Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh's Bollywood Bash: Keeping the past aside, Katrina Kaif finally makes an entry

Katrina Kaif has finally got the invitation to Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's Bollywood bash and the actor arrives wearing a beautiful white saree.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have always managed to give us couple goals with their distinctive personalities. Their love has triumphed all as they got hitched on November 14 at Lake Como, Italy in what can be called an intimate wedding. Their pictures from the weddings have already left everyone in awe and to add to it, the couple hosted two receptions in Bengaluru and Mumbai each wherein they mesmerised us with their chemistry. 

Adding to it, the couple today host a Bollywood bash for all the industry friends where as many as 1000 guests are reportedly invited. While before we speak of anyone else, let's draw our attention to Katrina Kaif who made a dazzling appearance at the reception's red carpet. She is seen looking gorgeous as ever in a pearl white saree. Check out the photos below:


Katrina had mentioned on her episode with Koffee With Karan wherein she appeared with Varun Dhawan that she is very excited about the wedding and in her head is all ready to attend it as well. Well, well, we are so sure her presence will light up the already lit party DeepVeer are hosting tonight. 

Katrina and Deepika have always shared a little distinct relationship given their connection to Ranbir Kapoor, who happens to be both their ex. But looks like Kat and Deepika have managed to put that behind them and have moved on graciously. We are in love with her pics, what about you? 


Katrina looks so pretty when she smiles!

I am still waiting for deepika katrina together selfie or pics !! it will break internet !! please can you post their pics? please

Hope katrina get's married and get's a very nice guy

Thumps up on comment favouring Kat fans thumps down on the comments favouring dp shows whose PR is in the house . Gosh so jealous of dp happiness.

All the hate comments on DP and Kat are by the same person . He cant see these two being cordial. thus posting hate comments to create fanwars between the two fandom.

All the hate comments on dp and kat are by the same person.

she is looking lovely

Kat PR is making her god/gem of a person for attending DP function. It's Salman influence. She is not a gem of a person. Face it.
Please post it Pv

DP pr is making her god/gem of person blah blah for inviting AS and Kat, may be its influence of RS, she is no gem of a person face it

Kat PR is making her god/gen blah blah blah for attending DP function may be it's Salman influence. She is no gem of a person. Face it.
Post it be fair for both sides and post. Hope you post

Kat PR is making her god/gen of a person blah blah for attending DP function. May it's influence of Salman. She is not a gem of a person. . Facr it.
Be fair to post pv please. Hope you post it

DP didn’t invite Kangana?

Kat attended Deepika’s reception. Don’t forget Anushka attended Ranveer’s reception too. They both are beautiful souls.

DP invited them too. She is a beautiful soul too.

Poor kat

Even ambanis chose to attend PC’s Sangeet than DP’s reception.
Pv please post

True, why ambanis were not there?

The entire Ambani family came. There are pictures as well. Please check facts before commenting.

They actually came

Entire Ambani clan was at deepveer reception, try harder PC!

Whole Bollywood choose to attend dp reception than pc sangeet.
Pv post

See the videos Ambani were there at DP reception. Jealous PC fans go on her posts and leave DP alone.
Post it

really? remember kat talking about Kabir as a family. Didn't he gave her some good films? Since he fell out of favours in bollywood KAT dropped him out of her friends list.this is the real nature of the so called goddess drop people when they are not useful anymore but holding on tight as long as they are influential. still gets her pr to throw shade at salman but not willing to cut ties with him completely since she knows that he is very relevant

post my reply plz pv be fair

Kabir wrote Katrina's profile for Harper Bazaar's October 2018 issue which was two months ago and Katrina thanked him for it through her IG and during kwk rapid fire when she was asked to choose between Ali and kabir she refused to but instead reiterated both their importance in her life. Try harder next time.

Action speaks louder than words Kat don't hang out with him nor post pics like before . Also she won't say anything bad in front of the camera. Try harder next time.

Post it plz pv don't ignore n biased

kat pr thinks she is a goddess and spread hate about others.

Katrina is looking just wowww! Can’t take my eyes off the pics

Dp pr thinks she's a goddess and spreading negative on others

The new gen actresses are so secure and strong. In the 80's and 90's the actors wil date and dump actresses and they wont be heard anymore, but things have changed. Now the actresses are moving ahead and are more successful than the loser who dumped them.DP, Kat, Anushka, PC are all cool. Woman Power yay!

Kat is in a peaceful place and it shows. She emerged back strong and is a good human being. DP too is definitely in a happy place. DP surely found the strength to be kind and forgiving of past. RK unfortunately is in a rat-hole of insecurity and narcissism. He still needs Kjo, Ayan, Mummy and a little girl to face the world. RK needs to get his shit together.

