57th Idea Filmfare Awards 2011 nominations

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Here is a look at the Filmfare Award nominations for this year. It looks descent. Thoughts?


I think best supporting actress (female) -- juhi chawla.

sad 4 kareena fans.............but 2013 all awards written for her guaranteed..

salman and kareena only......no 1 else.......

y is kareena not in that list............despite d presence of salman khan in the movie.....she also did fair job & didnt go un noticed like most of salman s heroine e.g. asin , sonakshi..................i m not big fan of hers but she deserved 2 b nominated atleast........
btw best actor...........ranbir
best actress...............vidya ( widout a doubt)
if the above 2 dont win.........den the awards will surely loose credibility......

Best Film- The dirty picture or Rockstar
Best actress-Vidya Balan TDP (no question)
Best Actor-Ranbir Rockstar
Best supporting Actress-Rani!!!
Best supporting Actor- None of those roles stand out to me
Best Music Director- AR Rahman Rockstar
Best actress(critics)- Mahie Gill? I really liked her in Saheb Biwi aur Gangster
Best Actor (critics)- havent wat


Juhi Chawla for I AM MEGHA!

As per almost everyone comments, Rani should not have been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress Category and so does Juhi! If she was the Supporting Actress in I AM MEGHA, so does that mean that Manisha was the main lead? Seriously, what kind of joke is that? Anyways, I would love to see Juhi winning the Best Supporting Actress Award and they can give Rani a Special Award or maybe vice-versa! Both did a great job! Or at least they can share the Best Supporting Actress Awards between Juhi and Rani!

dis is ridiculous....
most of the nominations are correct and fair..
but kareena's acting in bodyguard was not as bad as kat in mere broder ki dulhan.

The nominations this year was quite fair, considering the kind and variety of stellar performances by actors (M&F) in 2011. The jury is sure gonna hav a tough time.... But there are a few bloopers

1. Just because Hrithik Roshan is a bigger star doesn't mean he is the lead actor of ZNMD. It's totally unfair to Farhan and Abhay Deol, who were equally good.
2. There shud hav been 6 nominations for Best Actress....with Kangna Ranaut for "Tanu Weds Manu". She was marvelous in it and the movie was female-oriented as well.
3. Katrina Kaif for MBKD?! It was such a mediocre performance which doesn't even deserve a nomination. Kalki Koechlin for "Shaitan"...should hav been instead of Kaif.
4. Kareena is a great actress, but considering the strong female performances this year...she doesn't stand a chance! Filmfare did a gud thing not nominating her. Without doubts Amitabh Bachchan is the GOD of acting, but a nomination for Aarakshan?? The movie itself went unnoticed...
5. Rani Mukerji shud hav been in the Lead Actress list, while Vidya Balan in the Supporting Actress for NOKJ.
6. Vidya Balan....she already has her name written on the Best Actress trophy! For sure, she is going to win..infact she is set to sweep not only Filmfare but also all the other awards. I thought she would achieve a rare feat, like Rani Mukerji in 2006, by winning both the Best Actress (for TDP) and Best Supporting Actress (for NOKJ) in the same year. But alas! It's not possible
7. Mahie Gill was a surprise! So is Juhi Chawla. I would really love Juhi ji to win...but Rani might bag the Best Supporting Actress.
8. Finally, Best Actor...hands down Ranbir Kapoor! No second thoughts on dat. If Ranbir and Vidya do not win (God forbid!), then Filmfare would be pure crap!

I am still wondering how can one forget Dhobi Ghat? :s It was one of the best movies I have watched last year. The performance by the actors were superb, the story was great, editig great, background music fantastic, direction was topnotch.

Best Actor: Ranbir, (CRITICS) SRK
Best Actress: Vidya, (CRITICS) Priyanka
Best Film: Don 2
Best Director: Farhan Akhtar
Best Supporting (Male): Farhan Akhtar
Best Supporting (Female): Rani Mukherjee

yes yes yes Juhi is nominated..Every 1 r saying Rani should have been nominated for best actress category..but why r people not saying thing about Juhi. Even she deserves a nomination in Best Actress category.. After all, if u say she played supporting role,then who played the lead role? In Juhi's story there was also Manisha and had she been nominated, it should have been in the supporting category since her role was smaller than Juhi's

But the ff have atleast recognised her after so long..

