EXCLUSIVE: Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone Wedding: Katrina, Anushka, Priyanka invited for the Mumbai reception

The DeepVeer wedding reception which is taking place in Mumbai on December 1, 2018, will be a star-studded affair. Ranveer and Deepika have sent out invites to celebs like Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor, amongst others.
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Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone finally tied the knot in a private ceremony held at Lake Como, Italy on November 14 and 15. While on November 14, they got married as per a traditional Konkani Brahmin wedding, on November 15, it was a Sindhi wedding for the lovely couple. The duo shared the first glimpse from their two wedding ceremonies on social media, making the world go gaga over them.

Looking drop dead gorgeous in a red Sabyasachi lehenga on November 15 and a red and gold saree on November 14, Deepika was all smiles in these candid captures that made their way on the web. Ranveer Singh was a handsome groom dressed in white silk kurta-pyjama on day 1 of his wedding and a red and gold Sabyasachi sherwani on day 2 with a gold zhari border. Needless to say, everyone was left awe-struck by the photos.

Now that the much awaited wedding of DeepVeer is over, preparations for their three receptions in India have begun. They start off with hosting the first reception in Bengaluru, which is Deepika's hometown, followed by two receptions in Mumbai - one for their friends and media on November 28 and the other for the industry colleagues on December 1.





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A host of invitations have been sent out by the couple to all the celebs in Bollywood for the December 1st reception. A source in the know has informed us that both Deepika and Ranveer have sent out invites to most of the celebs including Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. For the uninitiated, the names which have been specifically written above are the ones with whom the actress and the actor had some sort of past with. But now the couple has decided to let bygones be bygones.

"Ranveer and Deepika do not believe in holding on to the past. They both together decided to send invites to all irrespective of the equation they shared with them back in the days. Much to the surprise of everyone, an invite has been sent to Katrina Kaif, with whom Deepika shared a cold shoulder, thanks to their common past with actor Ranbir Kapoor. Apart from Katrina, an invite has been extended to Anushka Sharma too, whom reportedly Ranveer Singh was once dating. But that is now history. While Anushka has moved on and is now married to Virat Kohli, Katrina Kaif is happily single. In fact, Katrina's confession of being excited to attend Deepika's wedding on Koffee with Karan too hasn't gone unnoticed," informs a source.




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Adds another source, "As far as Priyanka Chopra is concerned, while Ranveer Singh shares a very close bond with the actress, Deepika again shared a cold shoulder with the lady, post the success of Bajirao Mastani and their subsequent debuts in Hollywood. However, things now seem to be fine between the ladies and a reception invite has been sent to PeeCee. But, knowing that Priyanka herself is getting married on December 2 in Jodhpur, she would be missing out on DeepVeer's reception that is reportedly being held just a day before her own marriage."

Well, now this is indeed good news! We can't wait to see the pictures from the DeepVeer receptions. How about you?!

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Katrina won’t ever find a husband who loves her mark my words she’ll either end up alone or have an empty marriage with some old business tycoon type she caused harm and heartbreak to too many people. Now that her career is over she has decided to appear nice to everyone won’t work. We all know her real nature

Has mrs singh invited all her exes?

I can understand invitation for Katrina but why the hell she wants Ranbir there?. Are we going to to invite the ex wives and husbands on our wedding day?

When you are truly happy, you can forgive easily. Unhappy people, on the other hand, will hold onto bitterness always despite money, or fame, or power, or great looks.

Every friday everthing CHANGES.

This is called spirituality, living in the now, in the present, with NO ego, but just self awareness and consciousness. Love and you shall be loved. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. This is just GREAT news! It will bring a lot of positivity than negativity even though you cannot get rid of all the negative peeps and the energy they bring.

Wedding has to only take place at auspicious mahurat.Indian and western astrology combined.

Let the wedding drama get over.And the real game will start.

But Bw is weird place these actresses might attend this reception.

Few days back dp did not accepted anushka s sui dhaaga challenge.kat was not invited few days back.priyanka is more refined than dp and hence dp fans bashed pc all the time.rs positivity did not worked that time? Oh after putting sindoor she has changed and become nice person.ok

Anushka didn't challenge DP for sui dhagga . Dp has a right whom to invite . Kat is an evil person who cause a lot of pain to DP. PC fans always bash DP . They are doing it even on the wedding posts. DP is a nice person.
post this one plz be fair

We all know katrina is a better human being than deepika

We all know deepika is a better person than Katrina. She knows how to respect her mentor and not to break others relation ship unlike Katrina.
Truth should be posted plz pv don't ignore n biased

dp is such nice person that nobody invites her to their wedding.But people surely invites kat. Why nice person is not invited?