And so you

Poor dp fans still burning even 10 years after a short lived fling. all your hate want do anything to rk. RS must have done some really bad karma to be stuck with ......

Poor RS

Poor kat fans still burning even after 10 yrs .All it hate has nothing to do with dp. Kat must have done some really bad karma to be stuck with.
Post it plz pv don't ignore n biased towards deepika

I am waiting for that one inside party pic with Katrina and Deepika together. That would be it- internet will break like crazy!

Come on somebody, anybody, realease it!

PV please post.

Good vibes only for deepika and katrina...they should do an action film together like Charlie’s angels

Katrina looks old here....

Shut up , dp

Shut up, Kat
Post it

LOL RK pr writing hate comments against KAT. Ranbir cant bear that Kat is smoking hot and DP is a goddess and he is stuck with Alia.

Rk PR writing hate comments on deepika as well.

Ranbir Kapoor is shaking.

Both Katrina & Deepika are doing well after they threw the poison named Ranbir Kapoor out of their lives.

All the tamasha Katrina did to deepika and spoil her image. Still Kat is winning here. DP lost her image and hapinness because of Katrina. Still she invited her as she asked dp to invite her openly
DP is a nice human.
Post it Pinkvilla plz

Well done deepika for inviting Kat. She is the one who held onto the hate for so long and still loves RK. How sad. Sadly she is all alone .
Post Pv plz

My vote is for Katrina/Hrithik 2019!!

Great that she attended! If not dp stans would've pulled her apart!at least now they will leave her alone .fingers crossed

Sadly kat Stans are still riping deepika apart and nor leaving her alone.

I am proud of queen deepika.

Haha KJO tried promoting Alia-RK and now the whole country hates them. KJO needs to save himself from the mess, and Alia is deffo hit by RK panauti. She shouldn't have gone for it. Whtaeves, All is well that ends well for queen DP and lovely KAT.

Nobody cared about RK-Alia.People are hating them left,right & centre.

DP and Kat, both have evolved, are successful, happy and moving ahead. RK still playing the fake PR game with the new scapegoat Alia. Poetic justice of another LEVEL.

She looks truly happy to be there. Shows they have both moved on from Ranbir and are like "good luck to you Alia"

Katrina is going to marry in spain, i think i know with whom n no its not salman for sure

details please!

Only Ranbir,Alia ,Kangana did not attend the party. Amir sent his wife, salman’s whole family attended the reception.

you forgot akshay ,arjun rampal ,madhuri etc.

Madhuri was there with her hubby.
I'm no DP stan, but Kat does look oldish in the pics. At least she's dressed well.

Akshay is not in the country. Arjun rampal who? Too small to even notice.

Reeally????? Remember her talking about having a huge crush on him.didin't she make her debut with arjun rampal ? Since he fell out of favours in bollywood dp dropped him out of her friends list.this is the real nature of the so called goddess drop poeple when they are not useful anymore but holding on tight as long as they are influential. still gets her pr to throw shade at rk but not willing to cut ties with him completely since she knows that he is very relevant

And look ambanis

RK should be busy reading all comments on pinkvilla!

hell yeah ! yours truly reading all the comments on here! lol

I want a pic of kat and deepi together please

Only bitter and jealous Kangna didn't attend.

"Bitter till I die" - Kangana Ranaut.

If both DP and RS missed inviting someone by purpose then it would be kangana. After the way she talked about DP and said “ she messaged me all the time inviting me to parties” DP has not bothered about the psycho for long.

need deepu and katrina pics!!!please

Katrina looks pretty; promise no more face surgery, we can live with this.

well done kat so proud of u wish u find your happiness whatever that is (not necessarily through a man)

Why was she invited? Maybe DP wants to thank her for taking Ranbir out of her life. No reason otherwise for her to be invited. How awkward is it anyway? For both to show up. Ranveer's ex Anushka and BF thief Kat

Both Ranveer - Deepika and Katrina -Anushka are not embarrassed. You should be the last one to feel that way. Everyone has moved in on their respective lives and it’s great to see them all come together putting their posts behind them.

Lovely to see anu and kat at the reception. But where are lovebirds ranbir and alia ?

Nice to see Katrina looking calm and pretty in a lovely sari. Also nice to see them moving forward. Good on you ladies. Best wishes to the newly weds.

RK is probably seeing clouds in his coffee! Who knows what Jerri and kjo cooking up! RS is the big winner,he got the lady in red!

He doesn't want to be seen with dp who knows what her pr will come up with next? they'll try to break all of his actions down one by one and attribute different perspectives to suit their false narratives . He's learnt through experience to not hang out with dp other than for professional stuff

You sure he doesnt want to be seen with her ? The guy invited her with her now husband RS and made papa jo post picture on insta ? Yaad aya kuchh ?

it was papa jo's doing not his

Doesn't he have a mind of his own? It is always KJo, Neetu, Ayan. What a bacha!

say what????? your soul is burnt by DEEPVEER hotness and happiness!!! get well soon

still your soul keeps burning because rk doesn't give two hoots about the so called goddess !!!! get well soon

good that he stays away.... under mamma's pallu.

