Top 12 flops of 2015

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The year 2015 hasn't been too good for Bollywood. Movies with very high expectations tanked at the Box Office.There were about  60 flops this year with many failing miserably like Bangistan, Hawaizaada, Calendar Girls...But we take a look at the year's biggest flops -- films that were made on huge budgets but could not meet expectations. Some of these may have got good reviews but the truth is that these were downright rejected by the audience.

Bombay Velvet

Box Office collection: 23 Crore; Budget: 110 Crore

Verdict: Disaster

Bombay Velvet is one of the biggest loss Bollywood has ever seen. Wonder why but the film was greeted with negativity right from the time of its making and it's heard that the film's hero was always apprehensive about it.  Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar went all over the town to promote their period drama but couldn’t salvage it.


Box Office collection: 22.4 Crore; Budget: 45 Crore

Verdict: Flop

With Amitabh Bachchan and R Balki coming together after Cheeni Kum and Paa, one had huge expectations from Shamitabh. Dhanush had also marked his arrival in Bollywood after Raanjhanaaand it seemed that Shamitabh, based on the film industry, would leave its mark. But the film did not take off, as it was marred by a confused narrative.

All Is Well

Box Office collection: 15 Crore; Budget: 36 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Delay of over a year was the biggest drawback for this film starring Abhishek Bachchan and Asin. Smriti Irani had to opt out of the film and by the time a replacement (Supriya Pathak) came in, the buzz about the film had declined. The makers tried to do their best by giving more attention to its music and also introduced a catchy item number featuring Sonakshi Sinha and Abhishek Bachchan obviously for mass appeal, but nothing worked in its favour. 

Katti Batti

Box Office collection: 23 Crore; Budget: 36 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Even a performer like Kangana Ranaut, who gave huge hits like Queen, Tanu Weds Manu and its sequel couldn’t attract the audiences or save this film. It could be that the film belonged to the hero, Imran Khan while people expected to see more of Kangana. Even the film’s music didn’t work and the response was absolutely thanda.


Box Office collection: 39 Crore; Budget: 60 Crore

Verdict: Flop

A remake of the 2003 Telugu film Okkadu, the movie was promoted well and even carried rumours of alleged affair between the lead pair – Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha but the South ‘masala’, which took an above average opening, finally fizzled away and ended up being 2015’s first big flop.


Box Office collection: 42 Crore; Budget: 68 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Starring Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt who are currently in the A league, and directed by Vikas Bahl who has given a hit like Queen, this movie was highly anticipated by everyone. However, on release, the movie couldn’t attract audience because of bad word of mouth, poor content and as a result, couldn’t even cover its budget.


Box Office collection: 39 Crore; Budget: 40 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Roy released on the Valentine's Day weekend grossed more than Rs 10 crore on the opening day. Featuring Arjun Rampal, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranbir Kapoor one expected the movie to do well but it never happened. It went downhill as the audience discovered its poor story, performances with just music being the saving grace. 


Box Office collection: 66 Crore; Budget: 75 crore

Verdict: Flop

Tamasha enjoyed a decent opening at the box office but collections started dropping drastically as the week began and fell short of target giving it the tag of flop The film had a huge potential with big names like Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika, A R Rahman associated with it and endless promotional activities as well, but the film failed to create the buzz. 

Dil Dhadakne Do

Box Office collection: 74 Crore; Budget: 86 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Dil Dhadakne Do failed to cash in on its multi-star cast as well as the huge hype created around it, as it opened to a weak response at the box office. The collections improved only marginally over the weekend.


Box Office collection: 80 Crore; Budget: 82 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra’s Brothers, which ‘s an official remake of the hit Hollywood flick, Warrior, enjoyed a decent run at the box office in the beginning but gradually saw a dip. Though the film had left Varun Dhawan’s ABCD 2 and Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns behind in its week-1 collections, it failed to match up with the 10-day collection of both the films.


Box Office collection: 50 Crore; Budget: 70 Crore

Having created quite a hype, the film starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif delivered a meek opening at the Box Office with critics bashing the movie. After delivering a blockbuster like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, everyone was left wondering -  ‘What was Kabir Khan thinking?’

Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani

Box Office collection: 34 Crore; Budget: 45 Crore

Verdict: Flop

Hamari Adhuri Kahani found little appreciation at the Box Office and it saw poor collections right from the film's opening. Even a powerhouse performer Vidya Balan couldn't save the film. Poor storyline, bad direction with equally bad performances and too much of melodrama went against this film which had Emraan in the male lead. 

(The figures pertaining to Box Office Collections and Budget are Approximate)

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DDD was not a flop! It was a successful movie! Get your facts right.

