Dear Ranbir-Anushka, We Accept Your 'Bloody' Challenge!

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In an interview today, when our writer Urvi Parikh quoted your sister Kareena Kapoor Khan's remark - "Ranbir reads Pinkvilla five times a day", never in our wildest dreams were we expecting a response as bizarre as yours and Anushka's. You challenged us to post this video. Here we are - Challenge accepted.

You see, we love challenges, even the threatening ones. Just like we shook our legs to Kar Gayi Chull on Karan Johar's request, we are more than happy to oblige even this time.  

But not without having made our point and exposing how you two are absorbing all the vices of stardom unthinkingly. Guys, you asked us to rise above reporting 'shit', we ask you to rise above hypocrisy.

Let's go in flashback a few years. Ranbir, you had once famously said "80% rumours are true." Here's the video:

Yet, you are incorrigible enough to go back on your words. You told us, we carry 'shit' 95% of the times and then politely brought it down to a measly 80% (oh-so-gracious of you Dear Lord). We wish you had specified the 'shit' we carry. May be you are referring to your birthday article - 'From a towel dancing amateur to a rockstar expression King: Ranbir's acting evolution decoded' or Anushka's birthday article 'How Anushka Sharma Carved a Niche for herself in Bollywood or all the anniversaries of your film we promote!'

Oh No! Let me guess. Are you referring to a certain blind item we carried a couple of days ago that didn't even name you? Aww, are you confirming it was about you? (your publicist certainly thought so) Too bad, we already have the dirty details which we watered down enough for public consumption. 

Now let's reflect on the gyaan you gave about responsible journalism. As reporters, we do follow rules. Let me cite an instance to you. A source, very close to a top actress had told us and other industry insiders about her liaison with you. While others carried it without reaching out, we did drop a message. Ranbir, do you remember your reply? Let's refresh your rusted memory a bit - "Hey Urvi, so good to hear from you. GET A LIFE." Didn't it make our morning? Oh yeah, it definitely did. However, we refrained from carrying anything on that widely reported fling of yours. WE HAVE A LIFE. Conceit doesn't make you cool. 

And that brings us to a very vital aspect of your behaviour. As you advice us on learning responsible journalism because of our reach, we advice you to learn some manners, because you are a superstar. Cocking your middle finger at the paparazzi is not normal and how dare do you even have the audacity to confiscate cameras of videographers! Get a hold over your temper; you need to rise above your blue-blooded arrogance. 

We do know our jobs but probably you need to hear a bit about it too. As a policy, we as a publication, refuse to take down a single article from our site. You are, however, free to give us a counter quote which we have repeatedly conveyed to your PRs. One negative story, sometimes a blind item too, and your entire team comes at us with full force as if they need to win WORLD WAR 3. We don't remember getting a positive word on anything good we write. One negative line and thousand calls come at odd hours (You can't call anyone at 3 am to pull down an article. Get some dignity and stop begging). Like you appreciate space and want to do your job without any distractions, we would like the same freedom as well and not be treated as lesser mortals. Gone are the days when stars and superstars were put on pedestals, come down to Mother Earth brother.

You cancel interviews when you are tired but do you even spare a thought for journalists who wait for three 'bloody' hours to get ten minutes of you ranting about a film we haven't even watched, barely a day before your release. So our symbiotic exercise is mutually beneficial, admit it we both need it. If you decide to not give us interviews, we are more than happy to not carry it. 

Anushka, don't feel left out. We have enough coming on you too. You aren't exactly the most honest person on this planet and you've proved it. A media organization had written about you being a part of Sultan which you'd shamelessly denied on Twitter. A few weeks later, an official confirmation of the same came from you as well as the production house and you happily posted the first image of the film on Twitter. Where was your honesty then, darling? Stand tall lady. 

And finally, you were worried about how we could publish negative news on you. OMG we already do, you said! We tried our level best to find negative stories about you on our site Anushka, too bad we couldn't. May be we did not find you relevant enough to dig deep into your closets. 

As far as your film goes, we won't mix this up with what we think of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Contrary to what you said, we won't write 'shit' things about your film (hope you earn praises). We report, what to the best of our knowledge, is factually correct. Don't worry this article remains independent of your film's review now and in the future. Go do a fine job at the movies and let us do a good job as well. 


Writers of Pinkvilla

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She is truly hideous. That bit where she licked on her lips provocatively in ADHM...I was actually gagging. And she's very cocky for someone who only ever gets hits in big budget films with a high-profile director, Yash Raj or a Khan. Having her own company is no big deal, it just means she doesn't need to audition. What's her next role, anyway? Being the ugliest trophy wife? I question Virat's intelligence.

Why on earth is Anushka acting like a ditzy bimbo here? Giggling away to the high heavens like Ranbir's a huge wit or something. As for Ranbir,he is so full of it . At 33 years (or whatever it is) ,he continues to act like a petulant, spoilt child and nobody must say a word about it! Is he upset about what PV puts out about him ?Or the comments people write that PV publishes? Clearly he has been having an affair with Kangana (& God knows whom else) , trying to catch a woman on Tinder & is sulking bcos he's been caught out . He acts like he doesn't care about what's written about him, clearly that's not true .Why else would his team haunt PV over negative articles about him? And there's no excuse for being rude to poor Urvi who's only asked him for a feedback comment. His problem is he is obsessed by Pinkvilla & needs to check it out 5 times a day -Shitvilla or not ,the man is addicted to it. Katrina described him as a megalomaniac ,I think she's right here. If the truth has been put out there,don't moan about it. Nor is PV the only place for blind items though its the only place where a star actually gets feedback. Ranbir should realise we r in the 21th Century , stars are called to account by the public if they act like idiots , they do not get away with acting like a jerk. Nobody is spared ,not him or Daisy Duck next to him.