I am going to stop watching bollywood movies!!! What is worng with u people. Indians are just obsessed with beauty without talent!! I mean for they don't even know how to choose nominees for best actress. Can u seriously believe that kareena kapoor cannot be part of the list. Do u people even know what acting means. Thank god I am born in such a damn country where they appreciate beauty WITH NO TALENT. ALL LOSERS!!!

too many strong male and female performances this year

where is kalkis Girl in yellow Boots? and Shaitan?

wheres imraan wheres jimmy shergill dont tell me they werent good in delly belly and gangster sahib and biwi

Best actress: Vidya Balan
Best supporting actress: Juhi chawla

Katrina Kaif tops Aishwarya Rai in latest bollywood star rankings

she led by 51 % according to annual Ormax report

salman headed male star rankings

Vidya balan should win best actress and the critics best actress award! No one did any better job than what she did with both her movies! She is the no 1 now!... :D

dontworry about kareena not being nominated
they will prob give her an 'keep our best clients happy" award, most glam diva or something;just see

also dont lose hope there
is her

Stardust Bought Awards; they will award her for Bodyguard or Most Popular but they will make sure
they give their best cooperating star an award for whatever deal she has with them

Best film-Don 2
Best actor(male)-S.R.K
Best actor(female)-Vidya
Best supporting actor(male)-Farhan Akhtar
Best supporting actor(female)-Juhi

i think ajay devgn shud definitely win for singham..but they will giv it to srk o amitabh...

Funny Sunidhi didn't get nominated for Te Amo... I guess Shreya would win it though i would like Rekha Bharadwaj/Usha Uthup or Alyssia to win it... Strange Kareena didn't get nominated whereas people predicted her winning the award over Vidya-good decision Filmfare,kareena didn't deserve a nomination.. :) But why Ktarina then?! This list kinda looks unbelievable though...



best supporting actor (female)-- juhi chawla. i love you juhi ji.

As much as id want Juhi to win the best suppt actress, we all know Rani will win it, cause its Filmfare and Yash Raj sponsors the show. However Rani should have been nominated for Best actress in a lead role. I just wish Juhi wins a award. Critics??

Where is rani's name in lead?How can she be in supporting?It is wrong.Rani should be in lead role but not in supporting.I deny it.

seems like the fairest awards nomination so far along with star screen awards

i suppose there was really no choice about leading actor and actress

vidya and ranbir but if they give a critics award to vidya and ranbir and
best actor actress to any one else; god help the industry

Best Supporting Actress-Juhi Chawla for I AM

Hope Salman get Best Actor...

"Wed, 2012-01-11 21:12 — Anonymous

I am happy Aish is not nominated :)"

She is not there because she had no releases in 2011. Otherwise she has been nominated every year.

kitty...I completely agree with your comment. ZNMD was okay.blahhhhh

hrithik and srk should be out; hrithik had to share screen space with 2 other talented actors
and srk hammed his way in don2.

if ranbir doesnt win best actor; the sun will rise from the west and set in the east.

ladies - vidyas win is guaranteed. inspite of a slew of wonderfully strong female roles inthe
form of saat khoon maaf, tanu weds manu, MBKD, girl in yellow boots; she just killed the
competition as did Ranbir with Rockstar

I am happy Aish is not nominated :)

How many awards SRK, Kapoors, and Bachans buying this year?

im so glad kareena kapoor is not there in best actor female catg..she really didnt deserve & for the first time im very happy with some fair choices..Mahi..Vidya.PC,..but katrina shouldnt be there.

kareenas PR tell us which role of kareena can compete with vidya balans or priyanka chopra or kanganas. even katrinas ZNMD role had substance short tho it was. are you saying kareena shud get nominated for making coy faces and showing teeth in Bodyguard? no reputed reviewer mentioned her. thats how unimportant her role was.

we will wait and watch whether filmfare comes up with some other weird bogus award like most profitable actress or most hits actress or some such to keep the lady with number one ambitions.

