Koffee With Karan: From Jackie's flamboyant avatar to Tiger's shy nature, the Shroff's get candid about their careers and personal lives!

From Jackie Shroff's flamboyant avatar to Tiger Shroff's humble nature, the father-son duo get candid on their careers and personal lives.
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Jackie Shroff and son Tiger Shroff both made their highly anticipated debut on Karan Johar's couch in Koffee With Karan. The first thing you will notice about the father-son duo is how they are the complete opposite of each other. 
While Jackie is the flamboyant charmer who says it like it is without any filters, Tiger is more subdued and homely, an all-out innocent lad. 
Here are some of the highlight from the highly entertaining episode:
The most loved man in Bollywood:
"If I was in a chawl, you wouldn't invite me to your parties," the ever bindaas Jackie tells Karan who can't help but compliment the actor for being who he is - a true blood movie star. Jackie spoke about his humble beginnings and also about how he never let his family or himself get affected by his failures in the past. His father had predicted that he would be a movie star and it was the movie Kaash that established him as a bonafide actor. 

The definition of sweet, innocent and shy - Tiger Shroff

"Just because I'm Jackie Shroff's son does not give me the right to call myself a hero," Tiger confessed about how being a star-kid is a boon but with a lot of pressure and expectations. He spoke about how he was very shy in college and that for him it is all about work, work and some more work. He feels that, because of too much focus on his dance and action and songs - his acting has not been highlighted and that he has a long way to go and that his contemporaries have a better edge than him.

Jackie Shroff's leading ladies get candid 

"Woh mera hero hai," Meenakshi Sheshadri (Jackie's first co-star in Hero) exclaimed. From Poonam Dhillon to Juhi Chawla, Jackie's leading ladies got candid about him. All spoke about how unbearably good-looking the man was with his tight jeans and all around swag. Even Boman Irani, Subhash Ghai and Vidhu Vinod Chopra spoke about his acting skills and his charm in general.

Bindass Rapid Fire round

"I wouldn't wake up, I would just lie down," is what Jackie would do if he woke up as Kangana Ranaut. This rapid fire round was indeed rapid with a lot of fire. Jackie's advice for the younger lot is that they should not be like him. He terms Ranbir Kapoor as a Hero as well as a Devdas for always getting his heart broken. He has nothing but admiration for his co-star Madhuri Dixit and he's buddies with all the three Khans - Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

Tiger, on the other hand, termed Sonam Kapoor as a Diva, Hrithik Roshan as an Underdog and Kangana Ranaut as the Queen of Hearts. He would like to learn how to be more carefree from Salman, how to market from SRK, How to get into the skin of a character from Aamir and how to make money like Akshay Kumar.

Pillar of strength Ayesha Shroff gets candid on the men in her life

"I'm proud of you," is what Jackie's wife and Tiger's mother Ayesha Shroff said about her son. She made a special appearance on the show and revealed how lucky she was to have Jackie as her husband and her pillar of strength. She spoke fondly of her son and how his Bollywood debut made her incredibly proud as mothers would come up to her and tell her that Tiger was the reason their kids are inspired and are no longer couch potatoes. 
Tiger revealed that although Jackie favours his sister Krishna Shroff over him, he has his mother by his side and will always be Mamma's boy!
What was your favourite moment from the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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Meenakshi looked surreally beautiful

Haven't seen that kind of swag since Dev Anand! Oh Jackie

Thanks KWK team, for getting this father son duo on this episode. Couldnt have asked for a more calmed, lovable episode than this. So far the best one on this season of KWK!

Meenakshi seshadri is beautiful.

I wish they can bring meenakshi sheshadri on this show and shed some light to the millennials that she was a BIG star during the time madhuri and sridevi were doing movies!! I feel like she doesn't get much deserved recognition and credit that she should get. Hell most of the 80's actress don't get much credit!! Karan should change it up and invite some yesteryear actresses!!

Madhuri actually hit it big a little after. Sridevi, Jaya Prada, Meenakshi Seshadri, Amrita Singh, Dimple Kapadia ruled the mid to late 80s, up until the early 90s, and Madhuri and Juhi the early to mid 90s, up until the late 90s, and then Karisma, Kajol, Raveena, Manisha, Urmila the mid to late 90s, up until the early 2000s. And then Aishwarya, Preity, Rani and Sushmita took over in the early to mid 2000s, up until the late 2000s, and then Kareena, Karina, Priyanka, Vidya the mid to late 2000s, up until the early 2010s. And now we have Deepika, Sonam, Kangana and Anushka who took over in the early to mid 2010's and will probably last until the end of the 2010s, with the likes of Alia, Kriti, Disha, Saiyami, Kiara, etc. taking over in the next couple of years.

Wrong... madhuri was an 80's actress.. she had two filmfare nominations from her movies in the 80's.. she just got big in the mid 90's

Such a nice episode. This family doesn't come across as pretentious or fake and they speak eloquently and are well mannered. They have so much more gravitas and class in comparison to giggling Karan and petty Kapoors. Tiger seems like the kind of guy who just wants to keep his head down and work hard and I respect that about him. I actually personally know that Jackie Shroff is a really great guy.. no one can touch this man in my eyes. He's a really good person and has done a lot in terms of giving and helping others.

Best episode so far in this season!!no faking,no over the top attitude,not making fun of
Any celebrities!!!!
Good episode!!

Tiger is a good kid and Jackie..they don't make stars like that anymore :)

Tiger was a surprise, delightfully grounded!

Tiger is gentle and grounded but I also feel he's strong and focused. That's what martial arts does to you. He's also spiritual . I remember him talking about his faith in Shiva. He's figured out his life and knows where he's going !

Tiger Shroff is really nice guy like him doesn't overact very calm and simple.

This episode was good because Jackie and Tiger are not pretentious and fake .
I loved it that Jackie picked Kangana as the actor he would have wanted to work with. Tiger called Kangana the Queen of Hearts right after a question about Hrithik. Tiger is so guileless. I loved Meenakshi's advice to Tiger....to be kind like his dad.

Tiger is so sweet! Lucky girl who ever gets him

Tiger was so shy and cute

This was my favorite episode of KWK. There was sense of calm, an environment in which all three could share a complete thought (unlike the stupid antics of starlets who ruin a moment by their stupid giggles and insinuation) and emphathize with each other. The Shroff family are the kind of people I would like to be friends with, appreciate people who value integrity. Jackie is such a super star, he doesn't have to try too hard, he understands life and doesn't take himself too seriously. Love them

This episode was a surprise for me and I just loved it because of the actresses who talked about Jackie Shroff. It was nice to see and hear Poonam Dhilon, Juhi Chawla and of course Meenakshi Sheshadri. They all looked very beautiful! Jacky is a very nice man, he and Sunil Shetty are two actors who have always good things to say about other people and they are most loved men in bollywood I think.

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