Catch The Magic Of Khoobsurats First Kiss!

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The Khoobsurat team revealed this fun motion poster on their Facebook page earlier. After two posters which showed nothing but the lower half of Sonam and Fawads bodies, we finally see their faces!

Watch the funky and super cute clip below, and tell us what YOU think of this pair.

#Team Royal or #TeamMisfit?


trailer gives a glims that filim has no soul

Ohhh...luv u fawad khan...


this movie look so cute

watched his pakistani drama ZGH...he was great in that...i watched that show only b'coz of him and will watch this movie only coz of him, despite knowing the fact that he would have only 4-5 scenes..........

#zindagigulzarhai trended number 3 in india today because of the last episode. Go Team ZGH and Fawad and thank you to all Indians who appreciated this good work. Good Luck with Khoobsurat

he looks like hugh jackman...

Fawad Fawad Fawad

"He doesnt need to kiss his heroine or do any intimate scenes to have that awesome chemistry with his heroines"
exactlyyyyyyy.. I totally agree

Awww so sweet. I have been following his work for quite some time. I recommend you watch Akbari Asghari he plays this punjabi paindoo dude who wants to go abroad. It's really unlike his real self. You will enjoy his work. I am glad you liked ZGH.

Huge fan of Sonam, just love her fun personality. Glad Rhea casted Fawad coz he seems huge! All of his fans are so eager to watch his bollywood debut!! I think they make such a khoobsurat pair!

Aisha sequel????? NOOOO BACHOOOOOO

when Sonam comes n smiles... i start to smile :D wht a beautiful smile she has!!

Someone should tell Sonam that smiling widely and wearing pretty clothes is not the same as acting.

Love love love pyaar pyaar pyaar

hey he is Mr Bean

he luks lyk ben affleck from argo

who is fawad.. i still dont know , sonam continues overacting

google him and you'll know who is Fawad Khan...

I cant keep my eyes of him!! Love the song in the background

fawad looks boring..

sorry I don't think this movie is going to big, lets be realistic!

Hmmm, the girly girl in me would watch this! The guy is sexy as hell and makes a nice pair with Sonam. I only wish, as this is a Kapoor production, Sonam won't hog all the action from the male lead again *cough Aisha cough* It would be, again, a waste of romantic chemistry and potential.
Khoobsurat sounds great as a title, in fact I just love the word itself.

Please read the book Emma from Jane Austen. It's all about the women, ie WOMEN CENTRIC. The guy Abhay was playing doesn't get more shine. Even in the american adaptations Emma with Gwyneth Palthrow & clueless with Alicia Silverstone, it's exactly the same. If yall want to criticise @ least do some research beforehand. Sh*t is getting old, seriously.

I understand the hunger for more of Abhay, but it's on him to sign for movies that revolve more around him. He signed for the story knowing very well how it would go. + they sure can get more opportunities to work together, so it's ok so, the paring remains fresh.

Lol, I wasn't criticizing without being on the know. I watched Aisha only because I knew it was an adaptation after JA's Emma. I thought I would give it shot because I liked JA's previous Indian adaptations (B&P and KK), though I'm not exactly a fan of Sonam's acting. Yeah, Emma is totally "women centric", as generally is JA's literary corpus, which btw, hasn't a single scene without a female character in it. But, that being said, Aisha was totally focused on Sonam's character in the detriment of the story line's organic flow and the other characters' development. Heck, even Aisha was a 2D character and imo, 75% of the movie was a fashion show. Poor writing, bad editing and focus on Sonam fashionista ruined the movie for me (though it was cute at times). Emma is foremost a character driven novel/story, and the protagonist's epiphanies about herself are being brought to light directly/indirectly by Mr. Knightley. He might not directly participate in Emma's matchmaking schemes, in fact he's against them, but he's hovering about them, and if he doesn't intuits them by himself, Emma confides them to him. The highlights of the story stay in their intense and witty verbal sparring interactions imo. Again, Aisha the movie lacks those principal ingredients. Most serious reviews noted the same, so I don't know why are we still debating this.

