Best actresses of 2018: From Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, here's a look at the divas who owned the year

As the year comes to an end, and we sum up everything that went by, here's presenting our pick of the best actresses from 2018.
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2018 has indeed been one of the greatest years for Bollywood. Though many films failed to make an impression, a number of underdogs did change the way we perceive Indian cinema now, and the rest is history. With films like Andhadhun, Badhaai Ho, and so many others, we saw some path-breaking films make a place at the box office and rather unexpectedly. However, they were all successful films, and what made it so were the actors who were a part of the film.

While 2018 gave us the best of the Bollywood cinema in the form of Ayushmann Khurrana, Vicky Kaushal, and Rajkummar Rao, the leading ladies have done an equally spectacular job at films that have released this year. Right from Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, Tabu to Neena Gupta, we have had a year of fulfilling films this year, and these actresses have undoubtedly owned the year and how. And well, as the year comes to an end, here’s our pick of the best actresses from 2018:

Deepika Padukone

No prizes for guessing what brings Deepika to our list. We just cannot get over Deepika’s performance in Padmaavat, and well that jauhar scene is so fierce, captivating and beautifully shot. While the film received mixed reviews, it managed to earn Rs 585 crores at the box office, and Deepika as Padmaavat successfully garnered a lot of applause for her role in the film. She has stood out in this film like no other, and her performance was par excellence. 

Alia Bhatt 

Alia Bhatt's performance in Raazi has been what can be rightly called a balance of being the girl-next-door and also the outgoing, strong character. Since her character needed those elements, she nailed it to perfection. Alia is undoubtedly one of the superstars in the making, and with the upcoming releases, we see no reason why she makes for a perfect choice to be on this list. 

Katrina Kaif

Katrina, as an actress has always been praised for her work, and her pairing with Shah Rukh Khan is something that many look forward to and while Zero as a film was rather disappointing, Katrina did well in the film. In fact, despite the kind of role she had in the film, including the screen time, one might agree that with whatever screen time she got, she did create an impact with her performance.

Sonam Kapoor

Padman as a whole was a film that had actors who totally lived up to the story, and while it did support a social cause, it also managed to put forth great performances from Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte. Given how significant Sonam's role was in the film, it did make quite a lot of difference and her performance was praiseworthy. She owned the screen while she was on it and we all know how it all went perfectly well. 

Neena Gupta

Badhaai Ho continues to be one of the best films we saw in 2018, and Neena Gupta perfectly aced the film with her acting. Be it playing the helpless mother when her sons decide to not accompany them to a family function, or when she is the daughter-in-law who has to listen to her mother-in-law's chiding, it all came so naturally to her. Badhaai Ho not just killed it with the actors and the story, but it also managed to do amazingly well at the box office.

Anushka Sharma

Well, Anushka deserves all the praises coming her way for her performance in Pari. While Zero was a great one too, but for Bollywood, she hands down deserves truckloads of appreciation for bringing to the table a film like Pari. Though the film did not break any records at the box office, it was after all a film that was critically acclaimed, and Anushka's performance can be called one of her best till date.

Radhika Apte

Radhika as an actress has been a total hit with the viewers, especially with her stints in shows and series coming in on Netflix. However, her acting in Padman was applause-worthy, and it seemed to be just another instance when she proved that she can ace any character and do any role that is given to her. She has been taking up films and show that seem to be fitting her just perfectly, or maybe, things just seem to fit in perfectly and she aces whatever she does.


We can never get enough of Andhadhun, and we can't get enough of Tabu from the film either. As fan theories keep coming in, and the mystery behind how it ended continues to exist, we think Tabu's role added a lot to the build-up, and she managed to take on it pretty great. Given how there were a number of layers to the character, Tabu did justice to Simi, and while twists and turns kept adding to her character, it all ended after all and how! Another 100 crore film, a well-deserved one I must say!

Swara Bhaskar

Veere Di Wedding was one of the year's most talked about films given how it presented four completely different women dealing with totally different problems. And while one can imagine all of it, Swara put it all out like it was effortless. She was bold and beautiful in the true sense and amongst all the four Veeres, we loved her performance the most. We all know how good as an actress she is, and Swara stood out. 

Taapsee Pannu

Manmarziyan was a film that received mixed reviews, while some found Anurag Kashyap's love story sweet, others seemed to think of it as an old wine served in a new bottle. However, irrespective of all that, Taapsee Pannu did stand out with her performance in the film. We’ve seen her performances in the past, and this can be called one of her best so far. 

