Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh’s Bollywood Bash: Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are just perfect together

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are hosting a big Bollywood bash for their B-Town friends. Varun Dhawan has arrived with girlfriend Natasha Dalal. The two were all smiles for the shutterbugs. Check out the photos.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are now married. After dating each other for 6 years, the two have solemnized their relationship. The couple is hosting a big Bollywood bash for their B-Town friends and it will be a starry affair with who's who of Bollywood attending the party. Both Deepika and Ranveer are big names in the industry and all the famous personalities will be coming to bless the couple. 

Varun Dhawan has arrived with girlfriend Natasha Dalal. The two were all smiles for the shutterbugs. Both Varun and Natasha complemented each other and are completely made for each other. Varun Dhawan has officially announced that he is dating childhood friend Natasha Dalal on Koffee with Karan. Not only this he went on and confirmed that he will be marrying her as well. They have been in a relationship for past many years and the couple knows each other even before Varun became an actor but they were tight-lipped about their relationship all these years.

Check out the photos here: 




Varun recently opened up about his relationship with Natasha in an interview to Filmfare. He said that he was always comfortable about being open about his relationship, but wanted to give Natasha time to adjust to the media attention.

We are waiting for the special day!

Meanwhile, we extend our wishes to Deepika and Ranveer on their wedding reception. 

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Now you guys know why Alia didn't make it to the reception lol

You know, I used to criticize Natasha for never smiling, but I saw the video for this. All paparazzi are really loud and bright and yelling, you can almost see in her eyes she looks damn terrified. She really clings to him, and does smile nicely, but like too short of a time, they probably only got one shot with a smile, and I guess PV didn't get it. Then he sends her inside so he can do solo shots since they really only care about Varun, and she seems grateful. And I've seen an almost identical video of this from Sonam's wedding.
I think Natasha has stage fright or something and she's doing her best, though it's like bare minimum, a few pictures, a few seconds of smiling, and she's done. What they catch, they catch... she doesn't seem to care if she looks negative all the time.

I agree totally. It is unfair to criticise the girl for just being herself. She is beautiful. Also, she is surely a better and classy human being than Alia. Thats what matters in a relationship not giving fake smiles and posing.

She always looks miserable as if forced to be there. Run Varun Do NOT marry someone who cannot smile and who does not make you smile.

She always looks miserable as if forced to be there. Run Varun Do NOT marry someone who cannot smile and who does not make you smile.

Some people are naturally not smiley people. No matter how much they try their just not photogenic. I can just sense shes so tense. Can't be easy on her either, being compared to Alia constantly. If she dislikes the limelight she should just stay away. Varun obviously loves it and is an actor, not fair if shes uncomfortable

She is better than fake despo Alia.

First shaadi toh hone da.then alia come to her marriage time then divorce be easy se ho jayegi.

I thought may be Varun got over alia but after watching the gold award pics as how lovingly he held alia mind is changed he is still in her only.this is total hogwash.he clearly looks controlled.sorry but truth has to be told.varun doesn't love nats.its the fact.

There is something off about this couple the guy always seem like pretending nd the girl looks sad top that Varun can't keep his hands off alia.everythin is wrong here.people who can't see that are livin' in dream.

His smile with alia during gold awards so happy and then here much you will fake Varun..? U can't even fake properly!

A stageshow is not real life. Nobody would want a dumb girl like Alia in real life, desperately running behind every actor in Btown. See how she is hooking up with Ranbir chachu. Natasha is real life sweetheart.

His father really pressurised him is what I see.airport pic also looked liked he didn't want Nats to attend but his father took her he looked also he looks controlled .look at his smile with alia nd then here so much difference.its very visible.people who can't see are in denial.he can't fake all most people make out that they are not in love couple.ita the fact.

varun ke fans natasha ko bilkul pasand nahi karte hai.bande ko aage chal ke problem hone wali hai fandom se.

His movies will flop..later on. Hahaha..maza ayega..waise bhi his fake smile is so clearly visible ki uske fans bhi yeh drama pakad lete.

Forced love.both look out of sync as usual.they look unhappy all the time.

she looks great!

Meera kapoor has personality and beauty to pose.and she doesn't saw attitude toward her husband's Fandom.that's why his fans love's not our fault varuns most of fans hate her.don't get our Fandom between your war.we love meera and Shahid and tell your natasha to be sweet with his fan not attitude

Call us delusional fans bcz we aren't suger coating to our favorites all decisions to get his attention. They are one of worst mismatched couple in industry. He deserve best not worst and if he love her real then why he behave with his costar (only alia) full lovely dovley. Ways.who behave such way if he committed relationship with another.

If he is in love with her noways he would hv caught alia so tightly with a bleamin smile in the gold award function.varun have some guys.always faking happiness but never happy in real life .

Because he is not into Nats.he is doing it clearly for his parents.jhutha couple.

After watching lux gold award pics .kalank promotion ain't going to be different he will be all over alia.he just isn't into Nats it's very clear.maybe he will two time his whole life.

Uncomfortable my foot 365 days 300 days she spot with him.still uncomfortable for camera.

Iski shakal he esi hai kya.kisi ne maara hai kya ?

I think she is tensed with the paps clicking away. It's okay because she isnt from BW. She looks genuine and beautiful. Varun is lucky.

When natasha come with him alia doesn't came.when alia came party with him then natasha doesn't come. What a timing yaar one stone two birds.

I am not any couple shiper bcz I'm mature inaf to understand what real relationship mean.but I have to say this couple miss something I can't put my finger to it.but I felt it. look at their faces they look so miserable with each other.

Same thought.varun is faking smile as always.he looks miserable.this couple don't look happy together.always forced.

They might be camera-conscious as a couple, it doesnt mean they are not happy. Come on, Natasha is posing with her Bf who is a star. Cut her some slack. Not everyone is Meera Kapoor.

First time I think Natasha looks really stylish, and she does look pretty when she smiles, whats wrong with her, she knows she's gonna be papped for the rest of her life marrying him, right? Like even Gauri doesn't seem that into it, but she smiles and poses because she has to.

How she smile she forced him to be with her. But no love no spark just only loyal relationship and he behave with her like a damn robo so how she smile?

She never smiles.

2 men in one frame

Are smile

Varun seems like a really good guy. Glad he went the Shahid way and chose a girl from outside BW. Really impressed with these boys from BW these days. Ranbir, please learn a thing or two.

What’s wrong with Natasha? Most times she doesn’t smile.


She looks miserable does she now know how to smile?

Natasha learn to smile..Varun plz teach her

Natasha looks very pretty here! the hair, soft makeup, and lovely outfit (which i'm assuming is her own design) are all a hit. a smile would've been a great touch, but still she looks lovely. Seriously if anybody says she's a bad match with Varun, y'all are delusional. Varun's cute and is a pretty genuine guy, and she seems equally sweet, and they match nicely looks-wise. get ready for his wedding in 2019, guys!

I always feel she looks like a man

Can she? Smile i means.

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