10 Disappointing Movies of 2015

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2015 was not just a year of great movies and great performances, it also unfortunately saw a number of disappointments and duds. Here we list out 10 movies in order of their release date which did not do so well on the box office and/or with the critics and did not meet the expectations tied up with them -
1. Tevar



This Arjun Kapoor-Sonakshi Sinha starrer failed to create any magic whatsoever on the box office or with the critics. The film was panned as a cinematic package, even though Arjun and Manoj Bajpayi were praised for their acting.
2. Alone 



This erotic thriller by Bhushan Patel starring Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover did not bode well with either the audiences or the critics who found the movie more funny than scary and more erotic than thrilling. Neither Bipasha’s double role nor her chemistry with Karan Singh Grover could save this movie from sinking at the box office.
3. Hawaizaada



Directed by Vibhu Puri, this film was not able to translate an interesting story line from paper to the screen. Uninspiring performances by actors Ayushmann Khurana and Pallavi Sharda and an underwhelming screenplay majorly let down this film.
4. Roy



This Vikramjit Singh directed venture had all the makings of a hit. An attractive star cast, good music, nice locales and a thriller genre - however none of this worked with the audiences or the critics. The film was panned for its storyline (or lack of one), cliched characters and underwhelming performances.
5. Dharam Sankat Mein



People had a lot of expectations from this movie which boasted of a satirical genre and an impressive star cast of well respected and extremely talented actors. However unlike the 2012 unexpected hit Oh My God, Fuwad Khan’s Dharam Sankat Mein delivered nothing of note. The film was a tiring experience for both the audience and the critics.
6. Bombay Velvet
Anurag Kashyap’s ambitious project led to a divided opinion among audiences and critics alike, however its performance at the box office led much to be desired. The film marked a full fledged acting debut of Karan Johar and was set in the Bombay (Mumbai) of 1960s and boasted of an impressive star cast, a great musical score and a storyline and treatment that some loved but many disliked.
7. Welcome 2 Karachi
What was expected to be a laugh riot, turned out to be a dud in most categories of filmmaking - story, screenplay and acting. Directed by Ashish R. Mohan, the film failed to connect with both the audiences and the critics inspite of having an interesting plot on paper and the very talented Arshad Warsi on screen.
8. Hamari Adhuri Kahani

This Mohit Suri direction was criticised for having a hackneyed plot and cliched scenes and was labelled as a film that could only by watched by the loyal fans of its star cast (Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajkummar Rao) and director. However the music of the film was a big hit with the audiences.

9. Katti Batti
Directed by Nikhil Advani, Katti Batti stars actress Kangana Ranaut who seemed to be on a spree of hits post Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns until this film put a screeching halt on it. The film failed to get the audiences trickling in no matter the star cast or the appeal of having Kangana in the frame. Confused and confusing, Katti Batti just did not make a mark on the box office.
10. Shaandaar
Vikas Bahl’s Shaandaar was one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2015 and not just because it bought to screen the cute pair of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt but also because Vikas’s earlier directorial venture had been the much appreciated Queen.However this film lacked a coherent story and memorable characters making it a dud at the box office.

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Hamari Adhuri Kahani and Dharam Sankat Mei Hai were not disappointing AT ALL. These films are for a certain type of audience - Not everyone is going to like such films. Each to their own I guess.

Shaandaar was the biggest disaster for me. Most of the other movies didn't disappoint because I didn't have too high of an expectation to begin with. Byomkesh Bakshi and Bombay Velvet weren't as bad as they were made out to be. Technically & performance wise they were very superior but plot and pacing were issues in both. Incidentally, I loved both their Music..very underrated.

So are we not even going to talk about Jazbaa, all these movies were crap, but Jazbaa was supposed to be this big comeback of Aishwarya Rai, I would consider that among the top of this list. Not sure why Hamari Adhuri Kahani is on this list, it was a different movie yes, but it wasn't disappointing.

