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16 Years of Mohabbatein! 5 scenes from the classic that will make you want to rewatch it

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Mohabbatein came out in 2000 and saw two Bollywood superstars grace the screen, whose characters were pitted against each other. One an angry, strict principal and the other a sweet hearted rebel - Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. The movie also had a guest appearance by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Mohabbatein also marked the debut of Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergill, Shamita Shetty, Kim Sharma and Preeti Jhangiani. Masoom actor Jugal Hansraj was a part of the movie too. 
It's a classic tale of love wins all!
Here are 5 scenes that managed to tug at our heartstrings and will surely make you want to rewatch the movie. *Spoilers ahead*
1. Rhythms of Mohabbatein
The dance sequence between the three 'will they-won't they' young couples is a treat to watch.
2. On Valentines Day, Aryan relives his love story with Megha in front of his students
To instill the power of love in his students, Aryan reencountered his and Megha's love story without revealing that it was his fairytale. He then showed them the leaf which he had given to Megha, much to the surprise of his students.
3. Zinda Rehti Hain Mohabbatein
After Narayan catches the students celebrating Diwali with the girls and in turn breaking the rules, he is all set to expel the trio before Aryan, the savior comes out with drums and belts out a song about how love trumps all. 
4. Aryan gives up on Narayan
When Narayan threatens to expel the three students, Aryan instead blames himself and apologizes to Narayan. But he also makes him realize that his daughter left him because of the way he was, which leads to Narayan's complete transformation. This scene between SRK and Amitabh won the Filmfare Award for Best Scene of The Year, and rightfully so. 
5. Narayan reunites with his daughter Megha
The strict principal Narayan gives in and embraces love. Now it's not just Aryan who can feel his Megha's presence. Even Narayan gets to reunite with his daughter once again. The scene is truly beautiful and will leave you teary-eyed.
So, will you be rewatching the movie again? Let us know in the comments below.

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It was a terrible watch the first time!

All I remember were those annoying maple leaves falling all over the place!!

Uday was so cheesy and gross but he's matured into a likable attractive guy. He aged well....must be a good person as they usually get better looking as they age.

This was a terrible movie.. only songs were nice.

Rani was the original choice for this film!!!

ok...she was the first choice for every movie in the last 20 years...happy? tired of this comment!

no dear..it was Kajol but she left this film as she was getting married though she had no problems doing a cameo for Adi Chopra & SRK!

Hahaha...is all I've got

For Uday Chopras role?

Where is the Humko Hamise Chura Lo song? Aishwarya was so Gorgeous in that

Aishwarya was sooo beautiful in this! even though I would love to see Aishwarya and Sharukh pair again as a fan I would like it if Aishwarya doesn't act wit someone who betrayed her

I wish SRK with Ash part was longer. The other three boys are ANNOYING.

I want a new proper movie with ASH and SRK

one of my fav movies all the time.. srk and ash in this movie were amazing.. hope to see them in a new movie soon

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