Lol this Anushka Sharma's career is going to hit the ground so soooooonnnnnnnn............just wait for a year only. Her career will be like either Amisha Patel or even worse. I've never prayed anything bad for anyone but this girl thinks she owns bollywood. Lol her duck face is not going to take far and about her acting's better not to be said

Boycott these two. ENOUGH.

Seriously, Kohli? You're willing to be with her even after how much she's been groping Ranbir? Man up, VK!

Yeah, he needs to be seen by a psychiatrist.

Well Ranbir....if you read Pinkvilla 5 times a day you will probably see this comment.
I'm a fan of both of you but I don't understand why you have to be so arrogant. Sorry not everyone has the famous family and good looks to be a movie star and others have real jobs to do, that doesn't mean you can disrespect them. You should be happy that you're life is so important that people have to take time out of their lives to write articles about you.
What's funny about this whole thing is you say you read Pinkvilla 5 times a day but it's "shit"....well then I guess you like to read shit. I bet no one enjoys gossip more than you and despite being off social media, I bet you're the biggest lurk there is.
C'mon guys understand this is show businesses, you have fame and fortune but in the end you have to take a little heat. If that means an article stating things they've heard so be it. If it bothers you so much don't read it, or respond to it respectfully. You are above this!

How cheap r these two
I was her fan since bbb
And ranbir i always loved him.
Today after watching this video i belev all the news ever come in media about his arrogance.
He is so cheap. He is proving here his 50% matric marks that he told in kapil show. His iq however i not even of 50% marks
And i am sure he didn't get any education after matric
And anushka what hapoen to u he is talking shit and u r laughing like shit
I am a big fan of pinkvilla and i hate whatever ranbir and anushka said here. Two arrogant people. Just in one scene at end of movie ranbir is looking like a monkey infront of fawad and what he thinks of himself. V poor taste v poor taste

Pv he is NOT a superstar...He will very soon become irrelevant...nobody will want to see him act but ppl will still wanna read chill guys..let them have their five second fame...

Why dont you guys make 'responsible' cinema first then talk about responsible journalism? Rise above the bad to mediocre films that you have been making and then people will say respectful things about you.

OMG I just watched this. Who is this guy to tell anybody how to do their job after five flops? And anushka sharma nobody even wants to write/read about. She is the least liked person on pinkvilla and she knows it. In one of her interviews she mentioned how she used to check pinkvilla and that there were a lot of 'trolls' anonymously saying negative things about her post her surgery. They cant stand pinkvilla coz their PR cant control this site as much as they do the other ones coz here we get to comment anonymously.

Ranbir and anushka shud actually be grateful that pinkvilla keeps ull in d news!!! Otherwise with his choice of bad films and her mediocre looks they wud have vanished totally by Nw...

Why is Kohli still with her? What the hell is wrong with him?

Today I learned that PV has a lot of power ;)

Both Ash and Ranbir's image precedes them. Both have had flying flings before .. wonder how bachchans are dealing with it .

Salman hates Ranbir and Anushka and that why I hate them.

Why the hell would Salman care. He is too busy to bother.

Anushka's behave like nonsense.why she was sooo excited?Disguisting.

"A source, very close to a top actress had told us and other industry insiders about her liaison with you" is tht about tht Ranbir-ash blind? Or someons else? ???? Who?


Does anyone find Anushka's giggling cringeworthy in this video?? Kind of lost a little respect for her. You can agree with something without embarrassing yourself.

Hey PV folks, I do hope you post this:

I dont think you all deserved this. And I'll tell you why. You ARE a celebrity gossip / fashion website and not a regular newspaper so you dont need to explain some of your gossip related items, blinds etc. Thats what you do and thats why people come here to read stuff. If they wanted to read about filmmaking or some other social/political issues, there are other places. And those places i.e. newspapers like TOI.. themselves survive on writing flimsy things- salman khan and sunny leone are headlines and breaking news in mainstream media, so why would anyone blame you for similar material that you are supposed to dish out!
And obviously since you are a celebrity papparazzi sort of website, you do have a give

Pretty sure TOI owns PV :)

Kudos to and it's writers. They beg when desperate and act cocky when they fly high. Hypocrites!!!! Hope they fail and fall and learn some himility

If Ranbir Kapoor is upset about the gossip item on PV linking him with Ash then the action and reaction of both the parties - Ranbir as well as PV is stupid. Ash comes across as the sanest person. Whether that piece of news is true or plain rumour, she seems to be more mature in handling it instead of wasting time in some "Bloody Challenge" that both the parties are harping about.

aha you two, no words words..... how ........sheshhhhhhhhhhh

PV is taking this too seriously. I thought it was going to be a humorous post. Anyway, Ranbir earned , like, 25 crores, for a flop film like Bombay Velvet, obviously he has to deal with some crap in return. These people chose this life , they can stop doing films whenever they want and people will forget to gossip about them .

He seems very proud of himself making that challenge. Thug life.

Ranbir looks at pinkvilla 5 times a day, GOSH, probably catching up on gossip on other bollywood stars. He has loads of free time looks like. He also stalks other stars and fan clubs on Twitter. He is sleazy too to make such degrading comment on Aishwarya and to dump his gfs after living in for such a long time. And sleeping around with every random girl in bollywood. Ranbir you may be a good actor, but that doesn't save you from the pathetic person that you are in real life. GET A LIFE, WILL YA.

Hilarious that Ranbir and Kareena read Pinkvilla 5 times a day. Who knows the really silly comments may be by them and we may have told them off many times without realizing . LOL . I think if Ranbir and his publicist are this upset, then that blind item about Ranbir and Aishwarya must be true . Interesting . PV , carry on the juicy work !

Pink villa keep it up by taking up d challenge. A celebrity can't dictate or rule a journalist. Did not expect this from Ranbir

Well Ranbir if you "had a life" maybe you would educate yourself, work on your manners and try to develop some etiquette. I've always thought that God keeps some ppl down for a reason - they don't appreciate the good things such as praise and become arrogant and cocky with even a small amount of success. Ranbir cocky Kapoor is a case in point. Look at the humility of actors like SRK, AMIR K, HR etc. when they've achieved so much more than him. There's a huge difference between confidence and arrogance and oh man, this guy really loves himself! I blame the crazy bollywood actresses who throw themselves at him which has clearly given a false sense of achievement and accomplishment.

This guy has no brain - imagine discussing world politics, books, philosophy or anything other than "bollywood" and "gossip" with him. In the "real" world an educated, smart and articulate woman would get miffed off with him v. quickly. Only bollywood chicks get amused and enthralled by his mindless banter. No way would a smart woman, such as 1 who portrays ASH's role in ADHM fall in love with him in "real" life. He's the asian Ken to the Bollywood Barbie (KK) - plastic, brainless bimbos or himbo in his case.

Also, c'mon guys he isn't even that cute. He is just fair coloured. Indian ppl are crazy over white colour. Just imagine if he was a dusky shade - seriously you wouldn't want look at him twice. Compare him to dusky "text-book" handsome guys like Akshay Kumar or Arjun Rampal. Or, charismatic dusky men like SRK. Now imagine Ranbir Kapoor being dusky. Would he appeal to you physically? No!!! So, all you are attracted to is his fair colour. Trust me, he hasn't got the defined features to look better as he ages either. All he had was "cute boy" charms and they are well on the way to fading too. So, basically NA shakal NA aqal.

He's just an Ok actor too! His fate at the Box Office says it all!

I'm a University student from the UK. Yeah, I read PinkVilla to kill time when I'm free. It's what I do in my breaks, it's not my "life". But I certainly don't check it 5 times a day unlike you Ranbir Kapoor. I was a huge fan of yours when you were with Deepika but since you started dating KK you've become increasingly bitter, rude and pathetic. I don't like you anymore and I point blank refuse to watch any of your movies. I have a life. How about you sort out yours - both professionally and personally. I CHALLENGE YOU HIMBO.

Agree until you threw KK under the bus. Please stop blaming women for this "himbo's"arrogance.

Especially this part "since you started dating KK you've become increasingly bitter, rude and pathetic."

Hmm. Women are each others' worst enemy. If he became bitter, rude, pathetic, it's ALL ON HIM. His responsibility. He's a grown adult, he should act like it. It's not anyone else's responsibility for what he was and what he became and what he is now. Just his. Let him own up to all of it instead of him giving him permission with your comment to cower behind women. It's why he's been allowed to get away with it for so long.

PV, please post this.

I agree with you Katrina Kaif. I can't even begin to imagine how he must have treated you.

I concur.

I agree with mostly everything except the acting part. He's an INCREDIBLE actor. And despite his recent spate of flops, he is still considered as a promising star, and is one of the most popular young actors of the country (alongside Ranveer and Varun, according to Box Office India, a site which is anything but PR run). Also, RK and Katrina broke up almost a year ago, lol.


May be we did not find you relevant enough to dig deep into your closets.

Suppppeerr..appropriate liner for Anushka..u guys nailed it..more luv to pinkvilla.

Both Anushka sharma and Ranbir are very arrogant..Guys u are not above everything..Hypocrites..

Who is this top actress that RK had a fling with mentioned in this article?

Kangana, and then the blind item they are referring to is about RK and Aishwarya.

Acdg to this article ash ranbir blind item is true. They had to water it down for public consumption. Wonder?!

Both RK and Anushka are so arrogant. Here's a good way to see just how 'real' they're being though, PV should boycott them for an entire year. Don't publish anything about either of them, don't write reviews on their films, NOTHING. Then let's see who really needs who in that situation.

So much arrogance after 4 flops. Wonder what he would have been if they were hits!!!!

Arey Rabir, tu padh raha hai na ye article? Aur ye sab comments bhi? Aur Anushka tu bhi padh rahi hai na? Aur whatsapp pe dono discuss kar rahe ho na?

Serves him right! With all those flops, what's the attitude for?

Ranveer is the bigger star with acting chops. You don't see blinds about his dalliances with half the women in the industry. So you if you don't want to be written about, turn nice. It will do wonders for you ranbir kapoor.

LOL, not a fan of either, but the irony in this comment! I suggest you go and have a look at the recent blind item posted about a young actor cheating on his actress girlfriend with a commoner, and staying at her house til the wee hours of the morning to avoid being clicked by the media. Or, you know, his own confessions as well.

Atleast Ranveer did not do this when the relationship was going on.. There is some trouble or may be breakup reported everywhere. But, cheating or dishonesty is never ok. Ranveer is better actor than ranbir.. Tired of his growing-up movies.

