‘The Devil’s Judge’ cast rules actor rankings as the latest episode sweeps the highest ratings yet

Published on Aug 03, 2021 05:11 PM IST  |  260.9K
Stills from The Devil Judge Trailer
Stills from The Devil Judge Trailer; Picture Courtesy: tvN Entertainment

The 10th episode of tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Devil Judge' (written by Moon Yoo-seok and directed by Choi Jeong-gyu), aired on the August 1st (Sunday), recorded an average of 5.7 percent and a maximum of 8.3 percent for households in the metropolitan area, and an average of 5.6 percent for households nationwide and with a high of 7.9 percent. The tvN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings recorded an average of 2.7 percent and a maximum of 4.1 percent in the metropolitan area, and an average of 2.7 percent and a maximum of 3.8 percent nationwide (based on a paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite/provided by Nielsen Korea).

The 10th episode consisted of Kang Joo-han (Ji Seong) and Kim Ga-on (Jinyoung) who used the Minister of Justice Cha Kyung-hee (Jang Young-nam), who was isolated in the foundation's personnel, to deliver a thrilling blow to Jeong Seon-ah (Kim Min-jeong), the president of the Social Responsibility Foundation, and Heo Jung-se (Baek Hyun-jin) court action unfolded. Meanwhile, Cha Kyung-hee, who learned of Jeong Seon-ah's past from Kang Joo-han, visited her and poured all kinds of contempt and ridicule. Jeong Seon-ah, whose composure was shattered, said, “I will forcefully tear it and kill it,” revealing a different level of anger than before, coloring the room with fear. 

Set in a dystopian version of present-day Korea where daily life is one of chaos and society has collapsed to the point people openly voice their distrust and hatred for their leaders. In this world bereft of law and order, Head Trial Judge Kang is signaling the need for change. His courtroom is the subject of a reality show where he mercilessly punishes the guilty, earning him the nickname of "Devil Judge". As a divisive figure with an aura of mystery that belies his true identity and ambitions, the public is unsure whether he is a true hero or someone, knowingly sowing the seeds of discontent in his courtroom. 

A bitter rivalry has taken shape between the "Devil Judge" and the highly ambitious Jeong Sun Ah, who has risen from poverty to become the director of a corporate social responsibility foundation.

Into this turbulent world enter two childhood friends on a quest for true justice: rookie Judge Kim Ga On and Police Officer Yoon Soo Hyun

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