Bharat Trailer: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif recreate their onscreen magic: 5 things we absolutely loved

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat's trailer is OUT and we cannot stop ourselves from raving about it. Read on to know the five things we absolutely loved about the trailer.
Bharat Trailer: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif recreate their onscreen magic: 5 things we love  about the first trailerBharat Trailer: Salman Khan & Katrina Kaif recreate their onscreen magic: 5 things we love about the first trailer
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The trailer for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat is finally OUT and we cannot stop raving about it. With its heart at the right place, the movie is a terrific amalgamation of romance, comedy, blockbuster background score, action, and lots of it. Salman Khan as Bharat is seen taking us through his journey with the nation chronicling six decades, donning five different looks, each being different from one another. Katrina plays an interesting character with him and looks beautiful AF in each frame with those curls and sari accentuating her appearance. With the EID seeming far, we list down 5 things we absolutely, absolutely loved about the trailer.

1. Salman Khan: Come on, no prize for guessing! Salman Khan is back and how with Bharat's trailer. The superstar is seen in his top form with flexed muscles, showing vulnerability in parts and colourful young age. All the five looks donned by Salman are impressive with his old look being the highlight. This is probably the first time, Salman has donned such a look and hell, yeah, we are impressed. 

2. Emotional juncture: The movie is high on emotions, so as it seems. Capturing the journey of a man from the partition era to most recent in 2010, Salman highlights the importance of a family and his struggle and sacrifice to keep one. Though the trailer, of course, doesn't give out the plot as much, we certainly know that the movie indulges the emotions of a man who is on a hunt to fulfil his father (Jackie Shroff)'s wish, who seems to have crossed borders during the partition time. 

3. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif's chemistry: There is no way Salman and Katrina can go wrong with the chemistry. The duo looks top notch and sizzling on screen. Mind you, Katrina makes you laugh out loud with her comic timing in one of the scenes in the trailer. The actress has really worked hard and it is very much apparent with her evolution as an actor in the last few years. 

4. Music: Hard-hitting and catchy, that's exactly what the music and background score for Bharat is. The slow motion song has already made us excited and another surprise is a hard-hitting track titled Zinda which is perhaps going to be the best song of the album. 

5. Supporting cast: Apart from all the hysteria and highlights we have already discussed, it is the supporting cast of the movie which stands out. Disha Patani, Nora Fatehi, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff among others leave a luring impression by the end of the three minutes and 14 seconds long trailer. 

Eid just got longer! 

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Katrina looks desperate to prove her mettle as an actress. When you become desperate for your goals in life you surely achieve a part of your goal maybe not completely. I used to believe she was a hardworking model and a superstar who is not meant for acting but not after zero.There is a certain acting depth in her and she can shine in certain types of roles( though not sure about this desi character)

You cant call her an actress after zero where she played her own self and it was her own story. It wasn't acting.

Katrina's image is of diva who is known for her good looks and immense sex appeal. The role of a glamorous nation's hearthrob yet heartbroken actress fitted her to T. She is a bit unbelievable in a non glamorous middle class Indian woman role. But I appreciate that she is trying something new with every film.

Katrina PR calm down

Katrina is better than her usual self here, in fact the best she could be. But man she was an exception in zero,I can't believe it is the same katrina. It didn't felt at all as if she was acting. I want to see her in anand L rai film centered around d babita and her film life.

Ofcourse she wasnt acting . She played herself in the film

It’s so annoying how you Indians can go down on Katrina for her accent but so proud of your “desi girl” Priyanka Chopra acting in Hollywood. Priyanka English accent is so terrible, it’s horrible!!!!!! But no one in the western world talks about it because we accept uniqueness and variety.

But you Indians are just so narrow minded for marking Katrina down on her accent.

It’s so annoying how you Indians put Katrina down for her accent....nobody puts Priyanka Chopra down for her awful accent in Hollywood tv.

I’m sure you wouldn’t like people bad talking Priyanka’s english accent so just quit it with Katrina’s accent.

It’s so annoying how you Indians put Katrina down for her accent....nobody puts Priyanka Chopra down for her awful accent in Hollywood tv. Damn people grow the f up

Salman Khan always to be at 27.

Salman Khan is looking so young and bright and his bike stunts wows again. He never disappoints his fans,no wonder he is called always 27.

Omg haters are going mad after seeing her performance. Katrina rocked everybody shocked.

Hi kat PR

Omg blind fans are calling her expression less face and worst hindi a performance. Slow claps. Katrina flop lovers shocked.
Pv post this please

Now i understand y priyanka left this, she shouldn't have signed it in first place.

I loved Kat's dialogue delivery in the trailer. Her expressions are as usual quite limited but damn...the dialogue was impressive. Disha looked so cute...I hope she gets bigger films. I don't care about Salman...the last look was quite cute though. I see some blind haters here. Glad I am evolved enough to appreciate a woman whom I have trashed in the past.

Kate's dialogue delivery is only loved by her fans. It's bad and doesnt sound desi at all.

I think Katrina seemed good in the trailer. Her delivery and loooks were good. Obviously Salman is the main star and owns it but they still have Katrina a good presentation. Looks great!

Wow great work ali abbas jafar, everything is at their best.

OMG. This is awesome!!

Katty is unbearable. And gosh how she ruined her only lines with her atrocious British accent.

Katrina's hindi is so bad. She is not suitable for the role. Please Pinkvilla , Katrina has zero chemistry with Ex Bf and the comic scene as per your words as not at all funny.

Katrina's dialogue delivery and accent sucks. She has no expression and feel while saying her lines.

All those people who have negative commented about Katrina, first go and watch the trailer then write.

People who are speaking the truth about Katrina, has seen the trailer. Its audience's right to say what is right and it's a fact that Katrina cant act and her hindi sounds so awful. She doesn't look desi. Its not negativity. Katrina fans should learn to admit the truth and respect others opinion.

I love Katrina in that dialogue. I really hope this works out for her.

Hi Katrina PR. That only dialogue is said with an expressionless face and in awful accent.

Katrina is a show piece with one expression and same old look

As usual kat is the biggest let down.

Salman has more chemistry with Disha than old and flop Katrina.

Lol neither is ur padukone some 21 years old hottie. She too can't compete with disha and in fact she could never even when she was young. Definitely when katrina was of disha's age in her newyork days she was the most beautiful women in India. Nobody can be young forever but you illogical padukone fans won't understand it but you hypocrite padukone fans cry on the rooftop when somebody calls ur padukone old lol.

Disha outshines Katrina.

Sorry there is no chemistry between kat and her ex sallu.

Katrina's evoulation as an actor. Hahaha. Joke of the century. She is expressionless with dead eyes as usual.

PC was the first choice. Katrina is zero without Salman

Katrina will ruined it. Weakest of all in the promo.

Narrow minded Indians talk about actors age but watch English movies with actors much older



Ali has a brilliant way of presenting his female characters. For me mbkd was katrina's best act. She looked like captain of that film. I never loved Anushka so much than in sultan. She was just brilliant as a mother of dead child. Priyanka was awesome in gunday, her vulnerability was very well shown. Zoya was a good character too but it is created by Kabir khan. Let's see with the roles of disha, kat,tabu and nora in Bharat.

Ali Abbas Zafar is really a good filmmaker. A filmmaker should know to make films for masses and not films that gets tons of critical acclaim but empty halls on release. Mbkd was a good one time watch followed by gunday. Sultan was awesome and tiger zinda Hai was just excellent.

So people don't have any problem with 54 years budha Salman romancing 24 years Disha but somehow feels Deepika would have looked older than Varun in kalank. Hypocrites.

It was the requirement of the role that he looks young n disha would be his young age romance. It's not like in the story he is 54 n he will falling for 24 year old disha

apni aukaad me reh...bhaijaan is the best. He more good looking than ranveer. He look young than deepika. Deepika is old now. Bhaijaan disha jodi rockzz.

Everything is perfect in this (even Kat is bearable). There's lors of differances between the original and this. It's a good thing as we will not watch a copy paste. Thank you Ali. This is gonna be insane!

God! Salman and Disha looks hot together. Please give us a Dhoom 4 with them!

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