After Watching Sultan’s Trailer, Do you Think it was a Wise Decision by SRK to postpone Raees?

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Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s friendship has gone through a lot of ups and downs. While they used to be best friends initially (SRK even dedicated his award to Salman on-stage), they had quite a fall out in the middle. Remember Katrina Kaif’s birthday party? However, all is well between the two now. Their patch up at Arpita Khan Sharma’s wedding was a bigger news than Arpita’s wedding itself.

When it comes to a professional face-off, SRK has had an upper hand. Whenever their movies have clashed at the box office, SRK’s movie has always done better. Whether it is Don vs Jaaneman or Om Shanti Om vs Saawariya.

This year, everyone was awaiting the biggest clash with Raees and Sultan. Talking about the clash, SRK had a quintessential reply. He told us, “There are 365 days in a year which amounts to 54 Fridays. And there are bound to be clashes. The business will get divided, but Salman and I are such good friends that we have decided on doing everything together including releasing the movies together.”

But, Salman had clearly said that only he needs to worry about the clash and not SRK. He added, “I have released two films with Shah Rukh – Jaaneman opposite Don and Saawariya against Om Shaanti Om and both didn’t do well. In fact, with both the films his track record is 100%. So he has got nothing to worry about. If there is anyone who needs to worry then it is me.”

However, SRK pushed the release date of Raees to next year. And, now Raees will clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. Wonder why that happened?

SRK’s last two films, Dilwale and FAN, didn’t do well at the box office despite everything working for them. Dilwale saw the return of SRK and Kajol 'sfamous jodi, SRK delivered a brilliant performance in FAN. While Salman’s last outing, Bajrangi Bhaijaan broke all records possible. Is that the reason that SRK decided to push the release date of the movie?

Interestingly, Sultan’s trailer released this week and it's shattering all records possible. The dhobi-pachad moves, the sportsperson’s body language, the dialect and the mass-appeal dialogue delivery, Salman is back with a bang. The film focusses on Sultan’s journey who is fighting for redemption, love and glory. And looking at the response the trailer has received, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Salman is all set to ring the cash registers ringing. The movie stars Anushka Sharma in the lead role opposite Salman, is directed by Ali Abbas Zaffar and produced by Yash Raj Films. Basically, Sultan has everything working in its favour.

While Salman fans are rejoicing after watching the trailer, SRK fans are disappointed and sulking after knowing that they would get to see Raees in 2017. Meanwhile, now that the Sultan trailer is out and we all have watched it, we wonder if it was wise of Shah Rukh to postpone the release of Raees? What do you guys think?

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Lol some people believe it postponed due to legal issues. Guys such small reasons are not the basis of such a big move. Raees makers have given clash as the reason in their statement.

I didn't really fancy Sultan's trailer. Anuskha's role seems short, and it looks very much like Mary Kom actually.

Yup. I'd rather wait a few months and watch Dangal in December. It's a similar film apparently, but going by Aamir Khan's track record, it should be a much better film in terms of quality (story, performances, direction, etc.). I'd rather have watched Raees during Eid.

Salman bullying srk, what a big bully salman is :(

Yes Nowadays he is bullying everyone. Kid go hide yourself he will bully you too.

Looks so much like.chakde to me

No they shouldn´t have postponed it. Or at least not to next year! I was really looking forward to Raees this year.

Raees ka 1 minut ka teaser dekh lo aur sultaan ka 3 minut ka trailer pata chal jayega ke raees sultaan par bhaari pad gaya

Raees was postponed because of the legal issues with relatives of Raees prototype hero in the movie. And Sultan trailer is raw. Looks like they made movie off hands just to be ready till EID. VFX looking not up to mark, story seems predictable and not exciting, no greating acting (and when it was?). But where is quality? Only relying on Salman's fans. One Raees teaser has more powerful dialouges, acting and directing. So i think Sultan will be like PRDP

Jan movies trend to do weak in box office. Start of new year, people trend pay more attention into other things at first month of the year, few people often drop by cinema for movies. Well srk could've move the to Sept eid, changing the dates to Jan is long. Audience may get bored from hearing about the movie

wise dicison srk sultan's trailer is imprssive

Why did they postpone it so far away and that too to clash with yet another film of an arguably popular star Hrithik. Clashing on 26th Jan which isn't a very big holiday also doesn't make any sense.

Sultan sounded awesome but meh after seeing the promo. . Ghisa pita masala movie. Raees had awesome dialogues even in that little teaser.

