11 Bollywood actresses for whom marriage isn’t the only thing in life

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Luck has been kind to these beautiful divas of Bollywood in many ways. It helped in finding them the career they love, good movie to add in their gamut of work, a captivating life and lifestyle and what not! But, a keen look at the interiors of their glossy life tells us a different story. Be it, love for singlehood or inabilities to get into a steady relationship, these silver-screen enchantresses haven’t found a place for themselves in the section of marital bliss.

Asha Parekh

The yesteryear’s queen of Bollywood couldn’t find the right guy for marriage. From Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Dev Anand to Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra, Asha worked with all major actors of her time. She once said in an interview that men loved her but found her unapproachable for marriage. It was speculated that the 73-year-old actress was romantically involved with her married director Nasir Hussain.


The graceful actress, known for her mature performance and selective roles, must have been too choosy or too demanding in her real life, as the news of her affairs or link-ups is a rare sight. The 44-year-old has also been linked with a few of her co-stars, but the damsel never cared much. And, we love that spirit!

Urmila Matondkar

The lovely Rangeela girl, who once ruled the box office, is now nowhere to be seen. The sex symbol of the 90s believes in living on her terms. A few years back, when she was questioned about her marital plans, the 42-year-old snapped and had said, “Forget marriage, I’ve never felt the need to be in a relationship just for the sake of having a man in my life.” Woohoo! That’s what we call the woman with substance.

Preity Zinta

The cute actress has seen the highs and lows of stardom. Though Preity hasn’t been seen on silver screen for a long time, she seems to have no plans to get into wedlock. Recently, there have been rumours of the 41-year-old dimpled beauty getting married to her American boyfriend Gene Goodenough. However, quashing the grapevine, the actress declared that she has no such plans and said, “Leave my marriage announcement to me.”

Sushmita Sen

Defining every bit of singlehood, former Miss Universe doesn’t see herself in any binding relationship. Living happily with her two adopted daughters, the 40-year-old beauty has never cared about what people thought about her life or numerous relationships. Stay single, stay awesome is her funda for life, it seems. We couldn’t agree more!

Ameesha Patel

Ameesha’s most controversial relationship had been with writer-director Vikram Bhatt. After that Ameesha was often linked with a few of her co-stars or businessmen, but the 39-year-old never came in cordial term with relationships per say. She is known for living her life the way she wants. Well, there’s no harm.

Mallika Sherawat

Bold and sensual Mallika has been the queen of hearts of many. But, as it looks like the sizzling siren’s daring onscreen attitude has come in the way of her relationships. The 39-year-old actress also tried her luck with a TV series The Bachelorette, but couldn’t find someone worthy, as it seems.

Bipasha Basu

The dusky Bengali babe is all over the news these days for her alleged relationship with Karan Singh Grover. The 37-year-old bold and bindaas actress had been in a short-term term relationships earlier with Harman Baweja and has also been handsome hunks John Abraham and Dino Morea’s girlfriend. Rumours have it that Bips can declare her wedding plans anytime now. However, with her silence on her current affair with KSG, she is one of the hot properties on the single block.

Nargis Fakhri

The Rockstar actress is also looking out for her Prince Charming. Nargis was rumoured to be dating Uday Chopra, but we couldn’t find much substance in the story, as the alleged couple always maintained a stoic silence on it. For now, the 36-year-old beauty is pretty much single.

Neha Dhupia

The former Miss India had been in an on and off relationship with squash player Ritwik Bhattacharya while she has also been spotted with many others. With her absence from the big screen for a long time, we just hope she finds her knight in shining armour soon, as time and again the 35-year-old has hinted that she would love to get into wedlock with the right man. In that case, we wish her all the best!

Amrita Rao

This Vivah girl, who was once considered as an ideal marriage material, is enjoying her single status even at the age of 34. Amrita neither has movies in her kitty nor could we find traces of existent love life. We sincerely hope someone sweeps her off feet and make her fall in love. Eligible bachelors, are you listening?