Both of them are a waste of space !

Rk did not expect this
Lol! Serves him right.

Ranbir telling people to get a life when he checks pv 5 times a day. Guess he is the onee that needs to get a life. And sleeping around is not called getting a

Ranbir is toxic and anushka is the next katrina.

now i have immense Respect for Pinkvilla!!!! best Post so far

i miss yrf-anishka instead of this dharma groupie anushka :(

I dare you to post guys...
You deserve this humiliation...
While India was bereaved of her 19 ssoldiers you were celebrating 5years of HHumsafar...
Now I dare you to post...;)

Good job PV! Aunty is with you. The stars need a reality check too. Media and Stars ka anokha rishta to hamesha rahega. One can't exist without the other.... Plus I love PV, where I get to interact with some amazing users and anons.

I dare you to post deserve this humiliation...
While India was bereaved of her 19 guys were celebrating 5years of Humsafar...and every day you promote those Pakistani actors...
Now post of you dare...;)

I agree Pinkvilla you definitely need to up your standard. Your team seems to be a bunch of nasty gossipmongers. Listen to Sadhguru to cleanse from time to time. :p :D :)

These 2 fools dont know that with all the fame comes negative stuff as well. Get a thick skin or get the f out of the business if you cant take it.

I never thought Pinkvilla were real journalists. :p

Love pinkvilla. M so sick of rk

Pinkvilla went too far publishing the blind on RK and aishwarya....that was simply not true..

I agree with you. If watch ADHM, I realize Aish did put some conditions in shooting those scene. No kiss and skin show. Even Ranbir kiss Anushka not Aish. And I think the part he touch Aish thigh was using doubles because they don't show their face. Pinkvilla really s**tvilla.

Pinkvilla went too far publishing the blind on RK and aishwarya....that was simply not true..

well done Ranbir

if anything this has only made RK hotter

katrina is saved.

Ranbir Kapoor is a PHENOMENAL ACTOR... whether you like him or not... NO ONE can take that away from him.... Journalists make personal attacks all the time... What Ranbir said wasn't even a personal attack but seems to have upset PV quite a bit... Celebs are at the receiving end of a lot of crap... True they signed up for it.... but that doesn't make it easy for them... All in all I don't think article was mean or anything but was not necessary!! End of the day PV is entertaining !!

Do you remember the time ranbir pushed an old man at iifa toronto, apparently he hooked up with anushka and when the news was planted on pinkvilla, he threatened them. The father was shocked and in front of his daughter too...Ranbir kapoor, karma hurts huh...

Dont make things up....nothing as such has happened

Anushka is looking quite silly and annoying in this video. She has just stopped being her original self now and is trying to project an image that doesn't come naturally to her.

this is why i don't like ranbir and anushka, so arrogant and deluded. They live in their own world!!! learn from SRK! humble polite and never crosses the line...

Yeah, SRK is smart and educated man

BURRRNNNNN!!! omg that was the biggest delight to read hahahaah...good on you pinkvilla, whoever wrote this article deserves a worldtrip holiday....haah made my night

lol..people fighting is a delight to read?!that's rude

ranbir kapoor thug life

Ranbir and Deepika are two of the most hated celebs here thanks to the numerous false rumours and blinds posted by pinkvilla

stop bringing deepika into this. And katrina is more hated

Haha ranbir is the best

Ranbir-Ranveer-Deepika-Katrina get too much publicity from Pinkvilla. There are articles about their love life, break-up, new love interest, blind item blah blah almost every day. If Ranbir ( or Ranveer, Kat, Deepika) would not like to be in the limelight all the time and be in news only because of his work he'd ask his PR to slow down or would not even have PR at all. I don't even know why Anushka is so unhappy? Pinkvilla is kind to her, I don't even remember any bad article about her here. She maybe upset because of the comments here but there are negative comments under any even the most positive article. They both are good actors but think too high of themselves. Ranbir you are a good actor but your offscreen persona ruins your image, fire your PR team and stop playing with girl you are not 16 years old but grown up man. Anushka stop being so arrogant. You are a good actress but not the best. There are far better looking and more talented girls than you, just they were not lucky enough to caught Aditya Chopra's attention

wow, i never was a fan.but this is just rebel ranbir..thats some real guts.

@pinkvilla they have done a negative baiting. They want you to go after them for free PR. Both of them have not gotten much eye balls compared to their peers and even the newcomers.Ranbir might have grudge against you for some of the news like the Kangana one. Anushka has not been in the News much. She just wants you to write articles about her. She sees that even younger heroines Alia, Shraddha get more articles and hence are in readers' minds more. Despite working with big directors and actors, she doesn't have one worthy film to her credit, unlike younger Alia or Shraddha or even Kirti. But this is a movie gossip site. People take news with a pinch of salt. For news I read Hindu, for movie gossip I certainly come here. Don't fall into their trap and give them more publicity. Use your journalism 101. Looking forward to your play on this! The best

loved the article! we tend to idolize these stars as if they are always correct.

PINKVILLA this was a very cheap and unclassy move!! Really?!! for being site based solely on Bollywood'll have a pretty thin skin!! Grow up!!
P.S. Ranbir and Anushka classy was never your name!!

well what about those fake posts of rk and dp meeting in his house,dp visiting rk on sets,shruthi-rk rumuors etc.He is right indeed

love shakuntala your fab

ur most of posts r about kjo camp it seems ur trying very hard to promote kjo camp of course kjo pay you alot

K Jo camp - Alia, Varun, Katrina, Sidharth, Kareena and Salman camp - Sonakshi, etc...

lol..i was searching ranbir anushka on google and this news came up and now i came to know there is a site like this..thankyou

haha..sarcasm at its level are genius

let see karan will pay you pinkvilla then you will stop writting this about his boyfriend
post this please

Thanks SRK and kjo for saving your career.