To each their own, JAZBAA was not an original movie all people needed to do was watch the original first to see whether or not the Hindi version would be their cup of tea. Thankfully they didn't spend too much money on it and were able to recover their investment and even yield some profit which is more than what can be said for the likes of BOMBAY VELVET (which is my pick for most disappointing) and as I've heard SHAANDAR.

And bajirao mastani! So boring!

add finding fanny to list

it wasn't even released this year.

If it was so bad why can't this troll anon forget it since it released more than a year ago. LOL!!! People always find tired excuses to hate on Deepika, they can't even get their release years straight.

seriously. They go out of their way (sometimes a whole year back lol) to "try" and bring her down. Most of them end up just embarrassing themselves.

Dilwale should top the list.

Dilwale should top the list

roy was dissappointing

When it comes to dissapointing movies with flat stories and underwhelming performances why didn´t you name Dilwale here?

Roy is an excellent movie and get amazing reviews in Germany. Only because people expected a pinky winky love story on Valentine´s day not every movie must had such a flat story.

Humari adhuri kahani has changed me as a person n my attitude towards life. Vidya has given a remarkable performance as the 'banjaaran'. Pls take this one off the list

BOMBAY VELVET takes the cake. I am sorry, nothing could be worse than that and to prove it I will make sure I watch the remaining 9 movies.

BOMBAY VELVET takes the cake. I am sorry, nothing could be worse than that and to prove it I will make sure I watch the remaining 9 movies.

For me Humari Adhuri Kahani and Shandaar were the biggesr disappointments of the year. While I lost interest in Shandar after I saw the trailer I still had high hopes from HAK and was shoked first reading critics bad reviews and then watching the movie, music and performances were good but the plot is too outdated. Mohit Suri could do much better with the movie.

Brothers and Phantom should be on this list for sure!

Wow! I just queued up these two to watch this weekend, so shocking you should say this. LOL. =D

Shandaar was horrible, alongside tevar. Its a bad year for shahid and ranbir (except Tamasha), see where attitude takes you....eh? Dilwale and Jazbaa are missing from the list. I expected more from both the films.

Dilwale, Dolly ki doli

DOLLY would never make any list because people have already forgotten such a film was even released this year talk less of how horrible it was.

Exactly! JAZBAA & DKD fall into the same category.

JAZBAA is at least getting award nominations (even wins) and has you all remembering it long enough to hate on it, not so much can be said for DOLLY. Buh-bye now.

Just like Jazbaa. At least Dolly had some feminist undertones to it's story. :)

Just like Jazbaa. :)

Dharam Sankat Mein movie is really good movie. cp

I think your on crack. Hamari Ahduri Kahani was on of this years best. Shandaar was entertaining as a light comedy. PV never seems to post my comments. Not that I am surprised.

Someone wrote Phantom but it was good , problem is saif is not having fan following like salman or aamir else it would have earned 200. shocked to see hamari adhuri kahaani. my whole family loved this movie . The biggest flop of this year is Shaandaar accompanied by Dilwale which is similar to golmaal 3 story

Missing from this list : Brothers , Dilwale , Byomkesh Bakshi, Dolly ki doli , Phantom, Jazbaa

Byomkesh Bakshi was a huge disappointment. As a fan of the amazing TV show (available onYouTube!) I'd expected something at least on par.

Why would Byomkesh Bakshy be in this list? It received good reviews. I don't understand why people hate Sushant. Just because he is an outsider without a godfather or doesn't play up to the press? It flopped because it released with Fast and Furious otherwise it would have done better. And he featured on Raja Sen's best actor list for 2015.

Brothers is a gorgeous film, stunning, one of the best films about sports and a lot better than the original. My opinion. All the actors played brilliantly and the plot was great

Shaandaar horrible, disgusting movie with absolutely no logical scenario. compared with Shandaar Bombay velvet is a masterpiece of world art

WOW! Now I soooooo have to watch SHAANDAAR, thanks for putting it this way. LOL.

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