And I wasn't grudging per se the Sonam focus in Aisha, knowing that the movie was made by her father's production house as a star vehicle for her. Hrithik's collaborations with his father suffer from the same propensity. I was only objectively remarking on this inherent flaw of family production movies, in this case Aisha, and hoping Khoobsurat won't have the same fate. I like my women centric movies, Queen was a blast, but only when the female character is well written and well acted, while the plot has some pull. Anyway, Khoobsurat as a story is centered around the female character, so Kapoor prod. knew very well what they were getting into. But they are marketing the movie as a romantic comedy, when in fact, it will be Milli's adventures aka quirky antiques in the royal household. I'll still watch it because I like the lead pair being consciously manipulated by the cute teaser. Also, knowing what to expect from the storyline I won't be disappointed again if the love story takes a backseat.

You liked BnP? BnP had made a caricature of Mr.Darcy. Mr.Darcy is all about smoldering,to me! This fella broke Mr.Darcy's smolder (Courtesy, Flynn Rider)! People should just stop doing screen adaptations of PnP coz Colin Firth has immortalized Mr.Darcy in its BBC adaptation. Love Mr.Darcy, love Colin Firth

Yes, Colin Firth... Le sigh!

ITA with your comment of yesterday by the way!

Awesome analysis tbh!

"...I was only objectively remarking on this inherent flaw of family production movies, in this case Aisha, and hoping Khoobsurat won't have the same fate." ---> ITA the movie wasn't perfect@ all. I guess they favored a Clueless-like (fluffy) version of it & it didn't work out as hoped. I watched it & thought it was cute, nothing dramatically bad as some like to say. I guess I was just happy to see a movie for the youth, centered around a girl for a change & not some recycled story about a Khan going back to school, lol.

Editing is more often than not an issue in this kind of cinema, I agree. I thought that the disapproval of Knightley was quite well conveyed by Abhay though & the epiphany that brought a change in her seemed acurate to me @ that time. Mmm. Maybe i should go back & watch it with my brains on this time, something I am gulty of not doing with most hindi (& hollywoodian!) movies. :-)

"Also, knowing what to expect from the storyline I won't be disappointed again if the love story takes a backseat." I must confess that I generally avoid the adaptations of my fav books, they always end up being disappointing. (IDK if I'll ever watch les Misérables for instance.) Emma isn't my fav Austen Novel, it might be different if it was Wuthering Heights tho! lol!

Thought-provoking comment! I wish it was always like this, real talk. You know what you're talking about & this is a constructive criticism, it makes sense. I really hope those PR people read comments like this & work with it. So mea culpa for coming @ you like that & lumping you in the hater case, the bias here can get really ridic when a celeb (Sonam or anyone else) isn't the flavor of the month. Queen is an awesome movie in term of character development & directional work I totally agree again, I sure hope there are more like that to come. It was a pleasure to have this exchange with you, really.

BollyFanLuver, You are 100 percent right. I hate when people moan that Sonam stole all the limelight from Abhay. That's how Emma was, it was based around the character of Emma. It focused more on Abhay it wouldn't have been true to the book.

Who said Sonam stole Abhay's thunder?
Though Abhay did not have as much screen time as Sonam had, he made his presence felt.
I liked Aisha a lot. It was a 100% chick-flick, a genre which is not so popular in India.
Here, all the makers are hell-bent on showing the guy friendships as if we girls don't have a life and cool friendships other than being eye candies around guys. Talk about double standards!
If Sonam hogs the limelight, let her have all the limelight!
Most of the times,heroes hog the limelight with heroins having nothing to do other than adding the glamour quotient.
This looks like another chick-flick like Aisha. So Sonam should be more visible!

Teaser looks okay - Both are looking really nice.

All what i can say is Sonam's movies are so posh and expensive looking :) Because as per Aisha she was promoting L'Oreal and all during the movie Okie this is going to be a new adventure in Hindi Cinema. Because what i am thinking is it does nt carry any desi look in it.

Yeah I'm really liking Sonam's movies. She is picking very unique scripts like Raanjhana and Bhaag Mikha Bhaag.

fawad is a typical mannequin type person. he looks more like a sherwani model who stands and poses rather than an actor.

well you're totally wrong!! you're saying so because you've never watched his work..
watch his Pakistani series and you'll definitely change your mind

Oh hello!!!!!watch his work and then talk!!!!clueless people!!!