Awww! Anushka's PR on full swing trying to shift focus on only Ranbir!

This is not just for pinkvilla but for the journalists chasing these so called stars who think they are above all.. Please understand that its u guys who create them.. U guys write about them and this is how they treat u! What do these ppl have? Talent? No.. Looks? Hardly.. Just nepotistic and lusty bollywood uncles behind them.. I hate the indian film industry.. These stars have literally no class.. I wish u guys wud make ppl like naseer sir pankaj kapur stars! Not these shallow plastic looking men n women... Ranbir is sick! And anushka looks worse than an average girl u will see on indian roads.. Proud to be a pinkvilla supporter.. I love u guys.. I know the efforts u put in.. Pls boycott these so called stars

All this BIG PROVE THAT RANBIR HAS PR . Karma is bitch and will slap you sooner

I'm with PV on this one. RK's comment reeks arrogance.

Team pinkvilla! U could ve done better! With this one article u went down a few notches than them! I always thought Ranbir was arrogant. But lashing out at him Coz he insulted u dosent make u any better. #disappointed

Poor pinkvilla oh shitvila ha ha ha he is right

How quickly they took out Kangana name out lol, some of us have screenshots so it's too late to take it back

I'm on Team Pinkvilla ! I like Ranbir but not this kind of rude behaviour and arrogance !

So the blind is true. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks RK. Coz of you, I know. Btw, I never liked you. Some women are smart buddy! You can fool the fools.

Not a fan of kat for obvious reasons but apparently she was right about his cheating and the fling did happen. Feel sorry for the ' hottie ' in ADHM cause he has already moved on and she is left with all the baggage. Use to be a staunch defender of this guy but not even his acting can sway me now. He is a poor excuse for a man.

So Deepika too was right about his cheating ways but all blame her saying she ruined his image when she didnt

no we all like deepika for that, it was the 180 turn into being obsessed with him that we hated

Now you change the tunes wow. You did bashed dp for saying that. She is not obessed with rk . If you say so so kat is also obessed with salman and a user as well which we hate. Post my comment pv plz

Adhm is receiving positive response. So the dude is cocky again. True colours!

Gossip queen ranbir. Lol! Nothing attractive about that. It's just the kapoor tag which gets u women. You are nothing without it.

I dislike both of them.she looks pathetic

Cheers Ranbir !

I am sooo proud of Ranbir for calling these people out.. They literally need to GET A LIFE....

Irrespective of this whole episode...Ranbir and Anushka always behaved like they are way above others and they are doing a big favor to the world that they are acting in movies...mind you they are good actors...but I guess talent can't buy you class...

We are bored from ranbir news ,,,he has double standard infront media ...OK give us something new
This article to the point loooooolz

Good job girls. We'll written.

Good job girls. We'll written.

Rk without srk and Kara nothing..... rescue for his flop career in Adhm

0 chemistry with anu report of his films not good he is upset he acted like taboory not star with journalist

Wai respect Ranbir... finally someone came frwd and showed them the truth...


Someone challenges, you accept - why the rant?

Forget Shivaay and ADHM I am getting a giant bucket of popcorn for this saga!

Means his fling with Aishwarya was true????I mean a blind with top actress??

No with Kangana

How rude can they be ??? The girl who was interviewing them must've felt embarrassed. They can say whatever they want but not with this manner !!! Being rude just to sound funny isn't cool

i don't care. Ranbir is a frikking legend !!!

ADHM is going to be his 5 th flop. It's a snooze fest. Only Aishwarya's beauty and hype can't save this movie. Ranbir and Anushka should not work together again as a couple. They have 0 onscreen chemistry. Anushka had good onscreen. Chemistry even with Salman who is 25 years older than her. Surprisingly Ranbir has good onscreen chemistry with Aishwarya but she did not get enough screen time. Ranbir is getting another flop.

I don't get it if 95% of their news is BS then why does he check it 9 times a day and gets his info from here. But i have to agree with some of what he's saying. You along with all indians media need to improve your working

Lol! That blind really upset him. Seems like he and the bahu have something to hide.

Some news/gossip can be ignored but some gossip is such utter nonsense and painfull that you feel ashamed why somebody would say something about you like this. Afterall celebrities are human beings too. If PinkVilla team felt so bad about Ranbir's answer then it can also happen vice versa. Ranbir has been attached with numerous females before and he had numerous affairs but attaching him to a very well married lady just for sake of gossip is too much. PinkVilla, I am disappointed in you. Its up to you if you want to post my comment.

well said

And if its the truth ? Married women have been known to have affairs
you know. Especially under the guise of work .And this one smells to high heaven !!

You already said "if", you can not decide somebody's character based on an IF.

Ok bahu jaan ! We know that you have to clean up this mess. Too much money at stake cause pretty soon papa in law would be distributing his fortune eh ! Hope he gives his daughter everything !!

Okay Bhaijaan!

Now thats a burn! Good job PV expose these stars.

Rishi kapoor is famous for his anger and rudeness! Off course Ranbir is his son...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...!!