Guys who is the only actor in the Indian film industry who gave 10 blockbuster single handedly.....

Ans :- Salman Khan

Overacting hero Mr.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiirrrrrraaaannnn.....(srk)

I'm sure your hero can't even act with 2% of the intensity with which SRK can act, so you have to hide under the pretext of overacting.

don't think so as sultan has nothing unique to offer which chak de india, mary kom and azhar did'nt

No, not because of the trailer. (I preferred the teasers for Sultan) But actually due to the recent record of SRK films. If a film as big as Dilwale didn't do well with Bajirao Mastani AND Fan didn't make nearly as much money as it should have, it just seems like SRK has lost the box office. He did a masala and he did a serious film, both under performed.

To get SRK back on track it is a wise decision. Good luck to both.

Well the name itself does the trick.

Brand name Salman Khan is enough for SRK to postpone Raees. BTW loved Salman's Haryanvi accent in Sultan and he looks machooooooooooooooo

Of course for Sultan it's much better, I understand that SRK did this for YRF and respect it.

then why SRK not do it for SLB? because Ranveer - Deepika - Priyanka is not such a big star like Salman. SRK just scared Salman, but did not make it to for YRF . Where it comes to business, no place for friendship

It very easy, coz SRK just did with YRF his FAN and many impotent films in his career were with YRF and he always was close to Yash Chopra.

Baki sab to thik hai bhai but hw can a movie b impotent? Ye samajh nahi aaya

May be he/she meant 'important' lol. What else could you expect from sallu fans?

In this case, SRK did Devdas with SLB, in addition, SRK has always maintained that he and SLB share a special bond. Do you think if be in Sultan did act not Salman and Ajay for example, or Akshay, SRK would have moved the date of film? Do not be naive, this would never have happened.

SRK doesn't mind clashing even if it's with Sallu. By the way, who is Sallu? He who have lost every clash not only with SRK but also with newcomers like Ranbir, fardeen, akshay etc. He has never won a single clash. SRK shifted because to ensure Fan's screening YRF also sold Sultan for screens. If Raees released with sultan it wouldn't have gotten enough screens. It's just business.

I say again. If in Sultan did play not Salman , and any other actor, SRK would never changed date. Even for Yash Raj. SRK persuaded Bhansali changed date, despite his friendship with Deepika and "special relationship" with Priyanka. SRK is not the kind of person who prefers the friendship for the sake of their own interests. But SRK fans is a special case)

Quite the contrarily SRK was specifically interested in the clash because it had sallu in it. Sallu never wins clashes. If there were enough screens for Raees SRK surely would have released it in clash.

What nonsense? Sallu has not won a collision in 2000, when he was not so popular. But he recognized the King cashier. If you compare the fees of films Salman and SRK, then of course, will benefit Salman. SRK knows it. Even SLB appeared in the box office more successful, despite the cult pair of SRK = Kajol. I'm not even a fan of Salman and not SRK a hater, just know how to think logically + well know mathematics

I liked Raees teaser. ARK's voice is just magical in it. BB was not all that awesome but of course it will mint crores. Good decision by SRK.

yessssssssssssssssssssssss wise decision

I've no faith on sultans directer....gunday was a horrible movie but it did do well at the box office. i'm dying to watch raees....

Who cares about these both old man who only renewed their friendship to go against the youngsters. Salman can´t act and SRKs acting is absolutely overrated.


may be srk is the best actor but sallu is more popular now , and to do fight ith yashraj is risky . Anyway aditiya chopra gives him a film as a gift for postpond his movie and ritish want more money for his investement .

Here's my two cents: if they'd released together, Sultan would've done better in India but Raees would've made more money overseas. Raees seems to be the better movie to me from what I've seen but since SRK's last two movies have underperformed, I think Team Raees just wants the movie to do really well which would've been harder if the screens had to be shared with a Salman Khan film. Trailer doesn't really matter, the single-screen audience will watch Sultan regardless so it was a wise decision to move although I wish the release wasn't postponed to a date so far away.



Sultan's trailer is disappointing its NO Bhajrangi Bhaijaan for sure and Anu seems to be there just for the sake of forced romantic angle.

noooo... Personally didn't find sultan trailer appealing or interesting at all. Raees teaser was miles ahead.

I honestly didn't like Sultan trailer, but the movie will do very well on the name of Salman only.. Have high expectation from Raees though ..

srk srk srk srk all the way

I think raees has a better story line

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