DDD was definetely not a flop it was below avarage or avarage

ranbir own this

Why didn't they include international earnings?

Humari Adhuri Kahani Was A Good Film With Nice Story And Acting...but just bcoz there was no steamy scenes like what dirty picture had it was not appriciated by the audience..dissapointing :/

Dil Dhadakne Do was a great film! I absolutly loved it and refuses to believe it was a flop.

TAMASHA AND DDD were not flops.

Had the movies been hits, they wouldn't have waited 2seconds before throwing a success party. Sadly DDD was narrowly missed recovering their budget. Tamas ha too, it's a well known fact. Therefore technically flops. Google it. I trust boxofficeindia.

They recovered their money and made earnings because the movies did very well abroad internationally. Pinkvilla is strictly speaking about domestic earnings. Dil Dhadakne Do was one of the best movies to open internationally. Tamasha had a massive start but went down hill as the week started. It still made some money, but now where near to a real big profit though.

DDD, Tevar, Brothers were great films!!!! BTW DDD and Brothers were not a flop!!!

I just watched Bombay velvet and I actually, surprising liked it. I have no idea why it was such a disaster in India. And everyone I talked to, here in America, loved it too. It was a good watch, and definitely much more sensible than something like shaandaar, so its fate at the box office really confused be :/

Where is Mary Kom ?

movies not on this list: Mr. X (Emraan Hashmi), Jazbaa (Aishwarya Rai, Irfaan Khan), Dolly ki Doli (Sonam Kapoor)

JAZBAA was not a flop. Budget was 30 Crores, box office was 33 Crores. Don't trust me, koimoi and rentrak are your besties.

Pinkvilla doesn't seem to know what flop means. Its a film that doesn't make back what was spent on it, there a plenty of films here that did, but weren't 100 cr hits.

Dil Dhadakne Do was a very good movie, esp by Bollywood standards and it is not a copy either. It also happens to be the only movie I've seen from the above list :).

If a movie do not recover its budget at the domestic BO it is labelled a flop. Overseas collection is not taken into consideration. Some movies like Jazbaa and Dolly should also have been on this list. I am surprised how well Piku and DDD did considering that they are family drama and such movie usually do not set cash registers on fire. Tamasha was a big disappointment since the "next SRK-Kajol" of Bollywood re-united after super hit YJHD but grossed less than family dramas.

Where is Jazbaa, Dolly ki dolly and drishyam?

Bwaha! JAZBAA was not a flop.

drishyam had good word of mouth and had all-india above average lifetime collections. It was appreciated by the critics and the audiences.

why not in the list, "Mr. X" Emraan Hashmi? It was a big flop

Tamasha and DDD was just hit .shamitabh was actually a better movie. I am not sure from where this list is taken from , looks wrong

Surprised to see Tamasha and DDD on this list!! Just saw twitter and Ranveer has some seriously pretty fans. Nice.

I´m not knowing which box office collection you took but other sites verdicted Roy as average with 44,50 cr. to a 39cr. budget.

I do not understand why they do not include international earnings of the movie, Obviously they play a crucial role to decide whether a movie is hit or flop.
I am surprised to see DDD & Tamasha in this list bcoz i thought they are average hit.
Btw DDD was the picture Ranveer said that "I don't know how anyone can reject a film like DDD" referring to Ranbir and Kareena who opted out of film. So i think now he got his answer.

It's not like Ranbir opted out of DDD and gave a hit movie, is it?

Yeah that's bad for him. The movies he did this years also faced failure. But i mean now at least Ranbir can't regret of not doing DDD bcoz its also not a hit.

That's the question I've been asking for weeks. Why don't the add the overseas-collections to determine whether a movie is a flop ? Money is money ! PV, please post !!

And the Indians who watch the movies overseas are Indians too!

How about Jazbaa?

Why are Tamasha and DDD on this list, but not Jazbaa??

DDD and Tamasha are not flops, and I think Bombay Velvet and Shamitabh should have done better.

LOL,tamasha totally is!!

Ddd is not a flop it did 80 Cr nett in india and did very well oversees all the actors took pay cuts to keep the budget in check

DDD is not a flop its below average acc to BOI (78 cr domestic 120 cr world wide )

Tamasha was not a flop. Some of your articles PV are just out of context. Don't do that pls!

DDD and Brothers were Below Average, not flops!

R.I.P Ranbir's career.

I actually like a few films from this list. Tamasha was quite good, the story was nice and Ranbir Deepika did a good job. Dil Dhadkan Do is also very good and I liked all the performances in this movie. Phantom is a very good movie but Katrina wasn't the best choice to do this role. Brothers too was nice even though it is too melodramatic. Akshay and Jacqueline did a good job in this movie. All Is Well isn't a well made movie but it had some very nice touching scenes and good songs and some scenes were funny. Abhishek is the worst choice, everyone else did a good job. Bombay Velvet, Roy, Katti Batti and Shandaar are the worst.

