20 years of Judwaa: Here's why Salman Khan's film was a true-blue entertainer!

Salman Khan in a double role entertained his fans with Judwaa. Today its 20 years of Judwaa and Varun Dhawan will be reprising Salman's role in the film's sequel, Judwaa 2. Karisma Kapoor and Rambha's role will be reprised by Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu.
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In 1997, David Dhawan's Judwaa was released which turned out to be a blockbuster. The film starred Salman Khan in a double role - Prem and Raja - one being the sophisticated guy and other a mawali tapori

Romancing Karsima Kapoor and Rambha in this madhouse comedy, Salman's double tadka had the audiences in splits and how!


Today, the film is completing 20 years of its release and David is all set to recreate the magic in the sequel - Judwaa 2, which stars his son Varun Dhawan. Though the SOTY actor is prepping hard to step into Salman's shoes, time will tell how he fares on the parameters set high by Khan. 

Here's decoding 5 reasons why Salman's film was a hardcore entertainer! 

Songs Ka Tadka!


Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Taara, Chalti Hai Kya 9 se 12; Oonch Hai Building... Judwaa's songs boast of quirky lyrics by Dev Kohli and foot-tapping music by Anu Malik. The tracks were chartbusters and till date, no naach gaana session is complete if you don't shake a leg to these numbers!

Comic Timing Ka Jhatka!


Anupam Kher and Satish Shah as the inspector-havaldaar and Salmaan's aide and buddy Rangeela (Shakti Kapoor) were the highlights of this comic caper. While Anupam-Satish's hilarious banter was a constant highlight, Shakti's stammering act was a cherry on the cake! Not-to-miss, veteran actor Kader Khan's punchlines.

Chemistry Factor...


Salman was juggling between the two leading ladies in the film -  Karsima Kapoor and southern belle Rambha. While Rambha played the coy, demure Indian girl who falls for Prem; Karsima essayed the role of a feisty, bindaas GF, who is head over heels in love with Raja. Salman-Lolo set the screen on fire with their booty-shakes, cutesy intimate scenes and let's not forget, how good the two looked together. 


Hilarious Plot


So, the story is about two estranged twins, Prem and Raja, who get separated at the time of their birth. What's funny is that they both feel the same kind of emotions and sensations. *LOL* When the goons hit Prem, Raja bleeds or when Raja steals, Prem pickpockets. This hard-to-believe borderline absurd plot was held in place, thanks to Salman Khan's comic timing. 

Salman Khan ke double role ka Jalwa...

Bhai rules the roost! As Prem, Salman was suave, polished, well-mannered and aagyakaari. And as Raja, Khan was all things jhakass, loud mouth, chichora and daring. The film was true to Salman's style - dancing around trees, romancing beautiful ladies, LOL one-liners, some kickass action and dollops of Salman's irresistible charm. 

If reports are to be believed, bhaijaan will also do a cameo in Judwaa 2!

Judwaa, certainly, was packed with all the blockbuster ingredients and its stupendous success at the box office stands terminal to the fact. Let's see if Judwaa 2 is able to recreate the same magic or not!


All the songs of judwaa were foot tapping...One of the best music albums.
On a side note varun is gonna spoil the original.

Love it

My favourite.. Always watch it on TV

Can't believe it's been 20 years. Loved all the songs in the movie as well as the Salman-Karisma jodi. I wish Karisma did more movies.

Judwa was clean 90s comedy! Loved it. If Varun wants to be a massy hero so be it. Someone's gotta do it!

Why do film-makers have to make such mindless trash twice? I mean varun is a decent actor who can take up much better projects.

He looks so old now and was so young before! Daanm

It's been 20 years. What do you expect? He looks good for his age. Karisma looks even more fabulous and hasn't aged.

Wow he used to be so young now he really needs to get married

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