It was Sonam and co who casted Fawad in this role when most of the Indian including me were not even heard of him!! Infact I had called him the upgraded version of Nawazuddin ..So now people thinks someone else should have casted in place of Sonam LOL must understand it was a huge risk for them that time ..still they went ahead and casted him . we may be we still would have not liked him if ZGH had not happened!! So people can chill!!!

I haven't seen ZGH, but Fawad was super popular even before that in Pakistan. My Pakistani friends couldn't stop raving about him-- that's how i watched Dastaan (back in 2010). He was already really popular with the ladies-- so i wouldn't necessarily call casting him a risk. In fact he seems like a safe bet--I mean, look at him! It's funny, if you go back and look at other posts of Khoobsurat, most of the PV comments are about Fawad. Decent actor, immense screen presence. I think he'll do good in B-town!

I beg to differ. Of course he has a certain following, but he remains unknown to the masses. It's definitely a risk, especially since Sonam herself isn't the most popular right now. Taking someone way more popular in India like Ranbir & Co would help give this a better shot @ the BO. Let's give credit where credit is due. :-)

Exactly ZGH is the reason why people are loving fawad khan. I hope this film turns out to be a success. Lots of luck to fawad & Sonam :)

despite being indian i kinda in love with this fawad....

as soon as the color came on and Sonam gave that khoobsurat big smile, i found myself smiling too. this movie will bring joy!!!

i watch it only for fawad became his diehard fan after watching zindagi gulzar hai what a right timing in favor for fahad he already rage in india love you from heart.

Sonam should quit acting. She is simply not good enough. Maybe she will be okay in a soap.

HAHAHAHA! Hating on her because she didn't suffer in the beginning of her career ain't going to stop her, trust me.

Sonam can act! She is just as good as most Bollywood actresses. Sonam isn't as famous because she doesn't do big banner movies with the Khans.

ITA with you! I respect her more for not going the obvious Khan route & for choosing a riskier path for herself, honestly. She isn't a follower like some.

Guyz plz do give her a chance. Stop this unnecessary sarcasm and negativity . She is just like deepika in terms of everything except gud luck n thaz wat is pulling her down.....Hope thys tym her luck supports her hard work.......ALL THE BEST!!! SONAM

i love fawad, but why has indian industry made him size zero? he looks so healthy and handsome in his previous work.

Dont blame the indian industry. He did this on his own. God knows who told him to get surgery done. I loved him with fuller cheeks. Hope he gets back to his older look

He hasn't done anything to his face. He is type 1 diabetic and hence the weight loss he suffers from health issues. he needs to put on weight i agree

It's not surgery. Fawad Khan is a diabetic and has to keep his weight in check to remain healthy.

I need to see Fawad with Priyanka, Kareena, and Deepika!

Not trying to be hateful here but I cringe just thinking of how Sonam can pull of an effervescent character from Khoobsurat , she lacks screen presence and dialogue delivery skills . Hope its different this time around but I like Fawad Khan , he is hot :D

Your beloved Fawad thinks Sonam is good enough to accept acting opposite her. An actor is here to take risks, try new things. Be happy, she had the courage to think outside the box & give him a new platform in India.

This girl is a go getter. She isn't always offered the kind of roles she wants, so she went ahead & created one for herself. Aisha was not perfect; it was good enough but miles ahead of time for the masala cum action loving indian public. Mind you, many girls still watch it religiously & find the girl you say is mediocre, awesome. Yes it seemed like a remake of Clueless, but Clueless is based on the Novel Emma from Jane Austen, which she cited as her inspiration.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I for myself hope their gamble pays off & the movie is a success. Actresses shouldn't wait for producers to give them the space they need & recognition they deserve. I hope all true positive women centric movies do well, it will help the self-confidence of girls all over India & teach little boys to be better men in the future. Representation is important.

*steps of the preachers box*, end of the rant.


100% agreed......haters get a life hnh

Awwww!!!!!!Fawad !!!! Zindegi guljar hain...yea ishk ka daraar hain !!!!today last episode and will miss u terribly :(:(
But glad your first bollywood movie is coming and lots of best wishes for your futur!!!!u r awesome fawad!!!

