EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone Ranveer Singh Wedding: Actors to share photos on social media on THIS condition

One of the most-awaited wedding of the year of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh is almost here and fans want to get a glimpse of the. Good news is that couple will share photos of their wedding with friends but certain conditions. Read to know more.
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With the most-talked about wedding of the year almost here, we can’t contain our excitement. Yes! Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are all set to walk down the aisle with one another tomorrow. Currently, they are in Italy where the wedding functions have kicked off with a Mehendi and Sangeet taking place today. There were reports that the couple have the resort on a complete lock down and that they wouldn’t allow any phones to the wedding. This left their fans disappointed as all they wanted was to get a glimpse of their favourite couple. 

However, we bring in the good news! The couple has only requested their friends not to click any pictures of them but will themselves share photos from the ceremony with them to share on social media! Yes! Deepika and Ranveer want to share the special moment of their lives with their fans but want their friends to share photos which are clicked by the professional photographers. They want to avoid getting caught in any photos off guard. Also, they want to decide themselves which photos will be going online on social media. 

Isn’t that awesome? So, finally we can all heave a sigh of relief as we will get to see glimpses of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh together from their wedding ceremonies. The two took social media by a storm when they announced their nuptials with a joint statement. The couple will be tying the knot on November 14-15 and will be back from Italy on November 18. They will be hosting two receptions. One will be in Bangalore on November 21 and one will be on November 28 in Mumbai. But, the best part is, we will get to see Mrs and Mr Singh now through social media updates by their friends post their approval.

Are you excited about the wedding? Tell us in the comments sections. 

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I really feel bad for the real genuine deepveer fans. If something is private, then might as well keep all updates or hide them somewhere. Now I'm questioning whats their motive

Trust me the genuine deepveer fans like my are totally cool with the pics coming today or a month later. They are not even on their second ceremony and we expect pics ? Let them live the moment

Like waiting for the shaadi video for weeks after the wedding is over. So boring :( weddings are never this private.

Sonam was very natural like any girl is probably in our own comfort zone around people .But the way Sonam's wedding was star studded with actors and performances every candid moment , I don't think even they will have so many actors happy to the glory for them . I am a deepika fan but keeping photos private to earn molars via vogue is not fair for fans.

The haters were saying their PR planting all the wedding stores since one year and all that were lies. Now we really have this wedding haters again are blaming the PR. So it’s not PR it’s just haters

Such pretentious world we live in..

Shape of those legs lol

Really nice right? Kudos to your "shapely" eyes for catching it.

People really need to stop complaining. It's their wedding, they'll choose what details or photos they want to share of the wedding and when. For fans, to see their fave couple get married after 6 years is a huge thing. I'm glad we're getting these updates.

Why does everything have to be compared to virushka? just enjoy the wedding coverage or don’t click on the posts

I would accept that Deepika-Ranveer wanted a private wedding if they were not releasing every single detail of the weddingthru their PR(starting from food, to clothes, and how much they are even paying for the venue!) They invited every single photographer at the airport before they left. Anushka and Virat's wedding rumors only started floating maybe like 2 weeks before the wedding and their friends/family members were allowed to post pictures from the event. Ranveer-Deepika are slowly becoming very unlikable to me!

If a small thing such as this makes you unlike them, then I guess you should do it asap. I thought "liking" someone would be for solid reasons - good actors, good people, doing good in society.., which they are and do. Have a great day!

Really ?? Since last three days we have seen Virushka at the airport Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai Birthday, Dehradun, karwa chauth and what not. Their PR is way ahead than ranveer deepika’s. Such a secret wedding as if FBI’s top man was getting married all that drama just to release exclusive professional photos to trend on Twitter and Instagram. And why all of a sudden all lovey dovey photos nonstop.

Virushka didn’t allow their friends and family to post pics that’s a lie.

Relax ...the articles (whether media-made-up or PR or leaks by guests) are keeping us fans happy ...just a few days more then back to normal ...

Not all dude! This is annoying af

Lovely comment !

they’re spending millions on their wedding, their rules. Also enough judgment on their destination wedding, did everyone forgot deepika was threatened with beheading for months this year? The government can’t protect her

In a way glad that they decided on a destination wedding.