Well they include off beat movies like shor in the city, sahib biwi...etc but no mention of dhobi ghat, shaitan, that girl in yellow boots....if any Pratiek and Monica was the lifeline of dhobi ghat and Prateik deserves a nomination at least....similar is the case with background score of dhobi ghat...mind blowing stuff...and what the hell nominating mahie gill and leaving kalki for shaitan and yellow boots...wow Bollywood is biased against certain people...I have no issues with kat nomination but to leave kalki out in best actress is a bit far fetching....at this rate why don't they include sonam and abhishek also in acting categories for all their 2011 movies...thumbs down film fare. No wonder am aamir khan ignores these awards...I will still watch the awards show for dance and glamour and nothing otherwise....

I thought NOKJ was shown from Rani's point of view. As in..she's the one who does the narration and shows how things took place. So the character portrayed by Rani is the protagonist of the film. Rani should have been nominated as the best actress for NOKJ and Vidya in the supporting actress category. But 'course when you have an actor doing TDP, it's more mass appealing to put her as the leading lady in all her other films as well disregarding the fact whether she had been the protagonist there or not. WTH!
Anyway, with the present nominations..which I certainly do not think are correct..my choice would be:
1. Best Film: NOKJ
2. Best Director: Zoya Akhtar (ZNMD)
3. Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male): Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar) or Amitabh Bachchan (Aarakshan)
4. Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female): Vidya Balan (NOKJ) [but most probably she will get it for TDP]
5. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male): Naseeruddin Shah (TDP)
6. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female): Rani Mukherjee (NOKJ)
7. Best Music Director: A.R.Rahman (Rockstar)
8. Best Lyricist: Irshad Kamil (Nadaan Parindey: Rockstar)
9. Best Playback Singer (Male): Should have been Javed Ali. But anyway, can be Akon and Vishal Dadlani (Chammak Challo: Ra.One)
10. Best Playback Singer (Female): Rekha Bharadwaj and Usha Uthup (Darling: 7 khoon maaf) or Shreya Ghoshal.

Where is Aamir Khan for Dhobi Ghat? and Rani should be in the best actress list!!

yes if Ranvir doesn't get the award im not watching hindi movies anymore....
i love shahrukh, hrithik but plz give us a break man

my dream award winners would be (this is based on my bias and everyone's comments): srk for don 2, vidya for tdp, farhan for supporting, juhi for supporting, ranbir for critics, best music ra one, best film/director i'm not sure because i don't know which one deserves it (maybe znmd although i honestly didn't like the movie that much, delly belly and don2 don't seem like best film material, i haven't seen tdp or nokj, and i didn't like rockstar; unfortunately i actually liked ra one as overall good entertainment but it wasn't nominated and i guess too many ppl didn't even like it)

i hope akon he don't win who cares we want Indian win yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i am big fan of SALMAN Khan he don't care award and i don't care film fare award anyways they gift srk but i hope they gift Ranbir kapoor and Vidya for this year i hope sow

Katrina was NOT better than Priyanka in Don 2, or Kalki in Shaitan, or Kareena in Bodyguard or Rani in NOKJ.

Rani was the lead actress, her and Vidya both admitted it.

It should be (NOMINATIONS)

Vidya Balan - The Dirty Picture (good performance)
Rani Mukherjee - No One Killed Jessica (fantastic performance)
Priyanka Chopra - Saat Khoon Maaf (mindblowing performance)
Priyanka Chopra - Don 2 (unique and innovative performance)
Kalki Koechlin - Shaitan (convincing performance)

It should go to Vidya or Priyanka, both highly critically acclaimed roles in both their releases in 2011.
One for best actress and the other for critics perhaps? :)

It looks "descent". WTF - learn how to spell first! It is "decent".