If at all this film works, it will only be because of fawad khan. The nation is loving him and the comment sec is filled with his name

Lets hope the film does really well and Fawad and Sonam both get tonnz of appreciation for their performances :)

Yes i hope the film does wonders for both :)

Sonam's ratio is higher. Wtf

Watch ur language buddy ;)

I am an Indian and never followed any Hindi soap religiously..but recently started following "Zindagi Gulzar Hain" from Zindagi channel. I am really spellbound with Fawad and Sanam's performance. Now they are my favorite actors and I loved their serial. I never saw a beautiful and awesome serial like ZGH. Coming to Fawad, he is an extremely talented and a good looking actor. I am definitely going to watch this movie for him ONLY. He stole my heart and I think I have now become one of his greatest fans!!
Welcome to India Fawad and hope you become also very popular among Indian audiences too!!

you need to watch HUMAFAR was a super hit show...they even did world tours after the show was done. thats how big the show was. watch it you will love it. fawad & mahira match made in heaven couple. (sadly they are married in real life)

Ohh pls humsafar was damn boring & regressive. ZGH was much superior in terms of content & characterization. But yes i do agree fawad n mahira make a damn good couple

It is no doubt a good serial but you must watch Humsafar, his work is far superior & the chemistry btw him & Mahira Khan is phenomenal. He's won fans all over ever since Humsafar aired.

Thanks buddy!! I will surely watch it for Fawad..I found the episode videos in YT :)

Oh God!! just post the damn trailer, I'm loosing control!!

Good Luck Fawad and Sonam. Fawad I Personally enjoyed watching you act in Akbari Asghari you played that role marvelously because it was so opposite to your real self. I know you are capable of achieving anything. Please stay humble and keep up with the Good work. Also take care of your health as you look a little frail.

So predictable and guaranteed flop - stiff, "royal" family with a domineering matriarch, and Sonam enters playing that cliched manic pixie dram girl type, all funky and "modern" and she teaches the stiff royals how to live...In such cliched stories, the difference is in the treatment and magnetism of the leads...will give Fawad the benefit of doubt but Sonam is as usual going to be loud and shrill and the same old smiling silly self.

so true, rekha shone thru in the original with her acting skills and incredible persona , sonam lacks screen presence, fawad might be the saving grace

I didn't know it was possible for a man to be so good looking. Seriously. My heart aches that he is married.

so flippin cute!!

So cute!! Really looking forward to this movie.

I'm only here for Fawad

This September seems to be the month of unique, different looking movies....Mary Kom, Finding Fanny and now Khoobsurat. I hope they all do well cuz they all seem to have strong female roles and hopefully, Bollywood will continue to write a lot more better roles for women....high time!

Please stop "teasing" us and give us the trailer already!!!! Like when is it coming out???? All I know is that it's going to be a family friendly love story/full on entertainer. The boy comes from a very strict household (judging by his body language and traditional, standard like clothes) whereas Sonam's playing a fun loving, free-spirited, colorful girl. Had this been Anushka or Parineeti, this wouldn't have clicked that much cuz we have seen them play those kind of roles to death. For Sonam, it's a new avatar and looks really interesting.

Stop comparing him with kohli etc . He's way too good to be compared with them

If u are a pakistani then let me tell u that fawad is being extremely loved in india. I too m a huge fan of his bt that does not mean u can go around insulting indian boys. Pls maintain respect :)

Stop being so stupid. Fawad is nothing in front of Kohli.

Zindagi gulzar hai..... yeh ishq ka darbar hai.......LOVE U FAWAD U R OUR NATIONS PRIDE :)

Aww... Didn't know he is this big in Pakistan!!

Yes he is the most loved and best actor in pakistan people just love him here and now indians too :)

I hope it doesn't turn out to be Aisha-2.

#Teamboxoffice fail

Like the funky music in the background! Looks like a classy well made movie!!!

Is it just me or his smile/ lower jaw totally resembles Ali Zafar..

Is just you.

He has kind of a good looking but generic face. Like most men when they keep the groomed beard, they start to look similar. So, hence, similarity to Ali, viral kohli and such! Same lean body frame too, and not so tall. Infact, think he is same height as Sonam herself!

They look adorable together! Love the chemistry :)

Not a Sonam fan but she is adorable in this one.

