Dear Oppa: A young Sri Lankan fan thanks Lee Min Ho for being a loving idol and kind person

Dear Oppa: In today's edition, we feature a letter from a young Sri Lankan fan addressed to Lee Min Ho. She fangirls over the star and showers him with love.
Dear Oppa: A young Sri Lankan fan thanks Lee Min Ho for being a loving idol and kind person
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There is no doubt that Lee Min Ho is among the most popular K-drama stars in the world. The actor has witnessed his fandom increase with every show he has starred in. This includes The Heirs, Boys Over Flowers, Legends of the Blue Sea and more recently, The King: Eternal Monarch. The actor has fans from different age groups and countries. One such fan, from Sri Lanka, writes to us as part of our Dear Oppa section and showers Lee Min Ho with love. 

Dedu Bandara revealed her journey of becoming a Minoz while gushing about the actor. Read her complete letter below: 

Since my childhood, I am a big fan of Korean dramas starting as a little fan from country Sri Lanka. But the drama which I love from my deepest heart was Boys Over Flowers. I obsessed with Lee Min Ho cutest smile and handsome look. Then starting from that I became a Minoz. (Lee Min Ho fangirl). Next City Hunter, Legend of the Blue Sea, Faith, Heirs, Bounty Hunters, Personal Taste, and The King I watched all these k dramas and films. Dear Oppa, thank u for being such a loving idol and kind person with a beautiful smile which flies off all my dark days and turn them into bright. So all my blessings and well good wishes dear Lee Min Ho. Stay safe and healthy. Lots of love from Sri Lanka. Lee Min Ho, you are the king of talents, hardworking, encouragement. Mom and dad are so lucky to have a wonderful child-like u dear Oppa. Love u.

Yours sincerely,

Dedu Bandara,

Sri Lanka. 

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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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