Controversies and confessions that brewed out of Koffee with Karan

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The fourth season of the very popular chat show Koffee with Karan is back with a bang. As Salman Khan gets ready to take the spotlight on the first episode airing December 1, we recollect the very many confessions and controversies that brewed out of these 'Koffees'. There is something about that coffee, which makes the guests warm up to their host, and open up like never before. Or perhaps, there is something about the host, who has a knack of getting all the skeletons out of their closets. Whatever it is, it thrills us to no end, watching our most favourite stars in their candid best. We love it when they throw caution to the wind and try to be their wittiest best, not knowing that these statements are to create havoc in the days to come. Read on..

"Ranbir Kapoor, Endorse a condom brand": Deepika Padukone

So it was season 3 where Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor were at their wittiest best. Deepika had broken up with Ranbir Kapoor and she spoke much about him and his philandering ways, on the show. When Karan asked her to comment about Ranbir Kapoor in the rapid fire round, she said, "Endorse a condom brand". This became an epic statement that caught all headlines. Ranbir's parents Rishi and Neetu were apparently upset with this episode. However, it took time and everyone warmed up to the idea of it being a joke. Ranbir though, took it sportingly and also replied to it on a public platform. He said, "The youth of our country should know about safe sex and condoms, so it is a good thing."

"John is expressionless": Kareena Kapoor

In season 2 Kareena Kapoor and then boyfriend Shahid Kapoor appeared on the show together. When Karan asked Bebo to comment on John Abraham, she said "expressionless". This statement went on to create a rift between the dashing John and Bebo. John's then girlfriend Bipasha Basu had answered her rapid fire in reply to this saying "Kareena has too many expressions". However, the two stars are said to be in a better and cordial relationship today.

"I think Priyanka Chopra is very sexy": Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan appeared on season 2 with Farah Khan. In the rapid fire round SRK was asked, "Who is the sexiest working actress in Indian cinema today?" SRK replied to this saying, "I think Priyanka Chopra is very sexy." Little did he know the course of things that will unfold for him, and the very high-profile link-up with Priyanka Chopra that was set to rock his world! Watch the video and see for yourself. This particular statement is around the 25th minute in the video.

"Why does she (Priyanka) have that accent?": Kareena Kapoor

In season 3, Kareena Kapoor came with her then boyfriend and current hubby Saif Ali Khan. In the rapid fire round, when asked, "If you were asked to interview Priyanka Chopra, what would you ask her?", Kareena replied, "Why does she have that accent"? Later on Priyanka on a KWK show, replied to this saying that, "I got it from the same place where her boyfriend got it from", indicating that she too studied abroad just like Saif.
However, the two lovely ladies are good friends now, putting all the cattiness behind them.

When Ranbir and Imran rated actresses in terms of sex appeal

In season 3, Ranbir Kapoor appeared with Imran Khan. They were asked to rate their female co-stars in terms of sex appeal. Ranbir rated them as Katrina, Deepika, Priyanka and Sonam whereas Imran rated them as Priyanka, Deepika, Kareena, Katrina and Sonam. When Karan asked them about Sonam being last on their list, they said that they love her and she is more of a classical beauty than 'sexy'. Another interesting statement here was when Ranbir was asked to choose the more stunning woman between Katrina and Deepika, he chose 'Sonam' and evaded the tricky question. Well, we all know the answer to that now, don't we?

Changing Equations

We all go through life with many changing equations. However, how interesting would it be to look back on them and wonder at the things we once said or felt. Luckily or unluckily for stars, some of these moments are recorded and sealed forever. These are some of the interesting things said once upon a time, which I am sure they would wish they never said.

"Aishwarya in my arms" : Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi answered this to the question, "Aishwarya in Hollywood or Aishwarya in Hindi films?". This was in season 1 when he appeared with John Abraham. Vivek and Ash were dating at the time, and broke up shortly afterwards. This was after the famous press conference that Vivek gave accusing Salman of threatening him.

Lot has passed since then to Season 3 when a happily married Aishwarya appeared with her hubby Abhishek Bachchan.

10 on 10 compatibility: Kareena & Shahid

Kareena and Shahid in season 2 got a 10 on 10 for compatibility as Shahid answered all ten questions about Kareena, correctly. Well, proves to show being compatible isn't the only requirement of a relationship, isn't it?