People say he looks uncomfortable when sonam kissed him.... Hahaha so stupid lol.. He looks comfortable!

well he's an actor.. a good actor so of course it wouldn't show if he's being uncomfortable or confused from "inside"…..

Awww sonam looks so cute!

I didn't know him and thanks to rhea/anil :)
Btw they look nice!

So far, the marketing technique is cool and different. Fawad and Sonam look adorable together. I am very jealous of Sonam right now, she kissed Fawad.

Aisha Part 2.

Take a deep breathe, relax and smile, all the hate will go away. Just a film, no need to be so negative about that.

I think Fawad should be working as a peace ambassador - so many positive comments for a pakistani actor unbelievable lol.

Awesome idea good job team fawad sonam looking awesome fawad plz gain some weight plz

omg omg... sonam you lucky girl.. you gotta kiss FAWAD KHAN

what a waste pair, Fawad and Jacqueline would have looked much better. fawad looks way prettier than Sonam

Sonam looks super pretty, both of them. Have a good feeling about this movie, think it's gonna be good. The the background music is unique and nice, sounds funky!! Loving it!

lots of love to khoobsurat fawad........ ;)

His expressions are fab.

they both are looking cute together...looking forward to this movie...super excited....

Okay, I had my doubts, but they look really cute together!

I like fawad with fuller cheeks not with sunken cheeks like these but u still hv to admit that he looks super handsome. Such a gorgeous man!

OMG he is so handsome....dying to watch this movie only for fawad.......

Ashmit Patel is better looking.

Than ranveer singh

judge him by his acting skills...

I like fawad with fuller cheeks not with sunken cheeks like these but u still hv to admit that he looks super handsome. Such a gorgeous man!

eagerlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waitin to watch SONAM :)
Luv her

Fawad's expressions are awesome....and this must be his first onscreen

OMG i know.

Kitna khoobsurat hai Fawad khan.. Can't wait

Sonam looks so naughty before kissing fawad!! And he looks so sophisticated and handsome, it's intimidating ;D

Fawad sukh ke haddi kaise ban gaya?Kahan hai Zaroon?? still he looks cute

It isn't because of diabetes that he has lost weight. Rhea and co. demanded weight loss for the Vikram character.

Yeah us fans want him to gain weight miss zaroon look. But he has type 1 diabetes and ppl said becoz of that he has some health issues.

Sonam is so adorable with her smile!! And love what she is wearing in this film so far, matches her sunny disposition!! Love love those colorful indian embroidery and how chic do they look. Why hasn't the fabric cought on in india?? They make the most beautiful and comfortable casual wear!!!

I believe this will soon become a trend once the movie releases...She is anyways a 'style icon' for young girls like me!!

Sonam looks so nice.

This looks like a cute movie, she's always in movies with great stories. u man...

Is it only me Fawad with stubble looks a bit like Virat kohli especially in this video .....

Infectious smile! I so hope this movie does wonders for sonams career!!! Good luck sweetheart

So it's a new thing now on doing a short trailer...of an official trailer?

Omg he has lost too much weight. He looked ok in tht pakistan tv show but now he's skinny :S

Sonam smile is so contagious. .

Two CUTIES!!! ahhh love them. Fawad is so... oooolala

Awesome!! Super-cute...They look great together


OMG can't wait

They look good together..

Team misfit and team royal!! They look adorable together! All I want to see is a few minutes of intense crushing and love in the movie; it is a tall order given it is a PG movie with Disney. But all the same...

I can't wait for this film. It looks so different and fun.

I love the promotion of this movie. So classy!

Very unique promotional tactics so far! LOVE, love it. RELEASE THE TRAILER ALREADY! Ugh.

ohh god! Fawad is so handsome! Very Nawabi looking. Ima watch this one just for him!

PS: For people who haven't heard of him, watch an episode or two from "Dastaan." He was soo intense!

it looks cute ;)

OMG super super cute clip. Sonam's smile could brighten up anything and Fawad khan give this calm, cool, confident and mature vibe! I am so excited to see this couple and really curious to watch this seemingly fun and happy movie!!! WOW

Surprisingly Sonam looks good with Fawad ! like it :)

aww so cute. i really wish they hadn't disney-ed it up though.


Bessssst!!!!!! :D

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