World Emoji Day: 12 Actors Who Can Replace the Adorable Emojis!

Emojis today have become a part of our everyday life. No conversation is complete without the use of the emoticons. And hence today, on World Emoji Day, we decided to list down few actors, who are perfect replacements for the emojis that we love using!
Do not forget to tell us.. which one is your favourite!
1. Being Cool...
2. Geeky: How much we love chashmish Naina urf Deepika! 
3. Wink: Aishwarya shows us how it is done!
4. Lovestruck: Most of us, when we see Shah Rukh Khan!
5. Tears with Laughter: Very few times when we can see Salman Khan giving us this expression!
6. Tongue-Out: Who better than the naughty Ranveer Singh?!
Kiss: That's the way to do it! Parineeti Chopra rocking the style!
7. Sad with Tears: Aamir Khan often ends up crying!
8. Hands on Smiley Face: Priyanka Chopra looks ditto. Doesn't she?
Smiley! Katrina candidly captured as she flashes her lovely smile!
Oh my! Sonakshi's expressions are exact that of a surprised person!
And last but not the least..... Thalaiva Rajinikanth!

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Hahaha, this post totally made my day!! Thanks PV. My fav 3 of this list are Ranveer, Sonakshi and PC :DDD

Oh my depo and priyanca..! I just love you and their emoji is perfect

Asihwarya looks funny!

Priyanka looks so pretty here, gosh, what has she done. :( Still my fave, but she was too hot a year or two ago.

It looks like you have put Deepika and Shahid just to include them.
Every other emoji is spot on!

I don't agree with Aishwarya and deepika emojis

ASH, DP, SRK and SALMAN's are the Cutest !!!

Look at deepikaa

Salman, Pari, Sonakshi and Amir are spot on. Deepika is there just because she is wearing spectacles. Anyone else could have easily been there. She doesn't suit the emoji at all.

look how ugly kat looks in this pic even with makeup on. DP is meh only sallu is best.

Love every actor emoji except Shahid and Deepika's .
Aishwarya and Salman emojis are the best!

DP , Kat , PC and SRK's one are damn cute . In fact , all of them are really cute .

Pc I loved this

Ranveer's and Aamir's emojis are spot-on. others are just meh!!

Katrina is anything but LOVELY... Most ARROGANT EMOJI suits her the BEST... PV u are way tooo biased...

Kajol is the person with the most expressive face and eyes. Can't believe there is no emoji for her.

I think all emogies suit ranveer . Because he is the most expressive person his avtar of wink stylish love and happiness

Shahid is anything but being cool. He just tries too hard to be cool but fails lol.

Deepika is the cutest.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement