Better Late Than Never: 7 months on, reopening of theatres a huge relief for film industry in Covid era

The latest announcement of cinemas reopening from 15 October will see the movie business crippling back to normalcy in a post Covid 19 era.
Theatres shut due to coronavirus pandemic. Better Late Than Never: 7 months on, reopening of theatres a huge relief for film industry in Covid era.
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Almost seven months ago the movie business, like many other businesses, came to a grinding halt in India. Across the country, the coronavirus pandemic led to a shutdown that wasn't like any other Bharat Bandh. From daily wage earners in the industry to background actors, thousands who depended on the filmmaking business, cinema or television, were left jobless and fear slowly began to cripple in. On Wednesday, the central government allowed states and Union territories to reopen schools, colleges and theatres in a phased manner. 

The news came as a big relief to multiplex owners and single screen theatres who have been on the verge of shutdown due to mounting losses. While schools, colleges and many other businesses shifted online in the last few months, the film industry and producers began to depend on the web streaming space to release their films and shows. 

Come October 15 and all of that is set to change as the government has allowed theatres to reopen and run at 50 per cent seating capacity. The reopening of theatres has come after a long wait as stakeholders had actually pinned their hopes on Unlock 4.0 as restaurants, malls and salons were allowed to operate. 

Better late than never

The film industry which drums up a business in billions annually and provides jobs to millions across India will be a boon for those who have resorted to odd jobs during the lockdown. Yes, operating with 50 per cent capacity may seem too little for producers and filmmakers who hope for house full shows but this percentage is important for a trial run. Considering the virus is still very much alive and wreaking havoc with cases touching a high of anything between 80,000 to 90,000 on a daily basis in India, the announcement is a welcome move. 

The 50 per cent capacity will also help to gauge if audiences are willing to step out and take the risk. While there is no argument that watching a film on the big screen is an experience in itself, fear of the pandemic is now deep seated. However, global trends reveal that revival of cinema has shown a strong growth. 

According to a report in Money Control, the box office in China has grown tremendously since its reopening in July and there were no difficulties in selling tickets as well. In fact, after the announcement, shares of multiplex chains like PVR Ltd and Inox Leisure Ltd surged on Thursday, reported Reuters.

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Big budget Hindi films that had kept up their dates with the festive calendar were pushed indefinitely. Salman Khan's Radhe could not be completed as well as Aamir Khan's Laal Sing Chadha. Akshay Kumar was all set to take us by surprise with Laxmmi Bomb but the film will now be releasing on an OTT platform.

There are numerous such examples but with Unlock 5 we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the film industry across India. Will it be a boon or bane? Irrespective, in Abhishek Bachchan words it is the 'best news of the week'. 

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no one will go

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No thanks

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No thank you, next.

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Please do not go to watch the meaningless movies Bollywood make