Desire to win and a whole lot of laughs: Here's how MONSTA X had a great time on Naver NOW's exclusive show

Read on to find out about the games MONSTA X played and the fun time they had here.
MONSTA X 'One Of A Kind' concept photo MONSTA X members all suited up for the concept poster of album 'One Of A Kind'.(Pic Credits: Starship Entertainment)
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MONSTA X's latest album release One Of A Kind has created quite a buzz because of its powerful tracks. On top of that buzz list is their title track GAMBLER, which is the first-ever title track member Joohoney composed! On June 10, 2021, the MONSTA X members appeared on Naver NOW's exclusive entertainment show 'Let's Go' (literal translation) and had a fun quiz match!


MONSTA X members all wore school uniform outfits and showed their unique passion while providing unlimited entertainment for their fans on the quiz. The show had various segments such as quizzes with 20 keywords that included categories such as K-Pop, four-character words, literature and more. Answering correctly would give the members a chance to choose any from the products that were made available for them. The one with the highest score would be given the opportunity to challenge the Golden Bell quiz. The show gets more heated when real-time viewers come into the picture! Real-time viewer voting was held to guess the final winner!


Variety shows are always fun with MONSTA X because of how much they make their viewers laugh! That characteristic of theirs made the broadcast more exciting. Members often gave wrong answers which caused others to roll on the floor laughing at them! In fact, not just while answering questions, they also made people laugh while picking a gift for the right answers! 



Meanwhile, the members showed their power of unity and gave up questions for Joohoney, as he had bad luck answering questions and ended up with wrong answers. Kihyun also went ahead and chose a set of noodles after getting an answer right and said that he will share it with the members! 


The last two people standing were Kihyun and I.M, both of whom showed wit and endurance throughout the quiz round. I.M took the Golden bell challenge. After great struggles, he responded with the correct answer! He said to his members, "You made the right choice. Thank you for your trust." MONSTA X celebrated this right answer by performing one of their songs and making everyone laugh again with a fun time! 



Currently, MONSTA X is busy with promotion of their powerful release GAMBLER.


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