These actresses are living their life on their own terms and carving a path for single, independent women in the country. However, in the world of glamour, there are a few more names like Suraiyaa, Parveen Babi and Nanda, who had lived and died without tying a knot with anyone. It was unrequited love in Suraiya and Parveen’s life, while Nanda’s fiancé, unfortunately, died in an accident. The reasons are many and but none of them are among us to tell us their side of the story.

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whats common with most these women, they are all intelligent and independent. Most men don't like these attributes for long. They wouldn't stand for nonsense either. Madhuri was lucky. Lots of women these days have different priorities. Do you see how fast Adhuna and Farhan separated. Shes an intelligent woman didn't need to prolong for reasons that people think married couples should, like kids, etc. Good for these women, they are living on their terms and what is better is that they have friends.
Look at Shabana. She and Shekar Kapur should have gotten married.

It's sad how none of these actresses are doing the kind of movies the men are doing in their 50's. I hate how Indian society feels that women come with an expiry date. Note to producers: please bring Urmila, Sushmita, Preity, and Amrita back!

Liked seeing Sushmita and Tabu together in Filhaal, a movie by Meghna Gulzar. Like these ladies.

Seriously, why does society mandates women get married and have kids!!! It's should be a choice if you meet the right person and not mandatory requirement!! There is more to life than getting married and having kids!!! I am 35 but look in 20s and I haven't really met anyone who I would want to get married to!!! I used to think, love was like Bollywood movies, but love is very subjective and it's often can be temporary and true love is finding yourself and taking care of yourself first!!! I have noticed, people are a lot more around when things are good but most people usually leave when things get hard bf/gfs, friends, etc!!! It's about all about finding the right person than just getting married to anyone!! And, most Indian men are very narrow minded even the ones from West too!! So who cares then!!! Let it be!!!

Who will look after you when u spend another 25yrs n u r 60..if u have kids they can look after u

Seeing that most things have an expiry date, not really surprised with these ladies choices. More power to you! My personal rockstars in this list are Sushmita Sen and Tabu.

I get that this article is explicitly being feminist by using phrases such as "she's living life on her own terms", but i feel that it is a form of misogyny itself to call out an actress for being unmarried after a certain age, no matter how nicely you write about her. nobody's writing an article titled "11 bollywood actors for whom marriage isn't the only thing in life", people just leave the actors alone to their own decisions.

They all look STUNNING for their age. One of the reason why they remained or chose to remain single is because most of them were at the highest level in their career during their 30s. They did have many chances to "settle down". And some of them made the choice of hooking up with married men who wouldn't make any commitment. Most of the actresses who are settled down are the ones who decided to tie the knot when they were at the peak of their career (irrespective of whether it lasted or ended). Anyway, it doesn't make any difference as long as they're happy. Would LOVE to see Urmila back on the big screen again.

Someone who says "I’ve never felt the need to be in a relationship just for the sake of having a man in my life." is not a woman of substance. I am not saying anything about a woman who says that - not bad, not good. I think it is personal statement and it should be treated as one.

There are tons of women who married to have men in their life. Do they lack substance?

I seriously wish that we as a society can get to a point where decisions such as marriage, children, etc are looked at with equanimity - as we would look at a 'favourite colour' choice. Please don't try to make either way look cooler than the other.

Double standards much?! Why should marriage define any woman? Would you make a similar list for men? I highly doubt it.

Amrita Rao is married to a RJ

I bet if the list was about men it'd be like: "OMG look at these hot eligible young bachelors having the absolute time of their lives with all the young affairs, omg so desirable." even if they were like 50 year olds.

A lot of these actresses are reaching 40 but still look young. And they're still out of work??? HOW?

Marriage is not everything in life. I'm 28 and couldn't care less whether I'm married or not or if I have a man in my life. It's whether u meet the right person or not. Having said that, I do miss Urmila on the big screen.

tanisha mukherji and shamita shetty too

Mallika Sherawat has been married before..but i don't think the women in long term relationships should be on this list. Some of the long term relationships in bollywood are more committed than the marriages. now lets make a list for the men. im curious to see how different the descriptions will be.