Kareena appeared on Season 3 with her then boyfriend and current husband Saif Ali Khan, talking about their new life, and putting the past behind, rightly so.

"If things don't work out between Hrithik and me, I would rather remain alone" : Suzanne Roshan

Suzanne Roshan mentioned this in the season 1 when she appeared with Gauri Khan. Gauri though mentioned that if SRK found someone else, she would pray to God to have her meet someone else too.

"John loves me a lot": Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu appeared with Lara Dutta on season 1. Lara's then boyfriend Kelly and Bipasha's then boyfriend John sent a video recorded message for the two girls. John mentioned in the video how he had loved a particular scene of Bipasha's from Jism. A thrilled Bipasha then mentioned to Karan that John really loved her. Well, maybe he did at the time and the two lovers appeared together on the show too. However, in the last season when John appeared alone, everyone knew that there was something amiss.

Well, so there. Many things said and many things experienced. We got to wait and watch what secrets this season unfolds, and what new real life stories this episode churns up, in the days to come.

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For me the best episode was the Sonam - Deepika one. So entertaining. :)

I cannot wait for this season of KWK. He is close enough to all of them to be able to dish out the dirt without being offensive or preying into their lives. It is like friends having a cup of coffee and getting all the mirch masala of each other. And we all know that stars like to talk about themselves. So here is a chance for them all

Yawn. The real scandals and controversies are never admitted on this show - like the drug-consuming habits of our leading stars, who's still stuck in the closet, or the dubious female escort/adult film backgrounds of some foreign imported talentless heroines. Who cares who likes who, who disses who, and who broke up with who. Nothing compared to the seedy underbelly that is the reality of Bollywood. This show is nothing but dental floss man.

It is true that the underbelly on Indian Cinema is well hidden to a point where it is institutionalised. HOwever you have to agree that KWK is entertaining where you see people PR preped and ready to go, then end up doing the opposite. You see the rivalries, their expressions when asked about a prospective partner etc... I say Karan knows them well enough to ask questions that if asked by others will not be met wit such spontaneity. See Stars love to talk about themselves and having control over their image. They create a false image for our eyes and most people fall in the trap. Karan is close enough to them to make us see some of their real side. Take Aishwarya for example. On the episode with Abhishek she was so full of herself, with that annoying laugh, overtly flirtatious and loving the facts that it was all about her. Quite rare to see this side of her. So when their egos and confidence are boasted enough, we have stars who make a fool of themselves. Priceless!

If it matters, it becomes controversy.

Good post.

that SRK episode was great, came here for the article left 45 minutes later haha.

Saif was educated in the UK not the USA and the notion that you can acquire and accent in a couple of years is ridiculous. It's like Aishwarya suggesting her accent was from a year of living in the UK, it doesn't work that way. They modulate their voices in order to speak English a certain way, they're actors, voice modulation is in their job description stop claiming its short-term foreign education/residence that conditioned it, these starts get away with treating the Indian audience like imbeciles because we let them!

Out of 24 comments, 20 are about Kareena.;)
Soon this post will be #1.

Kareena magzine cover post is already no1.

Really? LOL

Kareena can barely speak English, I remember in KWK she misused an English word even after Karan corrected her LOL.

You are so right.I read her interview where she was talking about her hubby as usual.she said I often misuse the words and then saif correct me and i keep practicing to pronounce the words correct.It was a cute interview.I really like her originality.once srk said"Kareena reminds me of crystal so pristine and clear".

Yup, and Kareena's accent sounds funny unlike Priyanka's smooth sounding accent.

Priynaka is one of the few Indian celebrities that speak English with a very close American accent.

kareena is truely rude not just in kwk but also in other events shahrukh is speaking his minds i can easily feel his feelings for priyanka that is as same as for goory about john he really loved bipasha 9 years relation is the proof so does bipasha even now both of them love each other

I seriously feel ppl should stop speculating news that hrithik and suznne are separating I guess its still a big rumour that's all. They r both very much together they shud think abt their kids.

I wish its all a big rumour how can too people so madly in love with other separate especially when one of them is seriously unwell. or may be the rumours are true and hrithik is going abroad just to think about all these issues. while his wife is busy with her designer work and social commitments.

im sorry pc but living in usa for like 4 yrs doesnt give u an accent. im an australian by birth and i STILL dont have an australian shut it!

