Decoding the K Drama Appeal: What makes South Korean dramas irresistibly binge worthy?

Whether it be Crash Landing on You or It's Okay to Not Be Okay, K-dramas has become a sanctuary for many while on quarantine. We give you simple reasons why South Korean dramas are simply hard to resist.
K-dramas have become insanely popular in IndiaDecoding the K Drama Appeal: What makes South Korean dramas irresistibly binge worthy?
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Korean culture seems to be taking over the world at the moment. If bands like BTS and BLACKPINK are making it big in the music industry, the success of Bong Joon-ho's film Parasite at the Academy Awards is also a sign that Korean entertainment has now reached its pinnacle. In the meantime, Korean dramas have also found a massive audience across the globe ever since the reach of digital mediums and other platforms expanded.  A quick look at Twitter will show you the kind of fan base that K-dramas have and how diverse they are.

As for the Indian audience, shows such as Crash Landing on You, It's Okay to Not Be Okay among others found a wide audience ever since they dropped on Netflix. From swooning over the picturesque shooting locations to connecting with their emotional appeal, K-dramas seem to have to saunter their way into the hearts of Indian audiences.

After coming across several thumbnails that instantly provide a warm vibe, I decided to fall into the rabbit hole of K-dramas. After having binged on several shows amid the COVID-19 crisis, I began to realise what was it about these mushy shows that had everyone's hearts fluttering.

The India Connect

Indian society is still not very open to the ideas of women dating younger men, single parenting, late marriages and so on and some of these are dominant themes in Korean dramas. We have seen shows such as One Spring Night, Something in the Rain, When the Camellia Blooms among others which showcase these societal issues. Unlike, Friends and several other American/British sitcoms, you will also find that Korean protagonists are often seen living with their parents, something that is common in Indian culture as well. They are often seen dealing with issues of privacy and independence when it comes to their domestic setup.  Hence on the relativity factor, there are quite a few commonalities between Indian and Korean cultures that have drawn Indian audiences to them. Ageism, unrealistic beauty standards, academic pressure also get a fair amount of attention on these shows. These are issues faced globally and with characters overcoming and dealing with such situations while K-dramas often send out positive messages of self-love and self-care through this.

Emotional Appeal

There's no doubt that when it comes to executing mushy romance, it cannot get better than K-dramas. Their ability to bring tender emotions of love and intimacy alive on-screen is their highlight. Despite their corny exchanges, most K-dramas will leave you blushing with their romantic content. Familial bonds too are explored adeptly in these dramas.

Short Show Formats

While binge-watching is a trend these days, there are some of us who prefer not to commit too much time when it comes to tv shows. Those bothered by the never-ending cycle of wrapping up one season and then waiting for the next will find K-dramas an easy watch given that they usually last a season with not more than 16 episodes. Sure, they have a tad longer episodes ranging from 40 minutes to an hour but a promise of a 16-episode only show seems feasible for those with limited time on their hands, looking for light entertainment.

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If you're looking for reasons to begin your K-drama journey, we bet these points will give you an idea as to what you can expect from the shows. At a time when the atmosphere outside hasn't been the healthiest to maintain a positive attitude, light-hearted K-dramas could be your perfect escape with their heartwarming stories.

Written By: Surabhi Redkar

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