned that " if you have the power to save people's lives and lives then it's your responsibility to save them". I am a bsc nursing student, so it always gives me so much courage, inspiration to save people. And at the end of 2020 , my mental health and peace were getting better day by day. I was no more depressed. Then in 2021, you made my heart beat faster by "Vincenzo". O my God!!! I literally finished that drama in 2 days! I learned from this drama that "some villains are good for saving the good people in this world. And also,in any kind of situation, stay cool. Don't show your emotions towards your opponents' ' And that most iconic line " Villeins don't breakup" got my heart. You are a very humble,honest person, which is what I like most about you. You respect people, most importantly you respect women. Whenever I get nervous or I get panic attacks I go through your videos and it makes me calm. Even now, I am learning Korean because in the future I will go to South korea. I will not say " I love you'' or'' saranghae oppa" because you guys aren't comfortable with that. But in my mind, heart I am always saying" saranghae oppa". I am not sending my love as a fan because I don't believe in this"fan" theory. I would like to call myself a "well-wisher" or "secret girl".  But at the end I want to say that thank you for making my life good, staying in my life. You don't even know my existence, it's my bad. Love you oppa , take care of yourself. Sarang oppa

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