Guys, Juhi has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category for I AM and I truly wish at least this time Filmfare will give her the Award. Rani Mukherjhee has also been nominated in the same catergory for No One Killed Jessica but for me she was the main lead in that movie. In fact, Juhi should win two awards this year if Filmfare have some decency. Juhi should get the Best Supporting Actress Award for I am and a Special ward for having completed 25 years in the Film industry just like Madhuri won last year. They can give Rani a Critic Best Actress Award for NOKJ or at least they can share the Best Supporting Actress Award between Juhi and Rani as that's something quite common these days in Bollywood. After having boycotted Juhi for so many years and especially recently for Teen Deewarain and My Brother Nikhil, I sincerely want her to win. Common all Juhi fans, pray along with me so that she can win! Love you lots Juhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a descent list. i don't understand why ppl why complaining for not having Kareena in this list. Bodyguard was good movie but major success goes to Salman Khan and he is nominated for that. Kareena was good but it wasn't her award winning performance. On other hand, nominating Katrina for mere brother ki dulhan is little strange coz she was amazing in zindgi na milegi dobara. she should nominated for that coz of her free acting but then her presence made an average movie like dulhan such a hit so all success goes to her not Imran khan. so in that case, i find this list of nomination fair enough. No matter what Vidya is the clear winner so who gets nomination doesn't matter!!

katrina acts better than kareena and its been proved thanks to filmfare :)

Yeah! I hope Akon wins a Filmfare, that would be cool!

I agree with the person below Rani's role in NOKJ was for sure a lead role! Thing is, Vidya is a shoo-in for TDP for best actress so they had to shift Rani to the supporting category so that she could get the award! Wait and watch! :)

Best film, I would be happy with Don 2 or Delhi Belly winning. ZNMD was OK but I feel it was overrated. Don 2 was simply mindblowing and Delhi Belly was fresh and really, really entertaining.

I see that Kareena got another snub and no nomination! Wonder how her "no 1" PR will spin that one?

and this is why bollywood will never match hollywood.... because the oscars honours GOOD MOVIES not box office blockbusters.... have u ever seen a michael bay movie nominated?

Rani in supporting category?--- an insult
Katrina in a lead role when she a smaller screen presence than anyone--- a bigger insult

Kareena not nominated is the best thing about this list....

Ranbir deserves to win for best actor, not Shahid Kapoor! Ranbir was awesome in Rockstar. I hope Ranbir wins only. Ranbir is so modest, down to earth, and very soft. He never shows of. I love him soooo much!

why is it that hrithik gets lead actor and farhan and abhay are supporting (i think same thing happened with dil chatha hai and 3 idiots - they automatically label the superstar as the lead actor and everyone else is supporting - not fair!) rani was supporting? (that's unfair to her although i get that it's so that she gets an award but still it should be may the best person win) i hope srk should get for don 2 cuz he was pretty impeccable.

Completely agree MakeupCritic. Cant believe shes nominated..what a joke. Rani should be in that position.

Best actor: Ranbir Kapoor
Best film :rockstar
Best director: imtiaz Ali
Best music : A.R Rehman & Mohit chohaun for best singer!
hope you all win Team Rockstar!!!
why isn't nargis in for best debut or at least be nominated =(

shahid should be on this list for mausum!

wow what a joke ...Rani is in the best supporting role category...she must be pissed off and katrina she doesn't even deserve a nomination...salman khan as the best actor????I didn't like bodyguard but cant deny they should have nominated it as the best film because everyone loved it and how come kareena isn't nominated and katrina is?????

nice joke.... filmfare awards are the new GOLDEN KELA awards!!

why katrina 4 which movie.

where is kareena kapoor. she is the best actress no doubt.

Hrithik, Abhay and Farhan all get equal screen space for ZNMD but Abhay and Farhan are in the supporting actors category and Hrithik in the lead actor's? WTF!

Bigger WTF is Salman and Katrina in Best actor categories :|

Biggest WTF of all. The best movies of the year Stanley Ka Dabba, Dum Maaro Dum, Dhobi Ghat are royally ignored.

What. A. Joke.

It's not Filmfare. It is FilmFARCE.