The title for the actors can be " Who is the biggest married Don Juan of them all?"

Successful Marriage in BW is becoming myth with so many divoces happening every other day..these woman won't having men in their lives as they already had few of them but yes, they will miss being a mother..having kids!!

Well Seeing the break-ups rate in BW I think these actresses know it doesn't matter if you are married or not. After some point your actor/director/producer/businessman husband will find someone young & charming and will move out of the marriage and marrying off to a simple doctor engineer etc like middle class family does is not up to their standards so it's better they live all by themselves. Afterall what's the point of getting married when you have to divorce even after 15-20 yrs of marriage??

"..must have been too choosy or too demanding.."? First belittling them and then trying to make up for it with fake praise "Wohoo. That's what we call a woman of substance." Get rid of your mentality. PV do post this.

Can´t believe that Ameesha and Mallika are almost 40-they look so young!

I honestly doubt all these actresses planned/wanted to remain single and without kids? It just happens? Some of us don't have the luck to meet someone who wants to marry us. We all grow up with the idea to study, get a job, get married and have kids. If you meet that special person you will definitely get married. If you don't....you will just keep waiting and when that special person still hasn't arrived when you turn 40 you don't really care anymore I guess? I'm 27 and also have never met someone. 2 years ago I really wanted to date someone. Now I'm noticing I don't really care? It's great to be able to do whatever you like. If you're married you always have to consider what the other person wants.

I totally get what youre saying, but in their case I feel like it's a choice. These are hot, intelligent, and overall very desirable women. If they wanted to not remain single and have kids, they could have easily married some businessman that they had a connection with. Like there's lines of men waiting to just interact with these women, do you not think they could have married if they had the choice? When it comes to normal people, I think youre right. But these women could have a husband at a snap of a finger. But they chose not to.

Two thumbs up!

marriage isnt the be all and the end all of life there are more fulfilling things than marriage-kudos to these women for living life on their own terms

For your information Amrita Rao is married!

To whom? Nothing on the file yet.

Is it really necessary to list their ages? Also, at least they aren't sitting unhappy in a marriage they don't want to be in or going through the pain of divorce. Do you.

men they marry late even in their 40's n 50's have kids......for women they do have a biological clock to consider life is bout having a family which includes spouse and kids and have a career also everything in balance shud never be about choosing career or family......a women of substance is not without a man or vice versa.....a women of substance is who can balance everuthing well

Hi there - Can I borrow the time travel machine you used to come here from the 17th century ?
Changing times however mentality of some people remains the same.

If you are so worried about that, then get your eggs frozen in your late 20s-30s. You can either have kids yourself or by surrogacy in your 50s. Its not such a big deal anymore. By the way, $perm quality in men deteriorates rapidly after mid 40s, and DNA testing has established that men who have kids late in life have extremely high incidence of passing on congenital deformities etc.

Oh stop the biological clock thing. If they need to, there's enough technology nowadays to help them have a baby at 40's and 50's like the men. Otherwise, India is FILLED with children that need adoptive parents and it's overpopulated with people.. so I don't think it's necessary. Also, marriage isn't only about having kids. Sometimes you just want to marry the love of your life.

So would a marriage "complete" their lives? What an archaic concept! Many men never marry yet they are not questioned about it. It's time Bollywood came out of this old fashioned mentality and let actors be who they want to be without justifying their choices. I'm sure Sush, Tabu et al have very fulfilling lives they don't need a man to "complete". PV pls post.

Add PC also to the list. Soon to be 34 and note yet married!

Sadhana was married to RK nayyar till his death in the 90's and has a foster daughter.

I'm sure they're happier and considerably more content than the so called 'married' women in bollywood. They don't have to bother with philandering husbands and boring dependent lives. They live on their own terms.


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