Tamasha's cost was 105 crores as reported by Komal Nahta on his youtube channel. Also Dolly ki Doli should be on this list. It made around 20 cr lifetime and cost around 26 crores to make.

I thought that was the money it actually made worldwide - 105 crores. Most sites said the budget was 70-80 crores.


Brothers is one good movies I watched in 2015.

Man man man why could anyone waste money and time on shandaar, seriously which kid written the Story ... such a shit movie, and why did shahid agreed to this movie? I know alia is immature but shahid bro what went wrong

As katrina came Into Salmans life he kept giving Flop or average movies as she left and grab ranbir ... salman luck in box office changed rapidly into mega blockbuster movies one after another .. before kat ranbir was doing pretty good now as she the jinx started her Flop magic on him.

Shandaar was one of the worst romcom I had seen. Surprising to see a boring family drama like DDD grossed more than Ranbir-Deepika romcom! Looks like the majority of audience has given their verdict that they no longer wish to see that pairing again.

Tamasha was not a flop! DDD was an awesome movie. Loved it.

DDD is below average acc to BOI ( 78 cr domestic 120 cr world wide )

Really dil dhadakne do? I didn't like the ending but I liked that movie?!

I get the point of this article is to outline films that did not recover their budget, and hence are called flops. But I doubt anyone would call Tamasha, Dil Dhadakne Do, or even Brothers real flops when it comes to being remembered for a long time.

LOL Tamasha and DDD maybe, but NO ONE's gonna remember Brothers even in the next 6 months.

Maybe that's just me then! I really liked it

LOL Peku was a flop too so why was it not added

shaandaar was decent , soo disappointed with alia to do a film like this, she is the real queen of bw and even though she was the limelight and only Saving grace of this movie, it couldnt work at the BO. first flop of queen alia and hopefully the last one.

dil dhadakne do is a hit movie..stupid pv

Wait... these didn't take in international collections right?

Why cant they just make movie the way they show in trailer? More of Kangna in katti batti and more DP in tamasha. But tamasha would flop anyway because of poor story. Havent seen katti batti though

I agree with having more Kangana in Katti Batti but the main issue wasn't even Imran (I know surprising), it was actually the director. IMO it is one of the worst directed films I've seen in a very long time


By these numbers looks like Roy, Tamasha, DDD and Brothers are not flops. They recovered their money almost. If you consider the satellite rights and music collections, there is significant profit. BV is scary, feel bad for everyone involved.

DDD -77 cr domestic + 43cr ( 6.8mln ) overseas = 120+ cr WW not bad at all ,,, p.s bollywood Hungama , koiMoi and BOI report : top 10 overseas of 2015 : 1. Bajirangi- 29 mln ,2. Dilwale-16.4 mln ( still going ) 3. PRDP-14.1 mln , 4.Bajirao mastani - 10.2 mln ( still going )5. TWMR- 7.2 mln , 6. Dil Dhadakne do -6.8 mln , 7. Tamasha 8. Piku 9. Welcome back 10. Brothers post Pinkvilla don't ignore ..

Where the hell is Dolly ki Doli?

LOOOOOLLL PHANTOM!! This time Katrina had no big name to save her. omg fittoor will also flop. where will this girl go? Please save a item song for her in Raees and Sultan.

DDD and Tamasha were both amazing films and they deserved to be a HIT. Loved both of them.

Brothers didn't was one of d best movies of this year....better than most of d rubbish movies here

To me brothers and Roy didn't actually flop......there is just a difference of 1 and 2 crore respectively with their budget unlike the rest with huge difference......if we consider their ww collection, then I'll say they made profit

Can someone explain to me why they only look at the domestic box office ?

Feel sorry for ranbir kapoor for giving 3 flop movies in a rows. And his career finished as ranveer and varun suddenly surprised his positions. So I wish he will leave this so called witch girlfriend who ruined by his career.

If Tamasha had more role for Deepika in second half it would have been a sure shot big hit. Looks like Imtiaz and Ranbir got too greedy to try to make Ranbir look the best and take all the credit. But Dippy has the last laugh, instead she got all the credit for what ever money it collected.

Brothers is my favorite film in 2015, even that weird flop, because it is much better than many greatest hits, like Dil Dhadakne Do Shamitabh and it just flops Shaandaar worst film of the year

I disagree. DDD was a great film to watch. The depth with which the director can portray complex relationships was amazing. I always thought it was a hit this entire time! Such a shame. Yes, Shaandaar was awful! Could only get through 30 mins of it.

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