Ranbir is exposed he digged his grave by his hand

Kat couldn't tolerate him for reason

kat tolerated him and still is as there is no breakup at all. All she needs is the kapoor tag and fame attach to it. Btw isnt he the one who run away when she was out for work ? lol POST IT

Go Pink villa, expose these hypocrites.

For who is saying ranbir doesn't have PR because he is not in twitter read the article carefully he has

Ranbir deserves this dig before he is only flop actor thanks to pinkvilla he is in news now
Media should write the right things about stars without rumors to have validity and integrity
but ranbir shamelessly attacking his dedicated site is a shame
RK grow up

She's had a problem with PV for a while. IIRC she said that it's negative or words to that effect.

Pardon my ignorance, but can someone please explain what has happened?

Pinkvilla always writing shit about ranveer and deepika
While praising ranbir and his movies
The difference ranveer and DP has manner and dont reply while ranbir arrogant he should thank pinkvilla for the daily publicity

Also, the amount of PR stories Pinkvilla was asked to carry when he was with Katrina is ridiculous. I don't dislike his acting, but he is wrong here. I know how PR works. Just a handful of the articles that Pinkvilla was asked to write by him at that time.


I started to like Ranbir again and interacted with his lovely fans, but I need to give you all some background.


I started disliking Ranbir when he attacked a poor photographer who was doing his job and took his camera away. The poor guy was doing his job. It wasn't his fault that Ranbir was partying and sitting with a few girls in the car. As a celebrity one should be prepared to be clicked everywhere.


After his IBIZA pictures got leaked he got all over confident and arrogant saying Ibiza should pay him since he put the place on the map. I believe he is living under a rock since Ibiza is a popular holiday destination for young people for a very long time. After the incident he avoided the media like a plague. At the Filmfare awards he was so rude to the media that he took the back door to enter the function and didn't bother to go on the red carpet. Katrina did the same thing. I can understand though. I don't blame them.


Just before the Koffee With Karan episode with Ranbir and Kareena, the whole team --> Kareena, Karan, Katrina, Ranbir met up a day before shooting and discussed what they would say on that episode. Ranbir was to act as a sati savitri and Kareena was allowed to make some Katrina references to keep the rumours alive and make them look cute as a couple. That day they also decided that Katrina would not go on the show as that would result in too much negativity. I couldn't stand the planning and the fact they are truly thinking they can take us the audience for a ride. I love Kareena, don't get confused.


Ranbir and Katrina and their PR stories. These are just the titles of the many annoying PR articles release by Ranbir and Katrina. Pinkvilla received these stories as emails. Dont bite the hand that feeds you and makes publicity on your demand.


"I haven't decided when I'll get married" states Ranbir Kapoor’’

‘’I am not engaged - Ranbir Kapoor finally breaks his silence’’

‘’Katrina not engaged to Ranbir: Spokesperson’’

‘’I don’t think he is ready: Neetu on Ranbir’s marriage’’

‘’Storyline! Lovers Ranbir and Katrina to converse via songs in “Jagga Jasoos”

‘’The love you have for a special person can't be shared: Ranbir on love & monogamy’’

‘’When Ranbir Kapoor lost his cool at the paparazzi, yet again!’’ (One he wanted to be deleted)

‘’No plans of marriage right now: Ranbir Kapoor’’

‘’Ayan is the first guest at Ranbir Katrina's new plush pad’’

‘’Will it be a February wedding for Ranbir and Katrina?’’

‘’Diwali in Thailand for Ranbir and Katrina’’

‘’Katrina Kaif sticks by ailing Ranbir's bedside’’

‘’Katrina throws a surprise bash for beau Ranbir’’

‘’To connect with a person at such a deep level, our souls must be connected: Katrina talks about Ranbir’’

‘’Katrina Kaif accidently burns her thumb for beau Ranbir Kapoor’’

‘’Katrina learning kitchen tricks from Ranbir's cook’’

‘’Ranbir Kapoor clears the air about his relation with the media’’

‘’Ranbir Kapoor upset with Mumbai Photogs?’’

‘’When Katrina's car headed towards Ranbir's 'Krishnaraj'’’

‘’Ranbir Kapoor is married, but to films!’’

‘’Ranbir is all smiles while posing with Katrina's assistant, Ashok’’

‘’When Katrina and Deepika were lodged in adjacent rooms’’

‘’Ranbir gets miffed with a 'Katrina question', again!’’

‘’Unstoppable! Ranbir & Katrina's Valentine's Day rendezvous’’

‘’Did Katrina choose Ranbir over a three-film-deal with Disney?’’

‘’Katrina to meet Ranbir's sister when in Delhi, Ranbir expected to join them’’

‘’Katrina not engaged to Ranbir: Spokesperson’’

‘’Katrina will wear an engagement ring when she is ready, clarifies source’’

‘’Did Ranbir, Katrina get engaged in London?’’

‘’Ranbir, Katrina and Ayan let their hair down on New Year’s Eve in NYC!’’

‘’Ranbir, Katrina shop in NYC’’

‘’When Ranbir-Katrina gave Deepika-Ranveer the royal slip’’

‘’Ranbir Kapoor clicked in London enroute to NYC where he will join lady love Katrina’’

‘’Ranbir-Katrina's kisses galore at their pre-Christmas bash’’

‘’Ranbir-Katrina to be in London to celebrate New Year?’’

‘’Who is Katrina’s closest friend in the whole world? It's not Ranbir!’’

‘’Katrina cooks for beau, Ranbir to install CCTV in his love nest’’

‘’Not Katrina, but Ranbir's parents have given him a deadline for marriage!’’

