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Kareena to Hrithik, the 2000s' star kids who were at disadvantage due to no presence of social media!

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The year 2000 saw many star kids make their debut in Bollywood. However, contrary to today's time, due to no presence of social media, many of these budding actors took way longer to take off and mark their presence in the industry.

Unlike a Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt or Varun Dhawan - these star kids didn't have the platform like Instagram and Twitter to release their film's posters or post candid selfies. Oh, not-to-miss, the Snapchat stories, giving fans a sneak-peek of their whereabouts!

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan marked is debut in 2000 with a super hit film, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. However, he gave strings of flops before he got back his A game back with 2003's Koi...Mil Gaya! 

Had Hrithik been having access to the social media then, we might have done a Facebook Live with Jaaadu!!!

Shahid Kapoor

Next up was Pankaj Kapoor's son Shahid who forayed into films with a college romance, Ishq-Vishq in 2003. Though in 2006's Vivaah, Shahid's act as Prem was appreciated, it was Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey in 2009 which took off his career and since there has been no looking back!

While Sasha is now ruling Instagram like a boss posting pics with his wife and gym selfies, back then, maybe a peek-a-boo into his love life would have done some good to his topsy-turvy career. 

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi made a killer debut in 2003 as a gangster in Company. Followed by Saathiya and Masti, the actor was doing all things right before he rocked his own boat by picking below average films and his infamous brawl with Salman Khan.

Maybe Twitter or Facebook updates about his lesser-known films would have got him some love and more fan-following ... 

Kareena Kapoor & Abhishek Bachchan

The industry witnessed the arrival of two iconic families' kids - the Bachchan boy Abhishek and from Kapoor khandaan girl, Kareena! Both starred in JP Duta's Refugee, which tanked at the box-office. While Bebo created an uproar with her Poo character in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in 2001, Abhishek took 4 years to give his first superhit as Yuva in 2004!


Though Junior B is a regular on social media these days, how we wish Abhishek would have given us a glimpse of his Bachchan family jazz and his glimpses of his budding love story with Aishwarya....

But we have to give it to Kareena, who is still miles away from the virtual app world, but is literally everywhere! Let's admit, if she any days makes an Instagram or Facebook debut, the social media might just go crazy....

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Poor little disadvantaged Star Kids.

But social media can be so bad too...
Hrithik seems not connected with real world when he keep on post old news...and his replay about having affair with the pope was so offensive...only his pics with his kids is adorable...
Shahid seems so vain...and boring...
Abhishake is nice and interesting but his arguments with trolls are so tedious though he always polite...
But I think the social media showed how manipulative/shallow this stars can be,by avoiding any comments on big issues and the lack of general information...

advantage or disadvantage cannot take away their awful acting for years

sorry but they had no difficulty compared to the generateion of KARISHMA, KAJOL, POOJA SUNNY ETC and look at their success and level of work compared to these 2000 lot

Social media or not, there will always be nepotism. Among all those who were mentioned, the most undeserving is Vivek Oberoi. However, nowadays there are more undeserving star kids than deserving ones!

Star kids never have disadvantages, they always only have everythin ready for them on a platter

Bebo survived so far because of her family name.

I think as far as star kids go kareena is the biggest . But she proved that she is more than that , she's known for her talent and looks not just family name. It's very hard for females especially since they have shelf life as the industry is sexiest she proved everyone wrong and still 16 years after still here on top. She refused huge films due to money but didn't affect her career. We need more females like that who will fight for what they deserv or say no

Katrina just recently joined fb

Kareena is the only who became a Superstar and has been on top from beginning to now. As a female this is a very difficult task, she never got appreciated for it, she never used Pt or social media to promote herself, she never even replied to false stories she has managed to be the only female actress to do as many brands as a male superstar would and still public is not fed up. I mean the marketing say she has more than 60 brands under contract and still she is doing more. She rejected movies like Kal Ho Na ho because Karan wasn't paying her enough and yes this is woman empowerment when you fight for your right even if it means that the producer, director will take a other actress, still someone has to fight and she has may be she lost few movies because of that but this is exactly what we woman need, someone to stand up and demand fair loan! She is a trendsetter even now being pregnant and still working is something new in BW, she had 2 movies this year both did veey well at the BO. She will give birth enjoy one month and she will start with work out and be shooting the movie VDW in April the movie will release this year, that means she never hasn't taken any break! I'm proud of Kareena !

mehhhh....kareena??? and trendsetter?? deepika is trendsetter....

Hi Bebo!

Kareena was not a top actress always since her debut.. Stop exaggerating..

I honestly think it's a disadvantage,there should be a veil of mystery to a star in as much as we want to know everything, I found out why the veil is needed as recent as yesterday. I watched ADHM and I just couldn't see ranbir as the heart broken guy, I found it hilarious. he might have acted well but I couldn't tell because I realized, I couldn't see past his play boy image

First of all , it's a huge advantage to be born a star kid at any point of time in your life. The social media not being around helps retain your star allure . Today Sridevi's girls are badly overexposed in the media , everyone knows too much about them even before they have started out. I don't mean to be nasty here , but even a very established A Lister like Katrina is making the same mistake these days by letting out too much of herself on an almost daily basis . Look around, you have all sorts of crazies enjoying their 5 minutes of fame doing nothing at all . So a true star should be polite ,but not reveal too much of themselves ALL THE TIME. These social sites help when you want to clarify matters , promote your movie or simply interact with fans.

Kareena is the only star kid who was both takented and beautiful and has sustained in the industry as a top actress for more than 16 years.
Alia, Sonam, the Sri Devi daughters, Navya Nanda all were nothing if they were not star kids but to be honest Kareena has been recognized by her acting talent and stardom not her family power. Her parents were not in a position to help her career unike the others.

Since when pankaj kapoor became a star the guy who hasn't done more than 10 film in his 30 years career that too with a supporting role suddenly became a star,,for ur info Shahid did ads, albums worked as background dancer and got rejected 200 times before he sleceted for his first movie which star kid does that they get launch pad by their father, so stop taking away some one's hardwork's credit as he is a self made star not star kid like others, instead Shahid u should have put tushar kapoor who was a star kid jit Shahid.

bebo u have that much star power.

bebo you are the best.

Bebo is female superstar of Bollywood!!!

Hrithik was not really a star kid like others. Rakesh Roshan was not popular like Kapoor or Bachchans.No big star supported HR in Media like they are doing to Ayan or others. Nor did they hv a grand party like Bobby n Twinkle did for Barsaat launch. Hrithik was just a nobody for public. No one even knew who he was or heard his name. Until people actually saw his Debut film.And rest is History.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOLL this is hilarious

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