How are you sure no body invite Dp? Sonam invited her but dp was out of town. Only Anushka didn't still it doesn't make a DP a bad person. Why no body wants to marry a nice person like Kat? Don't spread hate .
PV be fair for both sides and post it

Challenging can you do anything without mentioning Anushka priyanka and Katrina?

Challenging if you can say anything else than Anu, Kat and RK on deepika’s posts

Challenge can kat do anything without mentioning Salman, DP, RK, Alia, PC or ANU?
post this time

Wow if they ignored these three they would still be hated

Celebs Don’t have a good life minus fame and money. Whatever they do they will be hated

Ranbir has never and will never be worth it. Glad and hope both women realize dumping that man-child was a best thing to happen to them. Now, have fun girls.

So much positivity the right man brings into your life...c Ranveer, c said n bebo...c Sonam and her husband:)
Ranveer is a great person, and it's all his good will

This is no do
This is all Ranveers positivity,God bless him

This is what a nature partner will do even. I guess Deepika isn’t interfering with whom ranveer invites or not

Promotion for simba started facts.

I am a super fan of Deepika and also I genuinely love Kat for her mature Nature.

Dp shouldn't acknowledge kat wish just like Kat did to deepika.

Ranveer looking like a bride in red dress

Would rather go to priyanka's wedding n reception

That's my Deepika. She onced wished kat Happy birthday yet kat was still cold thinking Ranbir is her man.

That's my Deepika. She onced wished kat Happy birthday yet kat was still cold thinking Ranbir is her man.

Nobody is cold towards anyone nor are they all best buddies. Each of them have their own path and I am proud of al these women who have done some good work and are on par with any of their male peers in their own way. It’s the media who hypes things up for their own agenda. And I wish nothing but the best for DP, PC, Anushka and Katrina too. Keep rocking your lives girls. Some good examples out there for little girls. Sky is not the limit.

This is one of the best comments I have read in recent weeks on DP post. Why can’t we love and celebrate the successes of all these women. A boy friend cheats and its woman’s fault. A husband has affair and it’s woman’s fault. A guy is heart broken and it’s woman’s fault. The movements like MeToo or not going to change much unless our attitude to make a woman responsible for every mistake or thinking the only way to go to top is bringing down other women. Love who you want but don’t need to hate everyone else.

Totally agree! Don’t define a woman based on her past relationships. Say what you want about every one of these leading ladies but they take gender out of it and they are phenomenally successful in their chosen field of work. That comes from working hard my friends

i’m surprised your mature comment was posted. spot on

Who needs their show offs.stay in Italy

Media needs it. media needs business.

I would love to see a selfie with Kat and deepika now THAT would break the internet unlike Kjo’s weird dinner get together

This is a very trying and sad times for the Deepveer loyal fans. After all the fan accounts, wishes she gave you guys just 2 pictures. Infact I respect loud mouthed Sonam, and Annoying Anushka for at least acknowledging their fans

We are very happy, thank you very much. Two photos were enough to break the internet. If and when they decide to share more pics, they'll be like a bonus

Why so much darkness in your heart and mind ? DarkDelight ? Pathetic user name

beacuse thats their fame to claim!!! you don't worry about DEEPVEER fans!!! show your frustration some where else!!!!! They don't need to leak 100 pics .2 pics are equals to 10000!!! go

Katrina should learn forgiveness from deepika.

Deepika is a big hearted girl. Love you.

Dp is an angel . She forgives Katrina and invited her. Let see if Katrina attend it or not.

They both have moved on long ago. It’s the fans and the media that keep pitting them against each other.

Jealous Kat won't attend. She even didnt show up when deepika invited her at piku and her success party.

Queen deepika is a sweetheart.

Deepika is a good soul. She forgives Katrina though she doesn't deserve this sweetness.

That’s why good things happen to good souls.

She makes me so proud as a fan today. You make me smile Deepika, I am so glad to see that you are confident enough to let it all go and extend an invite to Kat. I hope Kat goes and shuts everyone up. These ladies deserve much better than a man child. Deepika has her real man and I wish Kat will soon find hers too, someone who dates on her as she deserves nothing less. Love to all!

Wow Kat and Deepika have truly moved on.

That’s really cool.

I really have a hard time believing PC and DP are cold towards each other. That must not be true

Awesome! Mature women.

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