Director of Netflix's Vincenzo unites with screenwriter of Mother for new drama

4 weeks ago  |  82.7K
The official logo of Studio Dragon, courtesy of Studio Dragon.

Director Kim Hee Won, who directed tvN dramas The Crowned Clown and Vincenzo, and writer Jeong Seo Kyeong, known for scripts of the movies Believer, The Handmaiden and tvN drama Mother, will be working together for the new drama Little Women (working title). Little Women tells the story of three sisters who are poor but friendly, and their fight against a powerful family in Korea. Based on a structured narrative, writer Jeong Seo Kyeong, who concentrates on character psychology, and director Kim Hee Won, who uses dramatic directing methods based on the completed script, meet for a project that is predicted to birth a new sensational genre.

The production company is Studio Dragon, and the planning work for production has already been completed. Casting will begin in the second half of the year and filming will start as soon as possible. The aim is for broadcast in the next year, but the specific production time and organization schedule have not been confirmed yet.

Little Women is expected to have a splendid casting after the reveal of the writer and director combination. It is already emerging as a highly anticipated work. Attention is drawn right from the pre-production process as to what kind of work Little Women would turn out to be.

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