‘’Ranbir-Katrina to pay Rs.15 lakh rent for their lovenest?’’

‘’Ranbir and Katrina all set to shift to their love nest’’

‘’Meet the In-laws: Is Ranbir ready to face Katrina's mom Suzanne?’’


They got so much publicity from Pinkvilla and were very happy with it. You can't come back now and act like this. No, and BTW these are real articles. They are all available here.

Wow. It's all such a farce.

all these news are the prove that its Kat PR who leaked all. such private infos and pics are not accessible to media unless its provided to them by insiders that too after stars approval.

is it hatred or having too much time?!

It's love

love u love u alot for wat u have wrote ur rocking

This is not journalism PV! This is cheap of your Team to drag them like that.. anyway from now on I won't read ur website!BYE!

Sure Ranbir!

PV ne dil pe le li baat ;) but Ranbir is right.

Ranbir vs Pinkvilla Fans.Hahaha

He's so arrogant and unlikeable.. Almost makes you forgive DP's fakeness

why are actresses so crazy about RK? anushka can't keep her hands of

PV must be busy deleting so many comments for this post haha

Insecure fans of other stars suddenly are all supporting PV today.

As if Ranbir and Anushka Ranbir doesn't have a PR and is not on any social media so you did take advantage on that over and over again, as a result he spoke up for he has every right to. Grow up PV and next time think twice before you post silly articles just to spread negativity and create fan wars. (i knw that u won't post this one)

BURN,ranbir slayed you guys

Pinkvilla you are wrong!

WELL DONE PINKVILLA!! More power to you. It's time they treat journalists with respect coz they need *you* just like you need them. Symbiosis, heard that?

PV all you do is create fan wars. You need to do better thn that

Awww ranbir I think you hurt pinkvilla feelings.lmao

I became a fan of RANBIR after this. At least someone had the guts to speak ou and don't be a cry baby PV

Love you RK n nushki good for calling them out.

Although Im not a Ranbir fan but I agree what he said. You do post nonsense these days....u are better than that PV

Lol.I love ranbir so much

He visited the site 5 times a day!!! More than me!! hahaha. This Ranbir guy is stupid and jobless I guess. If you think it is shit then don't read the site or do an interview for it. DESPERATE.

Its also an indication that some of these stars comment on pv ! Readers beware when next you are reading pv. It could just be a comment by an actor furthering his/ her own interests or trying to pull a rival down or maybe taking revenge !!


P.S Post this PV I challenge u

Well it's good that you have replied....but please don't take things personally and bash them and plant negative articles on them in the future coz of this.

He is arrogant and anushka acting crazy

This is ranbir you always praise him he deserves a dig w

So the blind about Aish and you hooking up is true? Cheap guys! What all you do for money. Good job team Pinkvilla for giving it back! #boycottADHM

Its Kangana I guess not Rai.

The Blind about Mrs. Rai-Bachchan can't be true because SHE would have kept her mouth shut! You think she'd tell a gossip site and Bollywood insiders that she cheated on her husband with HIM! lol. I think it was the one with either Ms. Sharma herself, or Ms. Ranut.

PINKVILLA REAAAAD THEM! Pahahahahahahahaha RK is a lame and they put his ish out on the streets because he's a douche.

Your unprofessional response to what he said only proves him right !!

So, Ranbir is burning that kareena revealed he reads Pinkvilla? You guys realize that you are popular because of what media publishes about you guys? I had thought of watching ADHM but now for sure I will not be watching it. Shivaay gets my biz instead. Good job Pinkvilla writers for not tolerating such a foul language and standing up to the challenge.

All you've done is ranted and said he did this to you and that blah blah... Where are the receipts except for these bunch of exchanges? Go ahead, go the mile and expose them if you got the texts. I know RKFs have more than enough "receipts" of all the posts you make after stalking us on twitter. How about all the utter nonsense on Jagga Jasoos? An RKF account posted pics from the set that they found. And cooked up something about Tintin being similar to Jagga Jasoos. (if you've read the comics you'll know none of that made up Tintin characteristics was true :D) And What did you do? Made an article word-for-word with the source being "Pinkvilla". Since there was such negativity regarding the movie during that time, RKFs submitted many positive articles to your site and 1 negative article . No points for guessing which one was at the top row of your site :)
Oh, thanks a lot for writing a lousy Birthday post on him. It makes up for the tens of negative articles that you all make on him. Go ahead, trash the movie and their acting if you want. I'm sure their earnest performances will be reciprocated by the audiences' love. Now that he's called you out, let the negative articles count increase ten-fold. You'll get your site hits and revenue at-least. Proud of Ranbir and Anushka! Take it to these low-life journalists!

Ranbir is soooooo right about what he says . You deserve it . Pinkvilla is a place for trolls and that's why you love posting there comments!