What is d criteria of nomination, der r so many others missing in d nominations ........ dis is bad

Singham not nominated for film nor is Rohit Shetty

Emraan Hashmi not nominated for TDP

I agree in ZNMD all actors had equal role

Ali Zafar shd hv been nominated for supporting actor or comic actor

Kareena not nominated for Bodyguard

I guess may b dey made Rani Mukherjee d supportng actress coz Vidya wud hv won for TDP n Rani has done a really gud role in NOKJ n dey wantd her 2 win as well.

If Ranbir doesn't get awards this year, i will never watch this show again. no srk anymore, even salman can act better than srk.

WHERE IS SHAITAN?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY

lol this is ridiculous why do they have to nominate hrithik for ZNMD...what about abhay n farhan ..all this 3 men had equal roles...hrithik is famous but that doesn't mean he sud always be nominated...big b is a brilliant actor but he is nominated for aarkashan...what a bakwash...and thanks at least they nominate salman khan and ajay devgan...I don't know why this awards doesnt give much attention to actor like Emraan hashmi...his murder2 and TDP were brilliant...I think filmfare should give other actors chance, atleast they cud nominate them but they always choose BIG B, Hrithik and der most favourite Srk. I dont mean to say they are bad but ppl are really bored of seeing the same person winning . DAMN FILMFARE AWARD NEEDS A CHANGE

katrina kaif is literally the best !, so for the loosers that hate her , keep hating , doesnt really make a difference :)

This is so not good what kind of nomination is that...why didn't they include Kamal khan for 'Ishq sufiyana', Neeraj Shridhar for 'character dheela' , Neha Bhasin for 'Dhunki'...Filmfare suxxx

When an awards ceremony includes Katrina Kaif as best actress, you know there is no credibility to them.

So Rani's was a supporting role in NOKJ?

I was thinking the same thing! I just watched MBKD and I liked Katrina in it but I do not feel she deserves a nomination. Kangana is definately a better actress. Anyways Vidya will win :)

Rani deserves best actress award along with Vidya. Everyone knows that. Its a shame that she isn't nominated for best actress but supporting actress. I fail to understand how is she a supporting actress in NOKJ. If anything she was more like hero (read best actor) in NOKJ. Hope she wins best supporting actress and best actress (critics).

if shahrukh wins this year for don2 i promise i will never watch bollywood movies again , i love to watch his interviews ,he s very smart but he was never a good actor.he always overacts and in don2 he was cringe worthy ,there are so may good actors in india ,awards in bollywood are worthless .

I'm rooting for Vidya, although haven't had the chance to see TDP yet, and I've seen only bits from NOKJ.

I love Hrithik as an actor, but this time I don't think he deserved this best lead actor nomination for ZNMD. He was goodish, but didn't impress me or wow me, and at times, his character was slightly annoying. But of course, if the judges didn't have enough choices for male leads noms, they thought Hrithik is deserving and safe enough to be chosen...sigh...I think Aamir was equally deserving for his role in Dhobi Ghat...but politics, politics, politics...

Anyway, congrats for all the nominees!

one token nomination to the Bachchan family obviously - so that they can show up!

nominees in the supporting actor male is more interesting that lead actor male category.

what? players is not nominated? j/kkkkkkk

Guys...try to understand the brainiacs at Flmfare - rani is in the supporting category - cos this will guarantee her win. If she was in the lead actress category obviously she wudnt have, cos VB taking it 100%. This way both are winners.

rani is nominated in supporting actress so tht she can get an award bcos best actress will go to vidya.

I hope Ranbir wins! He was awesome in Rockstar. Its not fair, yeh bechara never wins any filmfare awards and he deserves it. Shah Rukh Khan who doesn't deserve to win always wins these filmfare awards that is just not fair! Ranbir is so modest, down to earth, and very soft. I love him soooooo much. I will pray that he wins this time on filmfare.

i hope for salman,he was really very good at bodyguard even though the film sucks

57th filmfare awards are for vidya ballan :)

these nominations are pathetic! katrina kaif nominated for best actress!? someone like kangana ranaut for tanu weds manu should of been in her place :s

KAt is nomonated for best actress...but rani isnt?? Rani and Vidya are the top actresses this year...I believe both should win best actress...but now rani gets supporting actress hopefully. I hope her career gets better from here on.

