With CBI taking over Sushant Singh Rajput's case, netizens must now put an end to obscure conspiracy theories

On Wednesday, India's Supreme Court granted the wish of millions after weighing the pros and cons in Sushant Singh Rajput's case and transferring it to CBI.
Discussion,Disha Salian,Sushant Singh Rajput CaseWith CBI taking over Sushant Singh Rajput's case, netizens must now put an end to obscure conspiracy theories.
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Almost more than two months ago, Bollywood lost a bright star. An actor who had enthralled us on celluloid with his boy-next-door looks, charming smile and attention-grabbing performance. Sushant Singh Rajput's demise came as a jolt to not just the Hindi film industry but also across film stars in India. While on the surface, Sushant's demise highlighted the wrong side of glamour and the dark side of Bollywood, revelations in the last few weeks surrounding Rhea Chakraborty and others have been anything but explosive. 

This week particularly has been victorious for Sushant Singh Rajput's fans who have tirelessly been rallying for support and demanding a CBI enquiry in the matter. On Wednesday, India's Supreme Court granted the wish of millions after weighing the pros and cons in the case. 

It its ruling, the top court stated, "Sushant Singh Rajput was a talented actor and died well before his full potential could be realised. Many are keenly awaiting the outcome of the probe so speculations can be put to rest. Therefore, a fair, competent, impartial investigation is need of the hour." 

Adding, "The dissemination of real facts through unbiased investigation would certainly result in justice for the innocents, who might be the target of vilification campaign,” SC said in the order. 

While Sushant's fans and those demanding justice for the actor have done a noteworthy job in spearheading the campaign, there are many others who have aggressively floated around conspiracy theories. Scores of netizens have tried time and again to connect the actor's name to various people. 

Not just that, bizarre theories on Sushant's CCTV footage being cut off to his former celebrity manager Disha Salian's pregnancy have cropped up during this online crusade. For the unversed, Disha Salian died by suicide few days before Sushant's tragic demise. And not just netizens, but even politicians have made serious allegations and contributed to this mockery. 

These theories have not only been spread like wildfire on social media but has also hurt those who have found themselves in the midst of these dire situations. This even led to Disha Salian's father Satish Salian, pleading all those involved to stop speculating. He said, "Please I request don't believe in such rumours do not spread such rumours. For your benefit, do not use my daughter and defame her. From politicians, media and people I request please don't do this to our daughter. Do not play with her." 

There are no two ways about the fact that social media has played a huge role in fuelling these rumours,  but it is now more important than ever to use it wisely. With CBI now taking over the case, baseless conspiracy theories are not the need of the hour and netizens as well as those in power must act responsibly. 

It should be noted that even the top court in its order stated that a fair probe will put speculations to rest, but until then patience and hope are of prime importance.    

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Anonymous 2 months ago

Who the hell says so. We will keep talking & conspiracy in Sushant’s death is real anyways we people don’t care for Bollywood anymore

Anonymous 2 months ago

Public is watching like hawk, all the proceedings. Really, public revealed mark of strangulation, injuries, dupatta, bed ceiling height, finger moving, two vans, stun gun, cooper video. why should public keep quiet.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Not only public but the first who opened our eyes was Kangana with her Instagram video ! Never forget that she was the first voice for SSR !

Anonymous 2 months ago

We will not stop until the culprits go to jail. ! Justice for SSR !

Anonymous 2 months ago

Please note, NETIZENS are the reason that CBI is here today, otherwise BW would have brainwashed the world as suicide and started their business of fooling people to watch their crap faces and movies on the second day itself!!.

Anonymous 2 months ago

It was the public's voice that led us to today with the CBI stepping in, so nobody dare to tell the people to shut up. If they don't care, then carry on with your lives, but don't tell the people what to do! We won't keep quiet till justice is served, cause in India, the moment you look away for a second, vital matters are swept under the carpet with these corrupt authorities. I'm from NZ & not even Indian but as a human being who has watched BW movies all my life & know that Sushant was brutally murdered, I'm NOT going to "move on", we are only going to "push forward". So suck it up BW!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Says who? PV? Bollywood celebrities- Who are the creators of blinds, PR stories?

Anonymous 2 months ago

amid all this noise forget about big bw actors, what are so nice BW folks like ashwini iyer, nitish tiwari(who directed sushant), ...what are they doing? no support, so they are not hypocrites?

Anonymous 2 months ago

Simi Garewal too...encouraging all fake story tellers.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Absolutely. Bohot ho chuka drama aur conspiracy theories aur settling scores putting gun over a dead man's shoulders. About time people shut up in terms of going gaga over every conspiracy theory and let law take the course. Please post PV.

Anonymous 2 months ago

they should put sandip into jail already. the video of him and mitu singh approaching ambulance which carries two bodies is available on net. and please, comments on video saying sandeep is blocking mitus sight make me laugh. mitu looks down on sushants body but is very calm seeing his injuries. excuse? she was trying to keep strong. two bodies are loaded in 2 stretchers with mitu there whole time. Excuse? sandeep somehow blindfolded her so for several hours the other body and loading and unloading evaded her knowledge. sandip has arms over mitu when family is naming him in FIR, Excuse? his PR was taking pictures. the flat is wiped out clean removing evidence by SSRs relatives. excuse? there were valuables. family keeps dead quiet for 1 month and 40 days not joining for CBI inquiry. excuse? they were in shock and incapable. family files not murder charge inspite of seeing injuries but agreeing to suicide. excuse? they thought it was useless to press murder charge. yes, please interrogate rhea, sandip, pithani, keshav (where is he, btw) deepesh, policemen but also look at all angles. otherwise investigation is faulty.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Yes. Netizens & Kangana shud stop cooking stories.


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