Living in USA for like 4yrs may not give u an accent. But being an indian and not having that silly indian accent is commendable. You have no idea how much people all around the world make fun of indians aboutr their accent.

I'm indian from the u.s born and raised and I make fun of indians from india who have that silly accent. its because it sounds soo ridiculous. and priyanka would sound so bad if she had that indian accent while singing in hollywood. whether she is faking the american accent or not she is doing a great job.

So aLot of actors/actresses n regular people who studied in a good school don't have the typical Indian accent. Pc not having it doesn't make her any special if she spoke regular like everyone else that would be fine but sometimes she fakes her accent especially out of country.

All these brainless females using the illogical "fake accent" complaint should immediately stop wearing "fake" make up and dying their hair different "fake" colors.

Agreed!And it is not about having accent,it is about pronouncing the words right so that we can comprehend.

I feel terribly sad for Suzanne ,she seemed so much in love with her husband . Today's Yahoo news states that she will live with the Roshans, while Hrithik will be moving out. They seemed so much in love ,wonder what happened or rather WHO happened ?!!! Vivek Oberoi seemed to treat Aishwariya as a sort of beautiful possession. I personally would not have like my partner saying that to the general public. All the episodes featuring Ranbir were something ...when he confirmed his reputation saying that he plays games with his mobile to cheat on his women!

He has not cheated on any woman! That battery low thing was a joke!

yes, its sad for the HR and Sussane,,,she stood by him when he was no one and when he became someone, she was there too. sad that it had to end this way.

I am more keen to watch new episode instead of discussing on the previous ones.

LOL at Ranbir's pic. He's had hair-plugs for years now!

I actually remember thinking that shahid and kareena looked really bored with eachother. Kareena was the only one exuding energy, and shahid was the quiet, go-with-the-flow type. she looked SO much happier and confident with Saif.

In SRK's defense, he did name Bipasha after PC. and Karan shushed him. LOL.

Both of suzzane roshan's episodes had her gushing over HR, about how she be over if they ever got over :/

Nice Compilation!
How things change in Life !!!!
Does PV asks for verification for everyone or is it just me :O :O

it asks for a verification if you have posted many comments in a short period of time but it shouldn't be for every comment

lolxx good work digging up the past. love.

Very nice post Bolly freak :)

"I got it ( the accent) from the same place where her boyfriend got it from"
LOL, Priyanka's retort was both catty and witty. Kareena can't keep up with her .

And I remember being impressed by how compatible Kareena and Shahid were and how well they knew each other. Well, well, well .

how does her response make sense? Priyanka was in the U.S for 3 years, Saif was in UK and i think he studied there for almost 6-8 years so to say she got it from the same place kareena's bf got it from is wrong, totally different accents. Living in the U.S for 3 years doesn't give you an american accent, no matter who you are.

The point is that Kareena first made the unnecessary snarky comment in a very passive aggressive way. And PC gave back as good as she got with that retort that Kareena should go ask her own boyfriend who has the same anglicized accent. Then covered it with civilty by saying that they had both studied abroad. Complex dissing, Kareena is too "simple" compared to smart PC .

Kareena cant carry lol
Priyanka knew about this question so she was already prepared.kareena does not make it fake like her.
She got this accent just by studying in usa for 2 years..buhaahahahahaha.

I'm sorry but Ranbir and Rohit Dhawan even studied in the US, they don't have an American accent but they speak english very clearly

how can someone get an accent from 1-2 years of staying in US? & then get to keep it 13 years later? PEECEE is a wannabe.

PC always had that accent. Kareena was just jealous that she didnt hav the same accent as saif.

Why would kareena be jealous about a fake accent? Get a real miss Pc fan. U don't get an accent by living in USA for couple of years.

First tell ur star to improve her english skills and only then u or she will be in a position to make fun of others accent.

Kareena speaks fine... N she didn't make fun if her incase u didn't notice she complimented Pc on that show.
She just asked a question. While Pc is the one who made fun if her n then the next day goes on like nothing happened trying to lick kk ass like always.

That is called L.I.F.E...things change, people change, equations change but what remains constant is the change itself. It always happens- for better or for worse.

hahahhaha love the sonam been last one. Its true though.

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