Oh ok RK sure! We all believe you lol

you should babes !!!wait and watch rofl

Oh ok RK sure! We all believe you lol

Lol, he is afraid of getting memed. RK used all the girls for PR and now he has to hide in his hole. Karma.

Ranbir is happy with his family, making movies while deepika settled in the end

Oh please...he is sulking after being hit by karma.All the gorgeous ladies have slipped from his hands & he is stuck with baby bhatt.

Something smells very distasteful.. is that pure jealousy?

on your side?? for sure after all rk ditched dp and she had to finally settle for rs nah

ROFL. Yeh right. He has been given the one finger salute by all the girls. DP, Kat you gals rock! RK is such a loser.

You wish! whether RK a loser or not time will decide ...pls be patient no need to be in a hurry lol

I have a good feeling both the rats broke up and maybe that's why didn't appear publicly..

Tere muh me ghee-shakkar. Please let that be the reason for them not turning up.

Where is Ranbir? Did he not attend?

Forigners like Jacky and Kat wore saree. Even Jaya Bachan didnt bother to wear one. Thanks you girls

Deepika anushka katrina in the house ....let there be peace!

Today i am really proud of kat

Ranbir Kapoor was not invited.

He was. Except Kangana, everyone was invited.

Apart from the egoistic Salman, Aamir, Kangana and of course Ranbir and Alia... everyone were there

Where is Sallu? not invited or didnt go? guess not imp enough.

So nice of Katrina to attend the function!

How beautiful she looks, beautiful, lovely sari

Good going Kat !! Being positive and spreading positive energy ..

Good job ladies.

Quite surprising Papa Jo and his fake daughter and her fake boyfriend didn’t come...

So I take Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt did not attend, even after all the ‘we are so ok with the past’ etc, on Koffee with Karan. I bet they got out of this one by ‘claiming’ work commitments!

Yahhy, Katrina was invited, at least she didnt try to outshine Deepika with her outfit!!! That's great because they most likely in "I hate Ranbir club."

Good to see KAT. Looking good.

Good to see KAT. Looking good.

She looks beautiful. I'm glad she came, wish her love and happiness.

Good for them they r over they're pasts.But i Don't get y ranbir didn't show up along with his little child Alia. He must still resent dp for putting him out there. Also Sonam whats her issue? her husband is close to ranveer, I mean at first we all understood y katrina n anushka didn't get along with deepika because they all when out with same guys but they left that in the past n attended her reception but what's sonam case? she was always so bitter towards deepika for no damn reason. Such a sour grape filled with so much jealously, instead she should be thankful that she's still in this industry despite having any talent expect for bit**ing about others.

In that case, even Deepika didn’t attend Sonam’s and Anushaka’s reception. So what does that make her.

Deepika wasn't called for either of the reception...Ranveer was...and since he's Sonam's second cousin, he attended without Deepika

Big respect to both of them

Awee this is so nice of her

Inspite of all the unfortunate circumstances against her this girl has stood strong. Happy for Katrina and hope she finds her Prince Charming someday too.

It's very noble of Deepika to have Katrina and Anushka at her reception, also very nice of them to come and genuinely look happy. It seems like the cold vibes Katrina gave to Deepika were due to manipulation and brainwashing from Ranbir, cause she's not only here but looks happy. Sincerely hope she finds someone too.

I think they both finally realised that Ranbir was not worth anything in the end.

Well said

Kat took longer to realize it.. all is well that ends well though..

Katrina is beautiful. Well done ladies for letting go of the bitter past once and for all.

So happy to see this!! Ranbir lost out on all the good girls!

So glad dp and Kat have decided to let the bygones be. Slap on Kjo's face who so rudely told kat on kwk that she won't be invited to the wedding!

After all Tamasha DP did to Katrina and spoiled her image among people and media Deepika is winning here too .Kat not only lost her life but image too. She is happy with Ranbir Alia now Deepika. Doesn't Katrina love her at all?

