Celebrate Disney with Khoobsurat

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I remember making a post some 6 years back here about Bollywood meeting Disney but who knew we would have our very own Disney movie. With Khoobsurat just around the comer here's a lookie at Disney princesses who we have grown up watching. Pick your favorite.

[img_assist|nid=308099|title=Elsa & Anna|desc=Sisters forever

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How ? How the hell did Disney produce a film wid Sonam Kapoor ! And that too remaking Khoobsurat!

No matter how old I get or where I go, Disney movies are always my favorite

Take a wild guess at mine :P


rapunzel, merida, elsa and anna are my favourites - all very strong and independent characters

Ariel, Jasmine and Merida are my favorite Disney heroines!

Sonam looks like a Disney Princess. A Fawad a true handsome prince (just wish he didn't get so skinny) haha. It's cute.

I don't see the point of this post. Disney is not bollywood.

Amazing post.

What does Sonam have to do with the animated Disney princesses? Just because Disney is involved does not mean it is in the same calibre as animated films like Alladin etc... Disney was also involved with Roadside Romeo (horrible movie) that didn't make those characters a household name... if you want to make comparisons compare with a move like "The Princess Diaries" and sadly Sonam's dad had to have a hand in this film for her to get the lead role... and its funny how she makes fun of "loud" acting and makes jabs at the "loud north indian characters" (eluding to characters played by Anushka and Parineeti) and now she is trying the same thing in this movie... this movie may fair decently at the box office and that will be due to its high budget (elborate sets etc) and the life that actors like Kiron Kher breathe into the film... Sonam should model and that is all... although her body isn't exactly in modeling shape, so maybe just catalogue modelling. She is not an actress, her facial expressions are horrible (looks like shes going to burst out laughing any second) her voice is incredibly annoying, even sad excuse for an actress Katrina Kaif is better off because atleast she works hard and tries, Sonam merely rides her fathers coattails and needs to stop, reassess her career path, and if it is acting she wants to do, she needs to go back to school and start from the bottom and put in the hardwork, rather than cashing in her connections.

Why a wall though? ain't nobody gont time for that.

Clearly you do.. sitting around waiting to comment on any negative comments against sonam

Well at least he/she spreading positivity and not negativity so hush up.

Why, yes! That's a good fan's job. Do you have the same issue with other celebs & their fans or am I just the lucky one? I didn't know my antics were so prominent! Now I feel so special. & it's not gonna make me stop though, not now in anycase. Imma continue just for your pleasure. ;-*

"Party Chalegi till 6 in the morning!" Thread hi-jacking! #abhitohpartyshuruhuihai is OUT!!!

Woot Woot!

little mermaids's name is Ariel

Belle, Jasmine, Elsa and Rapunzel are my favourite Disney princesses

I love Disney movies!!

Sonam is plain annoyin!

AWESOME POST!!! No one is too old to enjoy Disney movies! Of course, I love all the "exoctic" characters, they are so brave! & Merida of course. but who could forget Belle & Arielle?

I can't wait for Khoobsurat, because modern prince & fairytale! My all time fav is not a "princess" though, it's Maleficent so diabolically played by none other than The Jolie.

Bollywood Lover, thanks for this marvelous post! :*

Age no matter... Disney films will always remain favourites! Can't wait for September 19th to watch India's first Disney film and who better than Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan to carry it forward! It's going to be amazing

I love Disney Movies but what does Sonam have to teach us?
1) Wear Branded or Use Branded
2) Show out your Clothing styles before other sneek peek on it
3) Expensive Trips with Fam and friends
4) Unstoppable talking (Mostly gossiping)


Dark clouds on a celebratory post! Some are just unhappy to see others happy...

- Are you sure you're not confusing Aisha with Khoobsurat? Me thinking you watched that DVD once too many. There is a difference between real & reel. Too bad you can't make it.

- Mili is mostly rocking Asos in this movie. Even the indian brands she will wear are on the "lesser" price scale. Since when is Asos selling branded clothes? It's highstreet dear, even less expensive than Zara & Mango. Only the princely family will rock expensive designers in the movie to show the wealth they have. (Go check R.Rathore's interview concerning Vikram's character: eye opening)

"Expensive Trips with Fam and friends" --> have you seen the movie before us? If so thanks for the heads up! Escapism is just what i need nowadays.

- I hope you hated Kal Ho NaHo, ZnMD, Devdas & etc... too, & you don't plan to watch Zoya's next: all those movies depict the life of the rich & fabulous.

@The irony of you complaining about gossip on a gossip site...

- sending you big cyber hugs, I think you need them.


Cute post! Khoobsurat, can't wait!!

Creative disney styled posters like them. I wl life-long cherish al these characters in my mind

no matter how old i get, i still love watching disney films... merida, elsa and mulan are my favorite disney princesses (is anna a disney princess?)

Elsa & Anna neither are Disney princesses yet from what i understand. not officially yet but reports saying they going to be 12th & 13th princesses in line.

#fawadfever #prince charming #princess #millimadness #happilyeverafter can't wait for Sept 19th. Need to see more songs and promos on TV please, pretty please!!!!

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