Who wants to feel self conscious with camera phones everywhere on such an emotional day...it’s their day it makes sense to wait for the professional pics I would do the same (if I was a movie star!)

Virushka rules Social Media no one can compete such a fame hungry couple.

God bless them and as their (Virushka's) wedding day is over, lets focus on the ones getting married today shall we? PR or no PR looking forward to all their wedding deets.

There’s nothing more annoying than a bunch of camera phones in your face, good for then

They are hyping their wedding with their PRs and no one is giving a shit except their fans.

And you obviously. Since you are commenting. :)

Why no one ? We have people like you who stalk their posts and take the time to comment. You do give a load of shit.

They want to generate hype for grtting the maximum likes on social media(i guess for india the most liked pic is that of anushka and virat?? Iam not sure)

no i think its priyanka and nicks engagement photo

Rs and DPs khali bhali dance post on Ranveers insta generated most likes, more than 8 million

Virushka are way too ahead in generating hype didnt you see how ‘these indians’ controversy was made because captain saab had a footwear line launch.

Chill Anushka I understand the hate but they don’t anymore hype. Likes and retweets matter to secretive ppl

"The couple has only requested their friends not to click any pictures of them but will themselves share photos from the ceremony with them to share on social media"
This has to be the insecure couple.of the century...they wanna hype it...cant their fans see that.
The way anushka virat wedding got likes and retweets...they want the same...maximum likes and maximum exposure..

Don’t worry they won’t get likes as much as Virushka. There will be a huge difference virushka had to keep the wedding secret for more likes and retweets and these two have already announced the date.

Why do visrushka's fans want to gain mileaege here on DeepVeer's wedding post? Have you guys thought about that before commenting? It sure seems like that to a casual observer. Let the couple get married in peace. What you say or think does not matter to them. Really!

What hype ? Can’t you haters see they want it to do themselves and what’s wrong with that ?

I don't mind wedding not being private..because I was in awe of Sonams wedding and seeing her happy was fun.
Similarly if one chooses a route like Rani mukherji and keeps everything wrapped up, it also makes one feel good to respect their privacy.
But releasing every detail, every move and withholding pics is a great pr move to be honest and should not be seen as something private.
They intend to upload one picture just like Virat and Anushka to gain maximum attention for them.
Take my word for that...and probably they are also giving pics to a magazine...

Who told you there will be just one picture ??? You were sure about the wedding not happening.

Your word can’t be taken seriously

Have you ever seen Aditya Chopra’s pic ? You know right why they hid everything ?? Don’t even give their example.

Have you ever seen Aditya Chopra’s pic ? You know right why they hid everything ?? Don’t even give their example.

Sorry but we can’t take your word. You gave a word that deepika will never marry ranveer.

Too controlling

I feel bad for their fans. They clearly don’t think much of them to share the special occasion with them.

Clearly feeling bad for the trollers keeping track of minute by minute posts but no pictures to criticize everything. Fans waited for the official announcement and fans will Wait for the pics too

Boring wedding

Like your comment?

This wedding can’t be boring if it keeps the haters on their toes hehe

This is a wise thing to do. People who attended my wedding shared candid pics taken on their phone way before I could annouce on social media that I got married. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to annouce it myself.

I was exactly the same at my wedding. Fans should not complain. This is very natural. Can’t wait.

oh remember the drama at Universal studios? lol

oh remember the drama at Universal studios? lol

Would've been nice to see the unexpected off guard moments between them but it's their decision to make

We agree to the conditions. Even I will have such conditions at my wedding.

Can’t wait <3

I’m eagerly waiting for the photos of DeepVeer, too excited for my favorites wedding

Thats good ...even we common people get choices by our photographers which pics we want in our wedding album. Everyone wants to look the best on their special day.

I loved Sonam's wedding, it as relaxed and chilled we the fans have enjoyed for years, Anushka and Deepika, meeh boring...

Good for you. Stay relaxed and chilled and leave the excitement to the Deepika's and Anushka's of the world. You would not be able to handle it. :)

well to be fair it’s also because Anushka, Deepika and their husbads are individually more popular than Sonam and her husband combined. The urge to keep things private until everything is done, is sort of understandable. I’m sure DP and RS will share pictures with their huge fanclub, the best ones, they want the world to see

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