Stop blaming deepika. She didnt did anything nor spoil Kat image. It's Kat who did tamasha and spoiled DP image and hurt her . Kat lost her image because of her own lies and manipulation. People saw how Kat broke Rk dp, cheated Salman and now again back with him despite knowing he is dating someone else. DP didn't spoil Kat image . It's Kat who spoil deepika image and show her as a bad human. Lol Kat isn't happy with ranbir alia. She stop acting as her bff. It's big of deepika to invite Kat.
Post it Pinkvilla plz. Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore

The past being Kat stealing Deepika's boyfriend and cheating on Salman. Both Kat and Ranbir turned out the losers at the end. LOL.

how come kat is at a wedding function meeting friends at the party and commenting on her posts at the same time? she is indeed multi talented and hardworking
oh wait no one is giving attention to her. she is all alone that's why posting comments.
pv post it

can we have a pic of katrina and deepika please ????? this is history!! i m so happy!!! DEEPVEER is pure love

how come kat is at a wedding function meeting friends at the party and commenting on her posts at the same time? she is indeed multi talented and hardworking
oh wait no one is giving attention to her. she is all alone that's why posting comments.
pv post it

how come kat is at a wedding function meeting friends at the party and commenting on her posts at the same time? she is indeed multi talented and hardworking
oh wait no one is giving attention to her. she is all alone that's why posting comments.
pv post it pinkvilla

Dp is a gem of a person.

Well done to Katrina for attending this. Deepika is the one who held onto the hate for so long as she still loves RK. No one can deny how much she waffles on about him. How sad. Good she found a good looking rebound.

Well done deepika for inviting Kat. Kat is the one who held onto the hate for so long and still loves RK. No one can deny how much she desperate for him. How sad. DP loves rs and happy . Wish u find someone who loves you.

For God sake can Kat and D fans stop fighting now. I can see it was a KAT fan who started fight.

Deepika is truly a gem of a person.

howcome, deepika is attending guests at the function and commenting on her posts simultaneously.... she indeed is a women of many talents..

Ha ha RK you need to get closure on DP, stop stalking her posts!

We couriered some burnol packets.. didnt it reach you yet?

ok!!! shakuntale aka shakuni go take your meds and sleep

How come Kat is attending the guests and posting comments on her posts. She is multi talented.
Post it plz pv don't ignore

How come Kat is attending the guests and posting comments on her posts? She is indeed multi talented.
Be fair to post pv please don't ignore n biased towards deepika plz

shakuntala go write your 1 liners in PEEC weeding!!!

The best thing to happen to both of them was being rid of Ranbir Kapoor. Would love to see them genuinely go forward with a friendship instead of still fighting over that loser

She was invited by Ranveer

Wow if its true that says a lot about deepika than. She truly is at a better place now, doesnt interfere and let ranveer do his own thing. I have started liking deepika.

She is secure in all aspects of her life be it her career or her personal life and a lot that is due to the stability RS has given her.

Obviously she was.. they had partied together as well when Ranveer had worn some weird white costume..

That means Deepi is a cool.partner and let her hubby do his own thing.

Ranveer says his happiness is in Deepika's happiness. No doubt deepi is all cool and wanted Kat to come. That guy wont do anything which will hurt or upset his wife.

OMG I'm soooo happy they forgot the past, honestly i didn't expect deepika to invite her but that was Soo cool of Katrina to attend. That a slap to ranbir 's face hahaha

Nooo it was coool of dp to invite considering it was Katrina who stabbed her in the back along with Ranbir

Dp is a nice and big hearted person she forgives katrina long ago. tried to be friends with her many times but it was katrina who was rude and cold towards her. But see how her fans are spreading hate as usual.

kat is really shameless t come after what she di to DP. #fake kat

You are still blaming Kat. Wow! It’s Ranbir who needs to be blamed all the way.

Nice one Kat

She looks lovely.

Looking good Katrina. I hope she is the next celeb to find her prince and be happily married.

Wow. Anushka also attended. And this is definitely big considering how bitter these ladies were about Deepika and Ranveer, it proves how much of a good person DP and RS are and so happy that everyone let bygones by bygones. Thank you for inviting her Deepika and Ranveer. Hope Kat also finds the man of her life and find utter happiness. At the end, everyone wins except a loser and we all know what that is.

katrina is looking really beautiful... ranbir you lost a gem person like katrina now go cry you asshole mama's boy

for heavens sake, what wrong has deepika done in life for being outdone by almost everyone in her own wedding functions.

Hahaha show us how sad are you. The wedding happened and anushka katrina attended. Enough to be mad.

Hater get ur eyes checked, Deppika looks as gorgeous as all natural anf with minimal makeup. But it is nice to see kat and Anu make extra effort to look nice at her reception. The power of DPS and her generous personality, its unfortunate that it the others took so long to understand her.

what ever makes you feel better katrina aunty. dp clearly outshine you. infact younger lot has outshine you. must be paying for your sins.
post please

kat PR start spreading hate and negativity.

for heavens sake what wrong has katrina done in her life for being outdone by almost everyone at DP veer wedding. botox rani katrina
post plz pv

Looking lovely. Where are K Jo, Ranbir and Alia. Now waiting for them.

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