They are being honest. PV picks up most of their so called news from tweets from unknowing fans and stuff and they never verify sources. Also the articles are very biased at times and very hypocrital. Good on celebrities like Ranbir and Anushka for standing up to them because whilst those so called journalists try to make a buck or two by spreading false news and clibait articles, these celebrities are earning millions and are talented, regardless of what u think of them

Well done TEAM PINKVILLA. Pinkvilla and the comments here are the harsh reality. We say what they don't tell you guys in the industry because everyone claims they love you and are too scared to say anything bad. Just like the tweets stars make about loving shit movies. I have abused and bashed Ranbir the most here on Pinkvilla. I know they are referring to the time Bombay Velvet was happening. Too bad it was a snoozefest and many of predicted a flop from the get go. That doesn't mean I dislike Ranbir and Anushka. I in fact like them. I wonder why Anushka is laughing like that, very crass and Rakhi Sawant like


Oh dear Pinkvilla, you really don't have any substance to prove your points. goes to show that Ranbir is right

I am going to keep writing till you post my comments . Those so called close sources and industry people are nothing but others pr who use you to put other people down or spread rumors about others and he knows that ! I wish he has PRS as you suggested ! If he had one you wud never have been this angry and you wud write positive things about him! He has every right to call you or ask you to pull down an article against him ! He has every right to defend himself . you expect to write shit about him and not get angry! I myself a fan and sometimes feel like giving reporters the finger cause of all the nonsense that I see . Yes superstars need journalism but honest and clean one not yellow ones!

I support you Ranbir, just because your a journalist does not give you right to talk about people's personal life or shat shit about them or shove your camera in people's face. End of!

Looool pinkvilla tearing apart RK's hypocrisy. Good job

GOOD JOB PV! My heart goes out to the journalists who stand 3+ hours in rain or shine to get a small ten min interview from celebrities (with bloated up ego issues!) Well done PV.

LMAO! On a side note, which blind item is the article referring to that was watered down? If it the one about him and Aishwarya?! OMG! It can't be the one about him and Katrina, flicking a curl of hair isn't exactly 'scandalous' lol, unless it was a code word and was implying something else. And so him and Kangana did have a fling?

The truth is both actors and film journalists need each other; actors want to be in news but for right reasons and journalists need news items! but like everything else in the world, with the good comes the bad!

Ranbir is Right! And so he said in a different interview that 80% of rumours are true but Ranbir is saying 80% of rumours written by article are a load of shit! You suck pinkvilla

Agree with RK. half the time everything that comes on here is biased and so are the comments that get posted.

He is right ! you guys post a lot of shit specially towards him and are also biased! This rajeev interview was years ago . Things weren't as negative as they are right now! You are a troll site . You mostly post negative comments of him and ignore the positive ones ! I know cause am his fan and try a lot to write good things about him but the majority of my comments get ignored and you call him hypocrite ! Ignore my comment as usual !!

So, Ranbir has an over enthusiastic PR!

Wow! Killed it Pinkvilla! Drag them.

Pinkvilla you write so much crap so full of shit!

during tamasha it was deepika and during adhm it is anushka.....girls just can't keep their hands to themselves around RK! lol....this looks so weird when anushka is falling all over RK...rofl....cant wait for JJ promos!! lol....wonder if katrina would do the pv pl post...


She is end to end un-likeable. Contrived, hostile to criticism, all there out in the open. She makes me cringe. I can't watch her. Blech.

hahahah look at pinkvilla trying to justify and defend themselves to ranbir n anushka

seems like ranveer hit a nerve...pinkvilla sounds butt hurt..hahahahahha

lol dont act so innocent. we all know pinkvilla always full of hate and im so with Ranbir and i know you won't post it lol you just want rumors and hatred .
and people who said Ranbir is selfish, lol what a joke . he is must humble guy i ever seen .
and anudhka haters, you all look so pitiful

Wow.....this kind of character is always expected from anushka but not from ranbir.....maybe she is getting into his head...and as far as stardom goes...these guys are still not superstars.....but i am shocked to see ranbir behave this way...yes being a star you sometimes get fed up and eventually burst out on someone...but there have been many celebrities who have always had a good rappot with the media....and since ranbir might not think of any i can easily say her sister kareena is always smiles and good with the media......or maybe this is just another oublicity stunt...who knows what happens in this industry !!


Rk is right. Thank you. Respect for such immature journalism

ranbir kuch bhi bolte ho?

why is anushka overacting so much these days? kapil sharma show, instagram videos and now here. she's just laughing and laughing and laughing... do u want to be next sidhu?

I'm sure he is forgetting all those publicity stunts he and his girlfriends forgot about when they were coming public about their relationship! why didn't he come out then and speak up? why now? about everytime rankat used pink villa to publish pictures of themselves in spain and maldives and even going shopping in SA?? why did he not say this then? such a hypocrite....RK always uses the media when he needs publicity and then blames the media saying they type all rubbish...he is as cold as his ex.....pv plz post

Why did Ranbir have to talk shit for a simple question.. i don't get it

Ranbir overreacted because PV publishes those crappy blind items...they were BS

These actors think they are GOD and fool people whenever they want to. They specially rk and kat think they are the most clever people and world are dumb and fools to trust them and their PR games. Their team always feed media with rumours to make them relevant in news then they shamelessly deny it and blame media. Now RK is doing all breakup drama and later again will blame on media. He is a kapoor boy full of arrogance, pride and lies. Lost respect

Ranbir, Anushka this is not done. We are with Team Pinkvilla

why is anushka doing a deepika? there was no need to constantly get hold of RK and feel him up while lose themselves around RK...cant blame them :P.....feel bad for virat....must being going through hell ever since adhm promos started! lol pv plz post

hahahaha Anushka is so funny in this. Get over it pinkvilla writers, they're correct

Hi Anushka

Rk is full of himself but act humble and sweet. He is a liar, cheater and manipulator. He thinks he is above all like his cold and arrogant GF kat.

GF in capital letters,whatever makes you feel better kat,lol

What a superb article. I applaud you PV for taking such an amazing stand. This man who is preaching about 'ethics' should know that showing mid