Filmfare makes a mockery of their awards. Katrina has no place on a Best Actress nominee list. They could have put Kalki for Shaitan or that other movie of hers. For Best Actor, Hrithik Roshan should not be in that list.He was good but all 3 chaps had equal roles.Either nominate them all for Leading roles or Supporting roles, depending on how you see it but it should be the same. We all know that Vidya & Ranbir will take home the Best Actress and Best Actor statues home.

What the hell is Katrina doing in a best actress category?? you gotta be an ACTRESS in the first place, not an Item Girl!! She was horrible in MBKD, what a stupid nominations anyway!!

filmfare is the oscars of india, what a joke... katrina best actress??? that says it all

rockstar was the best movie of the year and ranbir kapoor was awsme and at his best in the movie,a.r.rehman music adds the meaning to the movie thus he is the best music director and without mohit chohuhan this movie is incomplete......he was also at his best..........................but the best direction should be in between imtiaz and farhan.....best actress undoubtly vidya balannn.....................

heheh............ worst nominations.......

Best Film-Rockstar
Best ActoR Male -RAnbir KApoor (rockstar)
Best ActOr Female-Vidhya balan
Best Music Director- Kudos to A R Rahman
Best lyrics-Irshad kamil (nadaan parindey)
Best singer Male-Sadda haq (mohith)
Best singer female-shreya Ghoshal(Shor in d city)

Oooohhh. Kareena Kapoor not nominated in ANY category when jitesh pillai is editor of Filmfare? This must be a first.
Remember when Filmfare gave her the best supporting acrtress award for We Are Family?! Thats when I lost any shred of respect I had for Filmfare. I wonder if she will perform at this years ceremony then? She does have some big hit numbers.

ALso, why is Amitabh Bachchan nominated for Aarakshan?? It was so not his best work. And for some reason, there are 6 noms in the best actor category. Does the fact that Abhishek made the announcements have anything to do with that?

Thak god bebo isnt there!


IS there no debut award? And why are the likes like parineeti nominated and NArgis isnt?



omg, katrina is nominated for that silly comedy MBKD, but no priyanka for Saat Khoon Maaf. Of course, MBKD is a yashraj film, so definitely it will get nomination at filmfare. Looks like Katrina has made her way into the hearts of most powerful chopras's and johar's. Dont be suprised if next year she actually gets the best actress award for ek that tiger/yash chopra's romanatic movie

where is kareena???

Salman for Bodyguard-LOL..that was acting.

How did Hrithik get nominated for best Actor and Abhey and Farhan got best supporting actor??? Hrithik wasn't the main lead.


Smart move putting Rani in supporting category- ..that way she gets an award...( no Vidya conflict).

Excellent to see Juhi Chawla getting nomiated for IAM.

I Am was an excellent movie with lots of great performances

Sorry, not Kalki- Mahi. I mistook the names.

Filmfare is a huge joke!!! Rani played the leading role! She and Vidya have both leading roles and Rani even did better job. And what does Filmfare? Of course nominates Vidya a the better actress (she was okay in NOKJ but worst than Rani) and Rani as SUPPORTING?! They did it because they were afraid that Rani can get award instead of Vidya. And they even nominate Katrina, Kalki and Priyanka!!!

In the end, I wish Rani to gest Best Supporting Actress Award and Best Supporting Actress Critic's Award, I can't do more... But her performance was the best of the year!!! I keep my fingers crossed, Rani! Wish u all the best.

