12 Years of Chak De! India: 12 life lessons that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer taught us

Shah Rukh Khan's Chak De! India has always been one film that has had more than just one positive effect, and today, as the movie completes 12 years, here are 12 life lessons it has taught us.
12 Years of Chak De! India: 12 life lessons that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer taught us12 Years of Chak De! India: 12 life lessons that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer taught us
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Shah Rukh Khan's Chak De! India is one emotion that every India feels while watching the movie. Every time it plays, at least I'd stop back and watch the movie for what it's worth because why not? There are more than just one reason to watch out for the film, and while movies do affect the society and vice versa, this film of SRK can rightly be called great influence in every aspect because that's what it is. Today, as the movie completes 12 years, here are 12 life lessons that it has taught us!

1. To let go: Mr. Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) decided to go for the position of the coach for the Women's hockey team despite what happened in the past, and while he definitely wasn't a 'gaddar,' it was only when he let go that he could prove otherwise and he did so with utmost grace, without any mudslinging, or taking to not so nice ways. Letting go is important when it keeps you from moving on to the next big thing.

2. Strength in Unity: Their journey saw progress the moment they became one, and if you don't see the advantages of doing that, you did not see the movie right I'd say. A childhood story about how a bundle of sticks is stronger than just one stick holds every bit of truth in this movie here.

3. Women empowerment: As cliche as it might seem, the movie did uproar on the issues of women empowerment in its own way with its own subtle techniques. Right from the girls standing for each other to Kabir Khan fighting for the girls' place in World Cup hocket spoke ounces in itself.

4. Ego does no good: Two of the most prominent scenes that come into my mind when I talk about this lesson is how Bindya thought of so many things that weren't true and how Komal and Preeti were having their own game but eventually, all three of them saw the result of letting go of that ego - the good that came along with it.

5. A guide does more than just guide you: Kabir Khan was the guide that every person would be honoured to get, and with someone of his stature, it is surely going to make road full of thorns look like a bed of roses for you.

6. Be fierce: You cannot let the fear overpower you and when you feel you are in a soup, you've got to drink it up to make sure you make lemonade out of your lemons. Everything has a time and place, but it is your fierceness that makes that chase easier.

7. Defeat does not define you: That first loss against Australia seemed to have put the team in a spot, but who knew what was in store was a World Cup victory? The biggest of ideas first start with failure, and before victory comes defeat, so we know the value of both equally as much.

8. Stereotypes are history: Right from stereotyping people from a certain state to stereotyping women in general, or, even faith for that matter, none of it is cool and none of it must be practiced in any form because it does increase the output in any way.

9. Tough times call for tougher measures: Remember that match against Korea and the match against Argentina where the team rose like a phoenix from ash, teaching us how that is how it is done and well, you got to do what you got to do after all.

10. The right approach is the key: You know how it goes 'One idea can change your life?' Well, if things are dealt with in the right way, head-on, then there are results that you want and that is what makes the task easy as well as successful.

11. Respect your profession: You might not worship it, but whatever you do, have respect for it and you are likely to touch the sky. So many of us crib about so many things, but there isn't a lot that we all know about and maybe, we'd thank the God once we did.

12. You are your culture: Remember how the girls wore a saree while they headed for that party before the big match? Well, while most of us hoped they'd wear something else, they just represented Indian culture, and it is through a person that one does it, not through anything else.

Did you learn something as well? Tell us about it!

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