Box Office Disasters of 2016: Fitoor, Baar Baar Dekho, Mohenjo Daro, Rock On 2 top the list

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As 2016 is coming to an end, we decided to sit down and take a look at the box office figures, the films in 2016 have scored. While films like Sultan, Neerja, Kapoor & Sons and now Dangal, have performed exceptionally well, there are many movies which did terrible business at the box office.
Here's a list of the top 15 flop films of 2016:
1. Fitoor - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 20 crore; Budget: Rs. 55 crore
Abhishek Kapoor's Fitoor starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif was one of the first disasters of 2016. Neither the lead actors of the film nor the story line impressed the audience.
2. Mohenjo Daro -
Box Office Collection: Rs. 59 crore; Budget: Rs. 120 crore
Ashutosh Gowariker's Mohenjo Daro was probably the second biggest disaster of 2016. The film which starred Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde as the leads tanked at the box office with both the critics and audience panning the film. And since it released alongside Akshay Kumar's Rustom, the clash added to its woes.
3. Baar Baar Dekho -
Box Office Collections: Rs. 31 crore; Budget: Rs. 55 crore
Baar Baar Dekho's first trailer was a hit, it boasted of good songs and a great star cast. However, the movie was a huge disaster and audience absolutely abused the movie.
4. Rock On 2 -
Box Office Collections: Rs. 11.5 crore; Budget: Rs. 55 crore
In 2008, Rock On won hearts and became a huge hit. 8 years later, its sequel released and it was one of the most awaited films of 2016. Starring Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli, Rock On 2  bombed at the box office with the audience condemning its story, music and the change of cast.
5. Mirzya -
Box Office Collection: Rs. 11 crore; Budget: Rs. 45 crore
Helmed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Mirzya marked the debut of Harshvardhan Kapoor and Saiyami Kher. The film was touted to be one of the biggest films of 2016 but disappointed at many levels.
6. Rocky Handsome - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 26.41 crore; Budget: Rs. 42 crore
This John Abraham starrer boasted of great action but failed to connect with the audience in the story department.
7. Banjo - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 9 crore; Budget: Rs. 30 crore
Ravi Jadhav's Hindi directorial debut failed to make a mark in Bollywood. Neither did Riteish-Nargis' chemistry work nor did the story.
8. Akira - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 27 crore; Budget: Rs. 30 crore
Though Sonakshi Sinha was praised for her gritty and powerpacked role, the film didn't take off at the box office.
9. A Flying Jatt - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 37 crore; Budget: Rs. 50 crore
Touted to be India's newest superhero, this film starring Tiger Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez failed to charm the audience and tanked at the box office, putting an end to Tiger's hit run.
10. Force 2 - 
Box Office Collection: Rs. 37.50 crore; Budget: Rs. 55 crore
Another sequel that failed to hit it off with the audience was Force 2. The film starred John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Tahir Raj Bhasin in the lead and majorly disappointed at the ticket window. 

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From list here only seen baar baar dekho and force 2. BBD I felt like I had to bring up my note pad to write down what time he was jumping in between to keep myself on track. Force 2 was so dumb that I wanted ti cry! Sonakshi fails so hard w her "I am tough" act.. short hair gives her a potato head with really dumb acting. Force was dumb too but it had charm bcuz of Vidyut Jamwal working so good as villain and his actions were kick ass. There's one scene of her falling asleep on floor and next morning John comes in and wakes her and her reaction when she opens her eyes and looks up is so funny and such a poor choice of camera angle. No human being wakes up like she did with that face! And ppl in general looked so dumb throughout to figure out things of their bad guy was doing. I liked the message at end about soldiers and agents and how little they get credit for the big risk they put in their whole life. But so bad executed. And john in force 2 rocky handsome n dishoom is exact same character. The only good thing is genelias cameo in the movie..

Only seen Fitoor and Baar Baar Dekho out of these. Fitoor wasn't a terrible watch actually. Below average, but not terrible. Baar baar dekho was a travesty. Sid and Kat both need training in dialogue delivery; theirs was atrocious in the movie.

Bad year for Kat, John and Sonakshi. Better luck next year.

Fan and Befikre need to be on this list

Fan and Befikre both made a profit. All the films in this list did not.

No, they didn't make a profit.

True but certain people and companies get hall-passed because of their status in the industry.

Flop Queen Katrina

Shivaay was the biggest flop of the year!!

No it wasn't. Leave Kajol and her husband alone. Geez, she is related to your idol.