Most likely to win -

Best film - ZNMD
Best actor - SRK for Don 2 or even Hrithik for ZNMD but Sureshot winner is SRK!
Best actress - Vidya (100%) for TDP
Best director - Zoya Akhtar for ZNMD
Best sup. actor male - Farhan Akhtar for ZNMD
Best sup. actor female - Rani or Parineeti (Kalki has some chance too but little)
Best lyrics - Senorita or Sadda Haq
Best playback singer male - Akon and Vishal for Chammak Challo or Mohit Chauhan for Sadda Haq or even Rahatji for Teri Meri
Best playback singer female - Alyssa Mendonsa for Khaabon Ke Parinday or Shreya Ghoshal for Teri Meri
Best music director - AR Rehman or SEL

Rani best supporting actress!? Really? Her and Vidya were the leads of the film! Urgh I hope she wins this category. Katrina for best actress? What the hell! Hritik was not the lead in ZNMD. I thought it was more an Abhay Kalki story? But all the men were the male leads in the film? The nominations look okay overall, but still think Screen was spot on. Kareena not even nominated? Don't think she'll be doing any Filmfare covers anytime soon haha.

where is kareena kapoor for bodyguard

to all the haters

katrina made mbkd a hit her acting made that film a hit
she is a great actress and is not big headed like her fellow actors


and seriously...i want katrina out of this industry NOW!!! go be a model or some bar dancer u loser!!

wtf how is hrithik the LEADING actor of ZNMD?!? - at no point did i feel like he overshadowed/ was more prominent than the other two men...this is ridiculous! if farhan and abhay are supporting actors, then so is hrithik!
to be honest tho, i think it is fair that rani is nominated as a supporting actress...just because she has a greater and more prolific body of work than vidya does not make her the leading lady necessarily.

why the heck is Amitabh Bachan nominated seriously? he is good, he is a great actor we know that, please stop nominating him there is no more awards he can win which will proves he's the best. PLEASE give opporunities to younger newer actors ... KATRINA is nominated? seriously i mean seriously? and this is supposed to be the most coveted awards ceremony and than they nominate katrina....

Salman and Katrina are the BIGGEST FLAWS in the nomiantions...it's perfect otherwise

Rigging starts right here! Very unfair and blatantly biased nominations! Like the awards will anything be different! Filmfar is FRAUD! Screen nailed it - bravo to them!

I agree with this list. And I want to add that nominating Katrina Kaif for 'good acting' shows how Filmfare nominates on the basis of popularity, because it sure as hell can't be quality!!!

Here is my pick:

BEST FILM: The Dirty Picture

Best Director: Milan Luthria (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actor In A Leading Role: HANDS DOWN Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)

Best Actress In A Leading Role: HANDS DOWN Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Either Pitobash (Shor In The City) OR Nasseruddin Shah (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Juhi Chawla (I AM) She blew everyone's mind away!!!!!! But I have a feeling it will go to Rani. Rani was good in NOKJ but so are the rest of the nominees. I have seen all 5 movies in this category and yes.....JUHI ALL THE WAY!!!

Best Music Director: HANDS DOWN A.R. Rahman (Rockstar)

Best Lyrics: Irshad Kamil (Sadda Haq - Rockstar)

Best Playback Singer (Male): HANDS DOWN Mohit Chauhan (Sadda Haq - Rockstar)

Best Playback Singer (Female): Shreya Ghoshal (Saibo for Shor In The City but maybe she will win it for Bodyguard)

Well well.....all is possible in Indian awards......Rani not nominated for best actress but Katrina is....Its high time these awards fraternity stops licking this Katrina's boots...I mean if she is deserving then why not but in this case she isnt.....I think she already has 3-4 nominatinos for best actress...which is ridiculous....Anywes....at least let them give the Supporting actress to Rani......For best Actor....it should be only Ranbir and no one else...no one even comes closer............

Ridiculous Nominations. Screen had got it bang on right.!

Where are Debut Awards ????

Tue, 2012-01-10 22:24 — Anonymous

Sorry,but all Rani did in NOKJ was wannabe acting,it looked forced..Rani's last good performance was BLACK..she has been overracting since then.VB was much better !


THANK YOU!!!!!! I agree to the above

Katrina Rockkkkkkkks.
All d best 4 ur future.
she doesn't need 2 bother abt stupid comments.
Already established her as an actress in such small period and given most Acceptable,decent & sexy
item numbs.
God bless u.
Nobudy can stop u nw.

Best Actress - Vidya Balan - If she doesnt win this one, filmfare is run by pigs!!!