Which one of these is your favourite? Drop in your comments below.

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Performance of Disha in Bhaghii 2 : let me laugh
She was good in MS DHoni only right now

The Truth is that padmavat is one of the most Soul less performance of Deepika. Deepika is stunning and she looked super stunning in those gorgeous dress. Film is shot so beautiful and it's a visual treat esp the jauhar scene but the character of Deepika was not written well. However Deepika still have a life to such a half baked character. Let's say if someone like Aishwarya was playing padmavati, then surely she would have suited the part because of her beauty but beyond that she wouldbt have been anything else than a beautiful lady in traditional dresses and jewellery and a dramatic jauhar sequence.


Deepika did NOT fit the role, she has nice features but looks best when groomed extra like she was in Bajirao or Cocktail so a role of someone known for her beauty (Padmavaati) just did not work for her, she actually ended up looking ugly because of the flat hair and unibrow. I do not understand why they did that to her.

where is Rani in the list? I think Neena gupta deserves best actress award.

My personal favourite:
Rani Mukherji for Hichki
Tabu for Andhadun

Someone is obsessed with hating on Dp. PC ? KR ? AB ? SB ?


Deepika is the best

It will go to Alia and DP . Katrina is the supporting actress ,not the main lead though I'd personally pick Surekha Sikri here . I agree Rani should be in this list . Am sure Jhanvi & Sara will be there .

deepika? i don't think she should be included in the list

Deepika padukone is the best

u ignored Rani for Hichki, Produced on a limited budget of ₹12 crore (US$1.7 million), the film has grossed ₹239.79 crore (US$36 million) worldwide, the majority of which came from China. It became one of the top five highest-grossing Bollywood films of 2018, as well as the third all-time highest-grossing Indian film led by a female protagonist.

Kya Pinkvilla, Aap toh Aishwarya ko Fanney Khan ke liye Jacquelin ko Race 3 ke liye aur Disha ko Baaghi 2 ke liye sammanit karna bhool gaye.

For me the best performances are

1) Alia Bhatt for Raazi
2) Tabu for Andhadhun
3) Neena Gupta for Badhaai Ho
4) Rani Mukherjee for Hichki
5) Deepika for Padmavat
6) Anushka for Pari and Suidhaaga

Honorable mentions : Radhika Apte

Pinkvilla completely ignored Rani Mukherjee where as Hichki was one of the successful female driven film (that too after an actress became a mother) Produced on a limited budget of ₹12 crore (US$1.7 million), the film has grossed ₹239.79 crore (US$36 million) worldwide, the majority of which came from China. It became one of the top five highest-grossing Bollywood films of 2018, as well as the third all-time highest-grossing Indian film led by a female protagonist.

I'm going to look at this with no bias, ok? Sonam Kapoor does not deserve to be on this list... for what, useless role in Padman? I don't even think her character was a real person. Anushka, Alia, and Deepika all led female oriented films, so they deserve it. Katrina gave probably her best performance, so you can put her. If you are going to put Swara and Sonam, might as well put Kareena, it was HER movie. Radhika's role in Padman was also useless and I thought she was terrible, but she is so good in Sacred Games. Tabu is the queen among queens. Finally, RANI freakin MUKERJI. What is your bias against older actresses PV?
Basically take out Swara and Sonam, and put in Rani and Kareena, and it's ok.

Katrina dos not deserve to be on this list

Sonam Kapoor? Are you serious?

Lmao, Deepika?
She was the worst thing in padmavat

Aditi is the one i remember. But Radhika and Alia will do too.

Anu's surgery has had a serious negative impact on her acting. When she screams, it looks laughable. She keeps on being used as a meme, for God's sake.

Deepika is here for getting married to Ranveer?

Deepika is there for 1min juhur scene?

Deepika? In a Ranveer show , her job was only looking good

Deepika is here?
No critics praised her acting in padmavat

Shame on Pinkvilla and the writer of this Article. You giving swara, sonam & likes of Katrina a due for the best performances of the year and giving a miss for the actual best performance of the year that is Rani Mukerji for Hichki. She was the best of the year and deserves all the awards this year. Hichki was the film which gained highest for this year as far as a solo actress film without any A list actor. Feeling pitty for Pinkvilla.

Rani and deepika

what the hell are Sonam, Swara and Katrina doing in this list?



My favourite 3 performance of the year2018
Tabu for AndhaDhun
Neena Gupta for Badhaai Ho
Rani Mukerji for Hichki

Look the list rank, Shame on this journo pinkvilla

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