Ranking of flop: No1 - Fan , No 2 - Mohenjodaro , 3 - Befickere, 4 - Rock on 2, No 5 - Fitor , N 6 - Flying Jatt
No 7 - Rockey handsome, No 8 - bar bar dekho

FLOP RANK NO1 - Befikere, No 2 - Mohenjodaro, No 3 - Rock on 2

Befikre 09 - Dec 10.36 34.36 48.75 59.30* Losing ( check out koimoi). pV please do not give us FALSE information bar bar dekho id flop but Brfikere is bigger flop. Budget 103 cr and 51 core made

how? its already in the profit zone, unlike BBD

I loved Fitoor it was such a classy movie, Indian audience and critics were very harsh in the movie

Because the movie was bad lol

Befikre and ranveer still hooot hoooot

Befikre average to below average not disaster or flop

It is a disaster..check out KOIMOI..It sis flop no1
Befikre 09 - Dec 10.36 34.36 48.75 59.30* Losing

Why isn´t MD named at the first? First of all is the budget too low, in reality it was much higher and it lost the most money at the BO.

And yet they had a 'success bash' for Force 2! lol!

Not sure how accurate these figures are, guys. I mean, I read that Force 2 budget was 45 cr not 55, and that was including the marketing. And Akira was brilliant. Really deserved to do better :(

how sad that katrina was in 2 of those flops.

Force 2 was a very good movie but was a casualty of demonetisation. It did pretty well considering that, AND being a solo John starrer - LOL! Deserved to do much better. Just saying.

Akira recovered well
Tiger's Jatt failed theatrically,but got good money for other revenue like TV

Don't know why a John Ibrahim film has to be budgeted over 40 crore..

Jeez... it's John ABRAHAM. If you MUST insult someone at least get their name right!!

I think Fitoor did better and recovered some losses in the overseas market. Though the story wasn't perfect, it really was a beautiful film. Well acted and hands down the best cinematography of the year.

two top flop actresses Katrina and sonakshi

I loved bbd. Sid and kat career best performance. Only storyline was bad. But why varun,arjuna, Ranveer, Aditya didn't got bbd becoz at that time in 2014 katrina was no. 1 actress of bwood and she knew only sid can match her good looks, have star value and a good actor.

Not being rude or anything but all these movies were bound to be flops. Mohenjo Daro was perhaps the biggest flop of the year!

I really loved fitoor and bbd.But Indian qudience bash such films because of their bad taste

Where is befikre????

It is the biggest flop of this yr. super duper flop.

Befikre is not disaster. Please understand the meaning of disaster first....

Akira was a good film , very underrated . So was sonaskshi performance ! I do think if it was released while SS was still relevant it would have been a hit

So I actually liked Fitoor, Fan, Baar Baar Dekho, Akira and Mirzya.

Bbd had hit songs and still flopped while ki and ka had terrible songs and reviews and still did better than kat's two movies,and her fans say she is a bigger star than

ki and ka had terrible song ?????? first time I hear about it. This musical album in my favorites.

Include befikre. .fan....Shivay. .

lol, looks like Kat has now become queen of flops till both her exes sort her career (like always) next year. can't do anything by herself.

jai gangajal
udta punjab

udta punjab was not a disaster, it was not even a flop. it was average or below average, but not flop

Where is PC flop film Jao Gangajal? Oh wait it went that innoticible that nobody even cared LOL.

Unexpected year ,

BBD film was a good attempt. U should bash such experimental films. Films like house full 3 are always hit becoz of Indian audience bad taste. It was directed by a first time director, and a new Actor. And they did well. As for katrina, I watched her film after dhoom 3 and found she too did wellas Diya. The concept was good. At last the team deserves applause for trying something unique

if the HouseFull 3 always will be a hit because the Indian audience has a bad taste, then why Great Grand Masti big flop? Can you think this masterpiece, which not understand the Indian audience? I watched BBD nothing unique, nothing innovative, boring film with a mediocre acting performance

Where is a Fan

Akira was a good movie

what about Fan why forgot?

Rocky Handsome and Akira deserved better box office collections.

Where is Shivay?

Befikre should be on the list.

and where Befikre Shivaay?

Befikre 60+ cr and Shivay100+ cr!!! This movies are not a disaster at all

Of course Befikere is...budget 95 cr + and Indian net 55 Cr .. SUPERFLOP

befikre budget isnt 95 cr...

at the time of awarding status Shivay did not get even 70 crore, it then later she scored 100, but the budget had 110 or 120, in any case, the flop. The same Befikre budget to 70. box office 60, status?

Where is BEfIkRE ?? Hahahahahahaaaa

Befikre 63cr + 103cr worldwide, it made profit.

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