OMG.. dis is ridiculous.. if katrina kaif got nominated for mere brother ki dulhan for a average performance dat i m sure any newcomer cud have done better den her den y didnt they nominate kareena for d best actress when her performance in bodyguard was great,nt her best though,still better den katrina's.. ???..

Juhi should win best supporting actor (female), she totally deserved it. A gorgeous and sensitive potrayal. But i tink it will go to Rani.

Katrina? :O ROFL.......oh COME ON!!!!!! This is a frigging joke!

The Filmfare Awards are joke awards! As far as the Best Actress and Best actor awards are concerned it is a forgone conclusion :- Vidya Balan and SRK! It would have kept people guessing if as far as the B Actress award was concerned that they also had Rani as a nomination for NOKJ but no in their haste to "crown" Vidya, they have cheated Rani in that category.
And no way does SRK deserve the B Actor award for his "large slice of ham acting" for either Ra-One or Don2. Lately with his "looks" deserting him and his "charisma" fading, the fact that he is a Lousy actor is showing! Hey ho that is all things "Indian" for you.

Rani is nominated for the best SUPPORTING actor, I agree she had a smaller role but she should be there instead of Katrina for obvious reasons.

How are these fair? Salman best actor? Don 2 best picture? NOKJ best picture? Actually all those nominies for best picture are a joke. Those are our best films?
Where's Dum Maaro Dum? THAT film was the best film of the year quality wise.

Katrina NON-Actor Kaif was TERRIBLE(as usual) in the senseless movie...she shud stick to doing arm candy roles.Its better watching her expressionless face than watching some weird 'so called' expressions on her face.Sorry,but all Rani did in NOKJ was wannabe acting,it looked forced..Rani's last good performance was BLACK..she has been overracting since then.VB was much better !

Katrina NON-Actor Kaif was TERRIBLE(as usual) in the senseless movie...she shud stick to doing arm candy roles.Its better watching her expressionless face than watching some weird 'so called' expressions on her face.Sorry,but all Rani did in NOKJ was wannabe acting,it looked forced..Rani's last good performance was BLACK..she has been overracting since then.VB was much better !

Here is my pick:

BEST FILM: The Dirty Picture

Best Director: Milan Luthria (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actor In A Leading Role: HANDS DOWN Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)

Best Actress In A Leading Role: HANDS DOWN Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actor In A Supporting Role: Either Pitobash (Shor In The City) OR Nasseruddin Shah (The Dirty Picture)

Best Actress In A Supporting Role: Juhi Chawla (I AM) She blew everyone's mind away!!!!!! But I have a feeling it will go to Rani. Rani was good in NOKJ but so are the rest of the nominees. I have seen all 5 movies in this category and yes.....JUHI ALL THE WAY!!!

Best Music Director: HANDS DOWN A.R. Rahman (Rockstar)

Best Lyrics: Irshad Kamil (Sadda Haq - Rockstar)

Best Playback Singer (Male): HANDS DOWN Mohit Chauhan (Sadda Haq - Rockstar)

Best Playback Singer (Female): Shreya Ghoshal (Saibo for Shor In The City but maybe she will win it for Bodyguard)

Vidya -best actress (agreed) - i wish she gets this!!!
Rani - supporting actress??? (are you kidding me) ---i wish she bags this!!!

and how is katrina kaif for best actress and that too for mere brother ki dulhan..hope this award is for ACTING!!!

v fair indeed. VB is finally nominated for both TDP and NOKJ. Wish she cud win for both!

wat is this n0nsense kat 4 wat?

And they have six nominations for the men but couldn't give Kalki a nom for Shaitan or Rani one for NOKJ? What a joke!

Don 2 for best film, SRK and Salman for Best Actor, and Katrina Kaif for Best Actress? The Screen Awards noms really beat the Filmfare Awards hollow this year.

what in the world....kat is nominated.

wat d hell rani is not der n stupid talentless katrina is der

It loooks very fair!! First nominations, which actually speak the truth! Hope SRK wins for best actor, because he was brilliant in Don2!! Then, they should probably give the critics award to ranbir.

Katrina for MBKD, really.

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