Spider-Man’s Cameo in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Steals The Show!

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The new trailer of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is out and it will surely blow your mind away. Looks like 2016 is the year of major superhero clashes as in the video we see the serious rift between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). Another superhero flick that will portray the clash of the titans is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Moving back to the Captain America, the trailer is packed with interesting highs and promises jaw-dropping action sequences. It depicts a huge crevice among the superheroes and the cities can be seen burned to the ground in their epic battle with the villain. But towards the end of the trailer an interesting thing awaits to take you by surprise. Spiderman makes its entry into the Marvel club when during a fight scene with Captain America, Iron Man calls on his new friend — a guy who spins webs and crawls up walls. And then, there comes Spidey!

The new Spider-Man is being played by Tom Holland. Interestingly, the Ant-Man could also be seen in the trailer but for a very brief time.

Watch the trailer here:

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